Chapter 66

I woke before she did even though it was mid-morning. She was lying partially on me. Her head was on my shoulder, her arm across my chest and my arm around her back. She was soft and warm. I watched her sleep and wonder how things would be between us, when she opened her eyes. Sleep and time had a way of changing feelings.

She must have sensed that I was awake; maybe it was the change in my breathing. Her leg moved, her arm stretched, and then her eyes were wide open looking at me. I smiled, said “Morning, beautiful. “

I was rewarded with a big beautiful smile and a hug. We moved so we were on our sides, our bodies touching. We kissed, held, and said reassuring things mixed with squeezes and hugs. I had a warm feeling that Jenny and I had gained a permanent member to our family.

I said, “I have a long standing tradition for the morning after.” She looked at me sort of puzzled and said, “You don’t kill your lovers like those spiders do, do you?” and added a wink.

“No, we bathe each other in a nice hot soapy shower to ease those hurting muscles,” I responded.

“Now that you mention it, I do detect the need for a shower,” she said with a laugh as she wrinkled her nose.

Once in the bathroom I adjusted the temperature. I like it very hot with a low flow. I motioned Lorrie in and had her assume the position as I called it: legs spread and well away from the wall, leaning forward with her hands on the wall. The hot water was hitting her on her back at the neck. I used the fuzzy soap ball – I loved those things, they made plenty of soap and were soft.

I soaped her backside completely from the neck to her ankles letting the hot water rinse it off. Then I had her turn to do her front and face. I even gave her pussy several extra swipes. Her smile said that she liked that. She had a perfect matching pair of love marks on her tits. I was proud of myself at how good they were. They would be there at least a week.

It was my turn and she repeated the process, including the extra swipes. After we dried we stood in front of the mirror and I got my first look at the love marks she gave me. They were good ones.

I pulled her to me and gave her a big hug with lots of kisses. I repeated that I loved her. I told her that I wanted her baby smooth from now on; I loved the feel of her that way. She smiled and said “Don’t worry; I love the feel of it that way to.”

I asked if she was up to a three-some with Jenny tonight, that our love could only grow. “After last night I would not want it any other way. I lay awake at nights and have listened at you and Jenny and imagined what it would be like. Now I know what it is to be loved by another woman and to love a woman. It was so good that I can’t imagine ever wanting a man,” she said.” “Yes, I want to love both of you.”

“We are friends and we are lovers. Can you think of us as life-time mates and as equals? We need no jealousy, for there will be times that it seems that one is getting more attention than the other,” I said as I looked her squarely in the eye. The response was a bear hug, with tears and kisses. “If Jenny will have me and love me then yes,” she said.

”The marks are only temporary. Jenny has wanted something more permanent, more personal. She wanted a tattoo to show that she belonged to me but I don’t care for them. Maybe a discrete piercing instead, Ching Lee has had some experience and I studied a little when I was in Japan about the BDSM culture, they use a collar to signify ownership. We will talk about that today. Think about what you would like.”

We went to the kitchen to get breakfast and get the reaction to last night’s events. The girls were waiting at the table. When they saw us they broke into broad smiles that ended with more hugs and plenty of comments about the hickeys. Jenny and Lorrie were doing a lot of whispering then Jenny let out an excited “Yes” followed by big hugs. Jenny looked over Lorrie’s shoulder at me and winked.

Jenny came over to me as we were filling our plates and said “I want you to teach me that”. “Teach you what?” I asked.

“How to make the simple act of undressing each other, the sharing of a rose and then a glass of wine so erotic that four women cream their panties just from watching,” she said.

“I was just following my heart. I wanted to make the night so special for her. It turned out to be special for all of us. I asked her to join us, for the three of us to be lovers. I hope that is what you wanted too,” I said.

“I would not have it any other way,” Jenny said. “You should know that Ching Lee, Marcy and Vicky all want to be part of our lovers nest now. After watching you last night you have them hooked and we believe that you have enough love to share. I hope you have a big heart for them. You are going to have to have date nights every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to keep all of us happy. The only problem is who is next?” she added.

