Chapter 70

Breakfast was cereal, fruit with juice and small talk about today’s schedules. It was decided that Patti and I would go in the Suburban. Jenny needed to go to Annapolis for a meeting with the task force.

Marcy, Ching Lee, Vicky and Lorrie would take the Ford diesel with Lorrie driving. I gave each of my family a hug and kiss before we went outside to leave. I told Jenny to call me if she needed to talk. Morning good byes seemed more important than ever.
I went thru the donut shop drive thru and picked up two coffees for Patti and my self.
Patti asked, “Can we talk?”

“Sure “I replied. “After last night you should know there are no closed doors.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” She said “I have watched girl to girl in videos and I have been with other girls but that was the first time I ever watched some one else from the side of the bed. That was beautiful.”

“The relation ship between the girls and me is special. The sex is just the icing on the cake. There are lifetime commitments between us.” I said.

“I know, Lorrie and Vicky filled me in on the Honey Moon room. Lorrie was dreamy eyed telling me about her evening and Vicky is dreaming about what her evening will be like.” Patti said.

“Well now you know some my family’s deep dark secrets and we consider ourselves a unique family.” I said. “We came together through tragedy and now we are inseparable. You are ok with staying with us even though we are shall I say different?”

“Oh yes, every one treated me like I was a long lost friend. I found the open door interesting,” she said.

“It’s simple, we share everything. There are no secrets between us I want no one to feel left out. What I will do for one of my loves I will do for all and they know it. Not only was the door open, any of them have joined in at any time “I said.

I noticed you joined right in on the clothes optional rule we have.” I said with a laugh.

“When in Rome do as the Romans do” she replied with a laugh of her own.” After the first few minutes to adjust I liked it. Lorrie explained about all the tee shirts and cover ups in case anyone came.”

“Vicky’s courtship begins tonight. Saturday night is the big night” I said. “The door will be open.”

By the end of the conversation we were at the college. The place was humming. The contractors were done. The maintenance department had finished moving everything in last night. I had a new bigger office. Patti had an office of her own so she would be able to screen people coming in better. I still had my own security monitoring station.

There was a large office with those dreaded Wilson cubicles’ for all the fulltime people we were going to have. There was even a office for the new construction auditor. There were doors from my office to the old office. Once that was cleaned we would have a dedicated lunch/ break room with all the whistles and bells.

Patti and I spent close to an hour getting our personal things in order. So we could begin our day in earnest. First on the agenda was to review the folders of the people I was going to interview tomorrow. When I finished I had sticky notes all over them. There were some items I need Patti to do research on.

I e-mailed Jake with a request that he call me. I wanted a general idea of what I should be looking for in a construction auditor. I also had a very personal question I need to talk to him about. On that topic I spent some time doing research. I found a facility not far from where Jake lived in Japan that could do what I wanted if Jake agreed and it was well received on this end. Jenny and I had already had a general discussion. I was pretty sure it would work out I would have a much more intimate talk.

Jenny sent me an e-mail that said, “The review committee had cleared her of any wrong doing in yesterdays fight. What a relief.”

I replied, “That’s good. I knew that they would see it that way. I then asked if she could take Vicky dress shopping Wednesday night and if she could set up things again for Saturday night like she had done for Lorrie. I’m thinking same style but a little longer dress with garters and hose”

“That does sound like fun. I thought you would never ask,” she replied. “I can’t wait to watch. I know Vicky is anxious; she has dropped hints trying to find out if I knew when.

“I ordered flowers to be delivered at 6:30. You will have to set up the reception for the delivery guy LOL” I sent.

I took a few minutes to make up the informational form. It had every thing I would ever want to know when I went shopping for one of them. That was the cover story at least.

I printed out six copies then I wrote our names on them. I decided to have a little fun and see if they would catch it. I wrote their first name, then their last name and then Jones. I wondered who would catch it first.

Jake called me back a lot sooner than I expected. It was good to hear from him. I explained to my dilemma about the construction auditor.

He said,” I have just the man for the job. He is currently my supervisor over seeing the completion of the last project I have in the states. He is two years from retirement and didn’t want to come to Japan. One of his grand kids is not well. He lives 20 minutes from the college.”

“This is a college money and it is limited,” I said “What am I going to have to pay for his services?”

“I’m sure he is willing to take a cut from what he is getting now. I would think that close to home and everything 50 thousand with benefits and maybe a take home pickup would seal the deal.” He said. “I can e-mail him while we are talking to see if he would be interested if you like.”

“That would be great I still have a personal thing to talk to you about,” I said.

We talked for almost an hour. A lot of it was about the pros and cons of what I wanted to do. He agreed to help me and would check out the clinic to see if they lived up to their internet promo. If they did he would wait for me to give the go.

