Chapter 75

The events of Saturday night set in motion the routine I would follow with my love partners, with an occasional exception. Monday nights I would sleep with Lorrie. Vicky, Lorrie’s normal bed partner, would sleep in my spot with Jenny.

On Tuesday night I would sleep with Vicky and Lorrie would sleep with Jenny. On Wednesday night I would sleep with Ching Lee and Thursday I would sleep with Marcy. Friday night was orgy night – everyone and anything goes. Sometimes we used the living room floor or the basement. The sex chair down there started to get a real workout.

Saturday and Sunday we spent back with our normal bed partners. Jenny and I spent Saturday nights just holding each other and talking, making plans. Sunday was all passion. I loved them all equally but it seemed the best was always with Jenny.

Out of those plans came the decision to have a contractor finish the three bedrooms and full bath over the three car garage. We no longer had a spare bedroom and with the holidays fast approaching, we most likely would need one or two plus we could use them for storage.

The door to get into them opened into the upstairs hallway and there was an emergency stairs that opened in the garage. The area was already roughed out and wired. Drywall, electric outlets, paint, carpet and a plumber would finish it. I wanted a separate heat pump for it and the same kind of new heaters they had installed in the new offices at the college. I also wanted all the walls insulated to help with the heat and AC cost and to keep the noise down.

Jake must have been planning on some huge parties or a bunch of kids. With that completed the house would have 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, counting the one in the basement.

The contractor that I called was a friend of Dad. He said that work was so slow that he could send two crews starting the next day and we could be living in it in ten days or less. My Mom agreed to come over and house sit while the contractors were working to keep them from house roaming.

We also decided that Jenny would stop taking birth control pills at the end of her November cycle. It was her idea. She said, “I know you have some kind of a plan.” We understood – for appearances sake – publicly she would be an unwed single mother. I was not happy about that but for now that seemed the best.

I also found out that the pump-up dildos were only good for about four months with the use we started giving them. They blew apart while in use. Luckily the first time it happened I was the one that had it inside me.

It took the girls two hours to get the base section out of me. That included one hour and fifty minutes of hysterical laughter from them. Every time an attempt to remove it, it failed; uncontrollable laughter followed. The base was lodged against my uterus and with suction behind it they had a hard time getting it out. It took some of the medical toys out of Jake’s collection he had left in the basement to do it. That was also when Jenny learned that she could easily fist me with a little lube. Both of those things will make another chapter or two later on. I did a double order, two complete sets of new ones.

I started losing weight; a lot of weight. Was it true that too much sex and exercise could kill you? We trained hard every night after the supper and homework was done. Sometimes we would be at it three hours by the time I had worked with all of them. It wasn’t an easy three hours. We burned a lot of calories; I burned even more.

There wasn’t any flab on any of us and the muscle was all in the right places. I had to double my calorie intake to stop the weight loss; even at that I didn’t gain it back. I had not been this light since high school. I was still pressing more weight on the bench than ever before.

With the seminars soon coming up I wanted everyone to be at the top of their skill level. They were extremely good. I would put any one of them up against a man any day and enjoy watching him get his ass kicked.

During slow days at work I spent researching new holds, hits and moves that we could incorporate into the workout routine. We each had our own complete body padding.

Wendy and Patti joined our workout routine. I footed the bill for their body padding. It was worth it just to watch the improvements take place, both in body and self confidence. Wendy took to it like it was something natural. Of course it was something she could talk about for hours. Patti on the other hand required a lot of coaching. But with the six of us someone was always there to help her.

It was also in the first few days of our new family arrangement that we came close to having our first real problem being a naked household. Wendy was such a nudist that if she wanted something out of her car she simply went out to get it naked. The property was pretty much secluded with trees, fences and shrubs so it really wasn’t a problem.

It was the Girl Scout cookie sale drive that the near incident happened. The door bell rang and Wendy answered it without putting on a cover-up. There were two thirty something mothers and two ten year old girl-scouts standing there selling cookies. To compound the problem she invited them in without announcing the normal ‘guest in the house’ to alert everyone that cover-ups were needed. Naturally at the announcement of cookies everyone went to the living room, including me – naked. The ten year olds recovered quickly and after some wide eyed looks and, “Wow, you girls look great” went about the business of selling cookies.

The Moms on the other hand could have used a crane to get their jaw off their chest. After full stares from toes to nose on all of us one of them said, “I don’t know what your diet exercise routine is but I will be back without the children to find out.” The other one just nodded and said, “I’ll come with you.”

Come back they did. Two nights later just as I was headed down to the gym to join the girls the door bell rang. Not only were there two mothers but four more, also the two ten year olds and a fifteen year old that had spent to much time on the couch. When I saw the group on the monitor I figured this was the community morals squad. I didn’t bother with a cover-up – I just opened the door and let them in.

Mom 1 said,” I told them how great you all looked and they had to come and see for themselves. Are the rest of the girls here? We are paying big bucks for trainers and gym time over to the Island Gym and it does not work. We want to know how you do it?”

“Yes, they are here. They are in the gym. We do have rules here. This is a nude female only household – to go any further than here strip and put your clothes in a chair,” I said. I assumed that would put an end to it and they would leave.

The ten year olds were already undressing by the time I finished. The fifteen year old said, “This I’ve got to see.” Then she stripped. Mom 2 said, “When in Rome do as the Romans do.” Five minutes later we were all in the basement. I never considered that sex may be going on and luckily there wasn’t.

Vicky, Marcy, Ching Lee, Patti and Wendy were working the machines. They were well past the warm-up phase; there were plenty of grunts and the weights were banging like crazy. Jenny and Lorrie were suited up and fighting on the mats. They had all the visitors’ eyes on them. Half an hour later Vicky and I suited up and replaced them. Jenny and Lorrie got to answer questions. Of course everyone bumped it up a couple of notches for the audience.

Half an hour later Marcy and Ching Lee replaced us. Then we all got to answer the questions. They offered 200 each a month to be able to join our exercise group for workout 4 nights a week. They said no one in the gym they went to looked as physically fit as we did.

The business minds of Marcy and Ching Lee were ready to jump on it, but they wanted a family discussion first. That discussion formed The Jones Fitness and Training Center. We decided that it was time to take the rape seminars commercial. It was up to the girls to put it together. Jenny and I were going to keep our day jobs.

A full-time business we could call our own; work for my lovers to keep my family together. We still had to do the ones that the college had arranged. But after that we would profit from it. Marcy envisioned doing seminars nationwide.

Marcy would have a business degree and Ching would have a degree in web design when they graduated in June. They would have the skills to set up a business and a reasonable web-site promotion and the advertising program.

The basement gym only took up part of the huge basement. We could add extra machines and still have plenty of room down there. It would work long enough to see if it would sink or swim.

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    Another solid chapter. Keep it up

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    Thanks. I’m plugging along.

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