“Funny you should mention that. Lorrie and I decided that tonight we were going to make love to you with a three-some. I ‘m thinking you may even get a double penetration then the two of you can do me that way – it’s been a while – I need that full feeling again,” I said.

“I wondered how long it was going to be before we tried that,” Jenny said.

“Let’s get everyone dressed; I want to go shopping. I want to find something that gives more meaning to friends, lovers, and us as a family even if it is not normal family.“

Jenny and I were the first ones dressed. We were sitting in the kitchen waiting on the girls when the door bell rang. I answered the door to find an early forties couple standing there. The gentleman asked if Lorrie Smithfield was here.

Jenny overheard the request and was behind me in a flash. We both stepped outside the door onto the step, pulling the door nearly closed behind us.

“My name is BJ Jones and this is Jenny Coles. Who are you and why are you looking for Lorrie?” I asked.

“I’m Jonathan Smithfield and this is my wife Leslie. Lorrie is our daughter. We stopped by the college to see her and her roommate said we could find her here. We haven’t been able to talk to her in a while. The trauma she went through was hard on our family. She asked us to give her time. We just wanted to make sure she was ok,” he replied.

Jenny asked, “Do you have an ID please? We are very protective of Lorrie.” They produced a valid driver’s license that satisfied Jenny.

We went inside. Vicky was the only one in the kitchen. “Vicky, can you tell Lorrie that she has visitors, please?” I asked.

Lorrie came around the corner and stopped, then broke into a smile and ran towards them. “Daddy, Daddy” she was saying as she got to them and wrapped him in a bear hug. She then repeated it with her mom.

With the yelling everyone was now in the dining room. Lorrie went through the introductions. I was glad that she didn’t introduce me as her lover. It looked to be a happy reunion.

I discreetly told the girls that plans were changed. I didn’t want to leave Lorrie by herself to be forced into something she didn’t want to do by them. I hadn’t known them long enough to trust them.

We began doing household chores while Lorrie and her parents had a reunion in the dining room. Jenny attacked the kitchen while I went to the spare bedroom that Lorrie and I had christened with love last night. I was sure that it was going to get plenty of use.

I stripped the bed then put on clean sheets. The sheets and the towels went in the hamper. I did the same thing to my and Jenny’s bed along with the towels from the bathroom. The full hamper went to the laundry room and its contents into the washer.

Vicky came into the laundry room with another full hamper from both of the girl’s room. She closed the door and came to me.

“I have never seen Lorrie so happy and full of life, she is like a new woman. I think she now has her demons under control. She is absolutely gushing about how things went last night. That was all she talked about while we were getting dressed. You asked her to be a part of your family, a lover and a mate. We are so happy for her, and so envious. We are hoping you can find a place in your heart for us,” she said.

“You are already in my heart. You know how protective I am. Are you sure that you want to make that kind of permanent commitment?” I asked. “You know I have different desires and needs than most women. The door is open, if you are sure this is what you want. If you can accept us in your heart, just walk through the door”.

She looked at me for a moment then asked “Do you want all of us to be a part of your family?” “

It will be our family,” I replied. Vicky almost picked me off the floor with the hug.

Lorrie’s Mom and Dad stayed and had supper with us; they had an 8 PM flight out of BWI to catch. Homemade subs, hot soup and crackers with home-made sweet tea hit the spot.

We talked about the last semester of this college year. Lorrie talked to them about the dorm fees. She told them that she was going to stay here and not at the dorm. She asked them to send some of the money they would save to help pay for some the groceries.

After a hearty round of good byes they left for their flight. On the way out the door they stopped and pulled me aside. “You don’t know how relieved we are. Lorrie has her free spirit back. For so long we dreaded to answer the phone. We were so afraid that the call would be one telling us she had ended it all. We had tried everything to help her and nothing seemed to work. We came to take her back to put her in a home if there was no improvement. It has to be the friends and love she has here that is the difference. Thank you so much.”

The rest of the evening didn’t go as planned. Little sleep last night, the day’s excitement and house cleaning had taken its toll. We went through an extended round of good nights with hugs and kisses. Lorrie whispered, “I got to sleep with you last night, its only fair that Jenny gets you tonight.” She sealed it with a toe curling kiss.

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