Chapter 69

It was three thirty when Jenny stopped by with Major Ashley. Patti, Vicky and I were expecting them. Jenny waited in my office while the rest of us gave out statements.
At four thirty we were headed home with our new house guest.

We had cleaned the room since its last use so all that we had to do was clear out some nick knacks. I boxed up the knacks while the girls helped bring Patti’s things to the room.

While the girls helped Patti fold and put away her things Jenny and I went to our room. I wanted her to be able talk about our day and her feelings openly.

I asked, “How are you from today’s events?”

“I’m ok. It all happened so fast. I didn’t realize I was so capable of doing so much damage with my hands and feet. You always said “{they were weapons}”in the classes. I just never took it literally. I broke two of his ribs, one of them punctured his lung. The docs are not sure how well he will talk again from my fist to his throat.”

“On the flip side I’m getting a lot more respect at the barracks. I guess they looked at me as an office person that got the job because of my name. After they played the clip from the cam I have gotten a lot of praise. I had one of the former military guys salute me in the hall and said, “Well done Mam” that’s the first time ever.” She said.

While we were talking her phone rang. “Hello” she said. “Yes she is here with me. Ok just a second.”
She put the phone on speaker. It was Jason her father.

“BJ what’s this I hear that you have turned my daughter into some kind of kung fu warrior.”

“Yep I confess. I’m guilty. She was an excellent student I must say.” I said.

“I would have to agree with that. They just sent me the clip. That was very impressive hand and foot work and in just a few seconds.” He said. “Again I want to thank you for taking her under protective wing. You are great together. I have to meet with the governor so thanks again. Love you all. Great job Jenny.”

I wonder if he will think that when he finds how serious our relationship really is I thought.

I closed the gap between us and pulled her close. I needed to hug her, to kiss her. I was still horny and I was sure she was to.

We kissed and then she said, “Let’s shower first.” She put the toys in the heater including the big one. We undressed and I followed her into the shower. It had become custom that we always washed each other when we showered together. I did her first. Of course I had to feel and fondle some things along the way. I even had her sit on the high bench in the shower and lovingly shaved the stubble under the soft hot spray of the shower. I finished I gave it an extended kiss of approval.

Jenny repeated the process on me including the shave. We dried each other and ended up in a lovers embrace. Holding each other tight with deep passionate kisses we stoked the fire deep within. When the kiss broke we led each other to the bed. As we passed the toy heater Jenny removed the biggest toy and handed it to me.
I looked at her and asked, “Are you sure? You haven’t had that one. It’s going to hurt. ”

“Yes I want it to hurt in a way that I think only you can understand.” She said. “I want to be reminded tomorrow with every move of what we are going to do tonight and what we share.”

I inserted the toy and pumped the bulb to hold it in place and just let it hang as I walked to Jenny. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. First on the lips and then on the side of her neck I placed soft kisses.
I whispered into her ear what I wanted to tell her in front of the rest of my family.

“I’m so proud of you I can’t put it into words. I know what is in my heart and it is telling me that I love you more than ever.”

I held her close and continued to kiss her, her neck, her cheek and now a full passionate kiss on her lips. She moved her body against mine in slow motion. Our nipples were touching. They were hard as bullets. I moved so I could taste them. I kissed it first then sucked it and then rolled it between my teeth.

Jenny was getting more vocal, just little sounds, a whimper or a sigh and little moans. They were the kinds of sounds that only lovers understand. They had a instant effect on me. My juices were flowing; they were following the toy that was imbedded in my kitty and dripping off onto my feet. Some was slowly making its way down my inner thigh.

Jenny had her hands on the back my head as I nursed on her nipple. With my right hand I pinched and squeezed the other breast.

My left hand had found its way to her kitty. Her clit was engorged and protruding. When I touched she gasped and her hips involuntary thrust forward. I pushed back to the bed. She sit on the bed I spread her legs. I licked around her clit before I took it between my lips. I slowly worked two fingers into her as I toyed with her clit. I didn’t want her to come yet. I wanted the dildo deep in her and to be clit to clit when it happened.

I was excited as she was. With the big double dildo in me and pumped up it pushed my lips and clit outward and made it engorged and sensitive.

Jenny was lifting her ass to get more pressure against my mouth she was close to coming she was whispering almost begging, “Please fuck me don’t tease any more.”

Now was the time. I used my hand to capture the extra juice from my thighs and coated the dildo. I stood and pushed her legs back. She looped her arms to hold them. I swabbed the dildo against her and applied pressure. With the lights on I could watch as it pulled her lips in. Then she made a circular motion with her bottom and it slipped in an inch.

Jenny said, “Shove it, I want all of it now, shove it hard, I love you. Fuck me please.”

I did as she asked. I grabbed her by the hips and shoved. We were clit to clit as she screamed. “Oh God I’m coming, fuck me.” I was coming with her, as soon as our clits touched I was coming. It was all I could do to keep stroking but I did and I picked up speed.
I was slamming our bodies together with a slapping sound every time they met. Jenny was extremely loud with her cries and moans of pleasure. I focused on that and used it to pound her harder.

I looked up to see five girls in the room. Four were naked and touching, the fifth was stripping. Five that’s not right I thought. Then it hit me. Patti, I had forgotten about her .Oh well I thought if she didn’t know before she knows now.

Our orgasms had diminished and we were just fucking for the pleasure of it. Jenny’s kitty had loosened so I gave up the grip on her hips. I reached around her legs to get my hands on her breast. I had a nipple between a thumb and fore finger of each hand when Jenny started into her second orgasm. Her bottom was making erratic circular motions against me as she came.

When that orgasm faded we separated and crawled onto the bed. I was on my back. She was on her side. My arm was under her, holding her to me her head on my shoulder. Her arm was across my chest and her leg across mine.

I felt the tear drops on my shoulder as she was whispering, “I love you so much”

I pulled her closer, kissed her and whispered, “You will be my love forever.”.
We slept that way through the night.

I woke up at five o’clock with terrible bladder pressure. As I got out of bed I realized that I had fallen asleep with the big dildo pumped up tight in me. Oh crap I thought. I will be able to drive a truck in there for a month.

That might not be so bad. It might be time to expand the sexual knowledge of my lovers. There was a lot I things that I had done that were intense but also wild fun at the time. It might be time to try a few of them again. But I did spend a few minutes doing pelvic exercises trying to tighten it up a little

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