Chapter 68

The lunch orders came in quickly. As usual the smallest of the group ate the most. Ching Lee ordered a large steak sub fries and a large root beer. How she stayed at a hundred pounds was beyond me. The rest of them ordered salad with crispy chicken with water or juice. Patti elected to get a bowl of home made vegetable and beef soup, something that was easy to chew. I chose to get a grilled ham and cheese with a small soup and crackers.

The food had just come in the door when the girls walked in. “Let’s eat while the hot food is hot then we can talk,” I said.
We made small talk while we ate and we were finished in fifteen minutes.

“Girls I called you here because we have a friend with a serious problem that I think we may need to help,” I said. I then relayed Patti’s problem as she had described it to me. When I finished I asked “Can we help and how?”

Vicky said, “Let’s remove his nuts and cock that will teach him a lesson. Ching Lee wanted to break his arms and legs.

Marcy wanted to wait and get them all. “Set a trap and get them all at one time,“ she said.

Lorrie said, “All that is nice but that doesn’t guarantee enough safety for Patti. She still would have to navigate around town. We come here every day and go home every day. She can’t get anymore safe or secure than with us, we just have to kick it up a gear. She needs to stay with us for a while. She can use the Honey Moon room and when we want to use it she can pair up with what ever spot is empty for that night.”

Lorrie’s statement about the honey moon room answered the question about what to get my lovers symbolize our relationship I thought. They ware viewing things on a more traditional level.

I think now would be a good time to ask. “Patti would you like come and stay with me and my family for a while until this problem is resolved.”

Patti said, “If you have room for me and I won’t inconvenience you I will. I have to get away from him is all I know.”

Jenny added. “We have to get the pictures and any video if we can so he doesn’t retaliate by doing a net dump of it. You gave consent by being a willing partner for most of it. That makes it tough to bring any charges for him posting it.”

Jenny continued “Do you know where is the camera and his computer are? As far as him pushing you down the stairs with out a witness it’s your word against his and with the rough stuff that makes it even harder to prove. The best we could hope for would be a restraining order but again he may dump the material to hurt Patti.”

“The camera and the laptop are at my apartment along with the thumb drive that he stored the pictures on,” Patti said.

“You and I will go get them in a few minutes,” I said. “Can we get all your things in the suburban or do we need something bigger?” I asked Patti.

“It will all fit in the suburban. The furniture was in the apartment. All I have are my clothes and some personal things,” Patti said.

Jenny said, “I will go with you and help.”

Vicky said, “I have two open periods after lunch I can help. It will go fast with the four of us,”

We cleaned off the table we had used for lunch. Patti, Vicky and I went to her apartment in the Suburban. Jenny followed in her car.

I backed the truck as close as I could. Patti and Vicky put her belongings into plastic trash bags. Jenny and I put them into the back of the Suburban. They put the laptop and camera in a box that I also put on the back seat.
Jenny and I began a complete search of the apartment for anything that her boyfriend could have hidden. Not one inch of the apartment was left untouched. Mattresses, cupboards, in the drawers, every appliance was moved. We found two thumb drives taped to the bottom of the coffee table and a envelope with two compact disc behind the dresser.. The envelope was addressed to one of the amateur porn sites. It was also incomplete, not sealed and had no postage attached.

We also found a hidden wireless web camera in the ceiling tile over the foot of the bed. It was new. The protective plastic over the lens had not been removed. Any video from it would have had the manufactures logo in the middle of it. That fact made me think that he was nearly caught while he was installing it and the setup did not get completed.
In my mind there was no doubt that he was planning a big show for someone or going to make video to sell.

I explained everything to Patti and expressed my opinion.

Patti said, “I did not give him a key and at no time did he have my key long enough to go and get one made.”

“He must have been given one by the manager,” I said. “That means that you are not coming back here. Go turn in your key to the manager and tell him to change the lock immediately. Tell him that you suspect some ones else has a key because you have found electronic surveillance equipment in there and are considering filing charges.”

Jenny said, “I will go with you to reinforce the point then we need to go to the post office and have your mail forwarded so he can’t get access to it.”

Jenny and Patti had just returned to the truck when Stewart drove into the parking lot with two rednecks buddies with him.

I looked at Patti and said, “Well it looks like you are going to get to tell him face to face that it is over. Don’t worry we are right here with you. We will not put up with any crap so unload on him and tell him to fuck off.”

“What’s going on?” Stewart asked.

“I’m moving out. I can’t deal with this any more. We found the hidden video cam in the ceiling over the bed and the Compact disc taped under the table. Just what the hell were you doing?” Patti said.

“We were having fun. You were enjoying it. What is the problem?” Stewart demanded.