“Richard just replied to my e-mail. He is interested and would like to talk to you as soon as possible,” he said. “If possible he would like to look at a set of blue prints.
Just for your information. He was a Marine combat engineer in Nam a no BS kind of guy.”

“I have a full week of interviews for the new security people. Monday morning at 8 would work great for me. I said. “That would give me time to secure a complete set of blue prints.”

“Monday works for him as well. By the way his full name is Richard Bozman,” Jake said. “I will check on that other thing and let you know tomorrow. I pass by there several times every day. I love you BJ I hope everything works out for you with Richard. He is one of the good guys.”

It was time to go home. I had already received text from Jenny and the girls that they were headed that way. Patti and I shut down for the day and we went home.

We arrived to find supper completed and waiting on us. Jenny had stopped at the crab house. We ate high on the hog tonight, Crab cakes, king crab legs, bake potato, Salad with all the fixings.
She said, “It was to build up my nourishment but she didn’t give away my still secret plans for Vicky.

After the dinner table was cleared I said “I have a paper that I want you to fill out while we are all here as I passed them out. I want to scan them into my computer to help me with birthdays, holidays and such things I will send each of you the file in an e-mail.”

Jenny’s legal eye was the first to pick up on the name. I saw her glance around at the other papers. Then she winked at me accompanied by a big smile.

Marcy caught next, with a yell she said,” Hey I’m part of the Jones family” with that she ran around the table. I stood up so I could give her a hug. That proved to be a mistake. I was immediately tackled by Ching Lee, and Vicky as well as Marcy.

I was headed to the floor luckily it was on the carpeted area. As soon as my butt hit the floor all the girls joined in. I don’t think there was a spot of me that wasn’t hugged or kissed.
Sometime in all the affection I heard the door bell. Jenny went to get it while I continued to be ravished on the floor. The flowers had arrived this time it was a red headed girl about twenty. Jenny let her in. She took about three steps and froze with mouth in the middle of a word looking at the scene being played out on the floor.

Jenny had to nudge her to get her attention, “Who are the flowers for?” she asked.

“Vicky”,” she replied as she stared at the naked group on the floor.

Jenny motioned her to follow as she walked to us. Jenny tapped Vicky on her shoulder and said “This lady has flowers for you as Vicky stood up.”

Vicky took the flowers, “They are beautiful,” she replied. Then she read the card. “There is an invitation for a date Saturday night. Yes I accept as hugged me again and gave me a full kiss.”

The flower girl asked, “Is this a party? I got one more stop. Can I come back here?”
“No party this is just every day here with our family,” Jenny said as she tipped and escorted her to the door.

We gathered at the table to finish filling out the paper I had given them and plan Saturday night.

We had just finished up and were still at the table 45 minutes later when the door bell rang again. Jenny hit the intercom. “Who is it?” she asked.

The voice said “I have more flowers I was here earlier.”

Jenny opened the door and she came in holding seven boxes of flowers. Other than tennis shoes she was naked.

“By the way my name is Wendy. I hope you like roses. You look real friendly, my kind of girls. I hope you will let me stay a little while.” She said as she walked to the table with them.

“I’m a hugger” she said as she went around the table giving each a box with a hug. “My family just moved here three months ago from Pensacola. My dad teaches at the Navel Academy he is an aeronautical engineer and my Mom is aboard the USS Kennedy. She is a fighter/bomber squadron commander. She is going to be gone six more months. This is her third tour.”

“Mom was not happy when Dad told her we were going to move to the Washington area. She does not like political atmosphere of this area at all,” she said.

“We lived on the beach next to a nudist colony and a nude beach. We spent all our time over there. I love being naked and the relaxed attitude that it brings. I’m so happy that I found other girls here that do to. This area and all the people I have met are so full of themselves I have been going crazy.

Oh I’m a talker to so you will have to get used to that or just tell me to shut up for a while.” She said. “You all are great shape. Do you belong to a club or jogging?

Vicky replied, “We have a great gym in the basement. We try to spend at least two hours there every night. In fact that was next on our list of things to tonight. Do you want to join us and run a cycle through all the machines with us?”

“Yeah I can do that. Dad works out at the gym at the academy but I don’t like it there.” She said.

We worked out for ninety minutes. Wendy did not stop talking the entire time except when she was physically exerting herself on a machine. She talked while in the hot tub. I must say she had a lot of life experiences some of them were hilarious.

At ten Jenny and I announced that we were going to bed.
Wendy said, “It was time to go home.”
She asked if she could come back tomorrow night. “Of course the girls said, “Yes.”

I had a round of hugs and kisses to go with good night for my family. I did whisper and tease Vicky about Saturday night.

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    yet another emjoyable chapter. Love your writing 🙂
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