Chapter 65

For the next ten minutes I made love. Yes it was love. Two hours ago it was just sex we were going to do but now it was love. Now the only thing I cared about was to please her, to take her to a place that only the world’s greatest pleasure could carry you. That required two people. Two people who were at that moment were connected with the same purpose in mind and in love. Sure you could have sex but it wasn’t the same. The highs were never as high. She said that she had never been there before. I was going to change that tonight; more than once if I could.

For the next ten minutes I kept the fire burning and fed more fuel to the flames. I kissed her mouth, her neck and her tits. I sucked on her nipples and her clit in no order. I added a finger in her pussy and then two along the way. At times she held my head tight and then would push me away.

She never was quiet. There was a soft whimper, then a moan; a gasp and “Oh God”. These were words that said pure pleasure. Her body was in continuous motion; her ass lifting off the seat to meet the movement of my fingers and tongue. Her hips had a rhythm all their own.

Vicky must have turned in her seat. She was taking pictures. The flash made it more erotic.

I felt the truck stop and heard the door open. It seemed to be an echo, “We’re home, and we can go in now.”

There was no way to stop. If you have ever been there you know there is no way to stop. Her ass was hovering off the seat. My lips had just left her clit to be replaced with my thumb as my fingers searched the depths of her pussy. I had her nipple between my teeth.

“BJ, we’re home,” someone said.

I did not care. Lorrie was going to cum and I along with her. We were connected, our wants, our needs our passion. We were one.

Then Lorrie announced to the world that she was cuming as loudly as her voice would go. I came with her, after all we were connected. It seemed like we were on the top of the world for an eternity but I know it was only moments. I leaned back against the front seat to catch my breath before backing out of the truck.

As I stood outside the truck I slipped my high heels off and looked at the girls. They all had their mouths open, eyes wide as in disbelief; that then changed into smiles and grins.

I reached in a hand to help Lorrie out. Her dress was still around her waist as I kissed her again. She still hadn’t recovered from the orgasm and was unsteady on her feet. I placed her arm over my shoulder, stooped to pick her up and carried her into the house.

I was headed towards my bedroom but Marcy said, “No, this way” and led me to the extra bedroom. There were scented candles lit everywhere. Lorrie’s roses lay on the bed. The toy heater was on the stand by the bed with two glasses of wine. I stood her next to the bed, lifted her dress over her head and smiled. She stood before me naked and proud. She was breathtaking.

For a moment she looked puzzled then she reached out to the bow between my tits and pulled the end of the bow. She was staring intently into my eyes; my smile answered her silent question. My smile was matched by hers. She lifted my dress over my shoulders. I stepped out of my thong and handed it to her. To my surprise and delight she brought it to her nose and inhaled, to a chorus of groans at the door. It was an act that someone much more experienced would have done. Then she tossed it to the others who were now inside the door. Yes, they had come in. I should have expected it; after all, we were more than a family.

I picked up a rose from the bed and stepped close to her; close enough that we could both enjoy the sweet scent of the rose together. Each time I held the rose under my nose I would kiss her on her lips or neck and she did the same. I put the rose back on the bed and pulled us into a tight embrace as I kissed her. First on her lips and then I kissed the side of her neck. My hands had a firm grip on her ass cheeks to hold her close so I could grind our pelvis together. There was always a groan, ah or oh with each move from the audience.

We separated; I picked up one of the glasses of wine and stared into her eyes. I took a sip then gave her the glass and she took a sip. Our eyes never broke contact; we repeated the process until the glass was empty. With the last sip I wrapped her in my arms and kissed every inch of her face and neck. I went back to her lips. We played tongue games. I sucked hers and she mine as we battled for pleasure. We rubbed our hairless mounds together until she moaned loudly, her body trembling. Our audience was getting noisy again.

We separated again; I could see the questions on her face. I reached to the toy warmer. Her eyes followed my hand as I removed the small toy, the seven inch one, and inserted the end in my pussy then pumped the bulb 5 times to hold it in place. Her eyes met mine as I kissed her again and maneuvered her to sit the bed. I pulled her tits to my mouth. I marked them as mine with a hickey below the nipple on each one. I wanted her to remember this night every time she looked in the mirror for as long as the bruise lasted. She held my head tight to each globe as I did.

When I finished I motioned her to lie up on the bed. As I made my way between her spread legs I looked into her eyes for any sign to stop. I did stop at her pussy to give it several licks and to suck her clit. When she was thrusting her hips at me I stopped. I moved up and placed the toy at her sex and worked it gently against her. I was waiting for a sign – any sign – to stop or continue. She gave the sign by spreading her legs wider.

I worked my dildo until our clits touched. I groaned and she cried out. I thought I had hurt her and started to withdraw. Lorrie looped her legs behind me to stop me from pulling it out. She pulled me to her and kissed me hard, then whispered, “Do it, fuck me. Fuck me hard, I want it.” And I did. I didn’t stop until we were both screaming our orgasm. There were plenty of orgasms from girls watching, judging from the sound.

I tried to pull out after we had cum but she wouldn’t allow it. She held me tight, crying softly, tears running down the sides of her face. I kissed each drop. When she had stopped she said, “Those were tears of happiness, I know this won’t last but I love you more than anyone I have ever loved before. I won’t be a jealous lover but I want do this again”.

“It will last as long as you want it to. We are one big family. We share everything, our love, and our bed. You know our door is always open. It’s more than just a symbol. You are more than just a lover. You are a part of us. I love you more than you will ever know. You and I share a bond,” I said. She hugged me and kissed me with tears flowing again.

When she stopped I said “I want you to do something for me. I marked you. I gave you a hickey on each breast. I want you to put one on each of mine. I want to be reminded of tonight every time I look in the mirror.”

She smiled and excitedly said, “Yes” as she released me. As I lay on my back beside her she released the toy so she could remove it. “Before the night is over I want to try this on you,” she said. Lorrie moved to my breast and made love to them leaving me with the hickeys I wanted. I held her in my arms as we went to sleep.

Sometime during the night we both needed to pee. When we returned to bed we talked, fondled and sucked. I showed Lorrie how to insert the toy and how to get the fit in her right. She fucked me with the 8 inch one. Yes, fucked – we woke everyone. She will need more practice to get the rhythm right. I promised her we could practice a lot and we will.

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