“I asked you to back off. I told you not to take any pictures and pass around. But you went even further and broadcast it live. Then you had to push me down the stairs. It’s over, the end. Don’t call me. Don’t text me just stay away from me.” Patti said.

“Pushing her down the stairs could be classed as spousal abuse in court. That’s jail time now. A permanent mark on your record and gets you put on the firearms restricted list.” Jenny said. “All it takes is a phone call.”

“That’s bull! I’m not going to put up with threats like that,” he said.

Then he made the biggest mistake of his life. He swung at Jenny. She had anticipated the swing enough to dodge most of it. He wasn’t expecting the reaction she returned. She made three solid hits before he could react. The third hit was a clenched fist to his throat that took the wind out of his sails.
He backed up trying to get away but only backed into a post that supported the second floor walkway. He used that post for support while he was trying to get his breath and senses back. He had his hands at his throat gasping. That was a good sign; at least Jenny had not crushed his larynx.

Jenny took the opportunity to deliver more blows this time with her feet. A soccer style kick to his left rib cage with those semi pointed leather shoes she loved to wear. I could hear his ribs break. With that kick he went to the ground as Jenny poised to deliver one more kick to his face.

I pushed her away saying, “Enough, too many witness now. He is done.”

Jenny stood and looked at the scene a moment then called the barracks. “Send a marked car, a backup and the medics to this address now. Send the Major. ”

Jenny pulled me away and whispered. ” Does fighting make you horny. I’m so horny I could fuck the bed post.”

I laughed, “This was your first fight and you came out on top. Yes it’s the testosterone, adrenaline surge. Our testosterone is a lot higher because we workout so much. That’s where the extra sex drive comes from. Save it for tonight. I’m that way from just watching you. You did great for your first fight.”

I crushed two of the instant ice packs from the first aid kit to hold around Jenny’s hands. I knew they would need it.

By the time the medics arrived he had started spitting up blood. Good thing the hospital was only a couple miles away.

I needed to get Vicky and Patti back to the college.

Major “You might want the check to see if they record that cam as I pointed to it. I need to get these two back to the college. When you need our statements call and we will return or come to my office and we can use the meeting room there if that is ok.”

“That would be great,” he replied. “That would get rid of some of the congestion here.”
The ride back was subdued. The only thing said was by Vicky,” Jenny came close to killing him didn’t she?”

“He is not out of the woods by a long shot. He most likely has a punctured lung. That was one heck of kick to the ribs,” I said.

I walked a patrol around the grounds for the first time in days. I had left that chore to all the new people we had on board. It felt good to get out and do it, plus it would give me some time to think things out.

I wondered how Jenny was holding up. She was on the other side of the table this go round when the questions were asked. She demonstrated she had speed and skill. There was no doubt she had been paying attention to the training we had been doing.

Lorries comment about the honey moon room settled how we would become more bonded as a family. I just had to get the information I needed to make it happen. Then it hit that I really did not know the intimate things about the girls. I didn’t know clothes sizes, shoe sizes, ring, and panty or bra sizes. To answer those questions I would create a fill in the blank form that I could get a record on my phone as a cover.

There was a very large jeweler in the shopping center. I went over there and get one of those free ring size kits they passed out. And have them fill it out the chart tonight.

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9 Responses to Chapter 68

  1. KiwiChris says:

    Just started reading. Now at chapter 31. Love the writing and characters. Excellent stuff!
    Keep up the good work

  2. KiwiChris says:

    Just finished reading to date!
    Double wow! AWESOME!
    Some of the best writing I have read for a long time.
    Really recommend you release this on
    More people need to know about BJ!

  3. Von says:


    I hate the format of this. You start at chapet one to go back to chapter 2 rather than just click and go to the next.

    Is there a way to enlarge the text?

    It’s an interesting story but damn dificult to read that way.

  4. Goliath616 says:

    I saw the link to this from Cindy’s story the other night and started reading, it’s a good read….yes there are some typo’s and or some missing words….but that doesn’t distract much from the story.

    I saw that you had posted several times that this is your first story, well I think you have done a great job of it and look forward to more.

    • jackballs57 says:

      Thank you very much. I will try my best to keep it going and to reduce typo’s. Jack

      • Goliath616 says:

        As long as you don’t take my words of typo’s as an insult, I merely pointed it out as information. I haven’t got it in me to write anything, nor do I have enough in me to be a good editor, but I read enough to know that a good, and I do mean good, editor is worth it. Keep up the great work and we (even the ones that don’t post) will keep reading.

      • jackballs57 says:

        No insult taken . Comment often I can use the direction. I plan to write a lot more chapters.

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