Chapter 74

We all slept in on Saturday morning. I think we knew there would be no sleep that night with all the fun and games planned.

We even splurged and went to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast. After that we hit the Food King. I tore the list into three pieces and sent each pair of girls on a mission. When it was done we had three full carts. The downside of all the help is there were some things that were not on the list.

To my surprise they each handed me fifty dollars towards the groceries. “We can help now that we don’t have to pay the dorm fees,” they said. After the groceries were packed in the Suburban we stopped at Barkers Liquors to get several bottles of red wine, wine coolers and beer to restock the beer refrigerator.

I was pleased that the girls only drank when we had a social event like an evening in the tub after a work out in the gym. When we did have a beer they would use the frosted mugs we kept in the freezer and split a beer between two of them.

When the groceries were put away we loaded up again and went to the Island Spa where we took turns in the new tanning booths. They had the new style where you could stand up, bend over, or do leg splits so that everything got tanned. They were nice.

I received a text from Jake telling me that he and Mindy would be on line at 6:30 to see what kind of mischief I was up to. I sent back, “You will love me, hate me or have me committed.”

After that we hit the shower to get everything clean and smooth for tonight. Then it was time go to the hair salon to get the works. We spent two hours there getting the full treatment. For me it had been months since I had the full treatment.

Once home I set up the laptop and the video camera in the large living room. Then I linked it to the wide screen TV. I played with the camera position until I got what I thought would be a good view where everyone could be seen. I was being watched like a hawk while I set things up. I was surprised that no one asked what I was doing.

Wendy stopped to pick up flowers on her way from the salon. I set them around so they would be in the view of the cam. I asked everyone to be dressed and in the living room by six twenty five. I got a lot of questioning looks but everyone agreed. I went to get dressed.

When Jenny and I finished dressing I set the rings on the bed and handed her the cards I had written out for her to proofread. I opened the ring box and showed her the rings. The words “A million dollar smile came to mind.” She loved the diamond with the birth stones on each side of it. I explained that I wanted to give each of my girls one. I did not want to take any chance that some one would be hurt or feel left out. I loved all of them and Jenny agreed.

Everyone was ready early. I pulled Lorrie and Wendy aside saying, “I have something special I want you to do.” I gave the cards for Jenny and me to Lorrie with instructions to do the one for Jenny first. I instructed Wendy that at the ring segment she was to present Jenny’s open ring box to me and mine to Jenny but until then she was to keep them out of sight. I carried the rest of the rings into the living room and placed them on the table, covering them with a hand towel.

I turned on the cam and hit the link to see if Jake was there and sure enough he was. He and Mindy looked great.

Jake said, “You know I love you. So I could never hate you. We are all crazy at times. Your family looks wonderful. This looks like a special occasion.”

“It is Jake and I wanted you to witness it. Thanks for being here,” I said.

I quickly positioned everyone and motioned for Lorrie to begin.

“We are gathered here today to join in Life Partnership this couple. Jenny do you take BJ as your life partner? To love, to honor and obey, to carry the child of this union, to nurture them, through sickness and in health, for richer or poor, for better or worse, until death do you part?”

“I do” she replied

“BJ, do you take Jenny as your life partner? To love, honor and to obey. To father and love the child of this union, to nurture mother and child through sickness and health, for richer or poor, for better or worse, till death do you part?”

“I do”

“The rings please,” Lorrie asked.

I took Jenny’s hand and slid the ring on her finger. It was a perfect fit. Jenny placed my ring on my finger. I stepped forward and kissed Jenny with all the passion I could muster.

I could hear soft crying and sniffles. I looked to see plenty of tears including some from Lorrie.

Jenny moved Lorrie into position and asked if she was ready. The wide eyes and the huge grin was the answer. The words were repeated with Vicky, Chin Lee and Marcy.

We displayed the rings as a group for Jake and Mindy. I asked Jake to start the project we had discussed. He said, “I already have and things are very active if you know what I mean.” “I think you have a celebration planned. I love you, good luck and have fun,” he and Mindy said together.

We had a great supper at the Inn. From there we went to the Beach Diggers Club where we danced, felt, fondled and enjoyed the evening with all my partners.

Vicky said that she wanted to share her evening with her friends and she did. Lorrie and Jenny stayed but the others went home to set up the bedroom in a couple of hours, while Vicky and I finished out the evening in slow, close dances. We got some hardened stares from a few guys and a lot of knowing smiles and winks from their dates.

On the way home I got Vicky to cum once. The dresses we had chosen worked out great for that. A simple slip the straps off the shoulder and flip up the skirt and I had full access to all the sensitive parts. At home I seduced her with wine, roses, kisses and the medium strap-on. We left a trail of love marks all over each others body. We sucked and fucked until sunrise. We were not alone. The rest of my lovers were paired up using the floor around the bed. I was jealous of how aggressive Jenny was with Lorrie. The moans and groans lasted all night.

It was nearly noon when I felt her move. I could tell by the changes in her breathing she was waking up. I hastened the process by placing kisses on her body. When she opened her eyes I was looking, waiting to place the first kiss on her lips of the morning.

After tongue tag and plenty of hugs and well placed touches I said, “One of the last thoughts before sleep after a night like last night is ‘Will she still love me in the morning?’ The first thought in the morning is ‘She is so beautiful as she sleeps.’”

“I love you so much,” I said as I kissed her and held her close.

I walked her to the shower. I gently washed her body and then her hair. Of course I had to play with her parts as I went along. I gave her the first orgasm of the day on my knees in the shower. My lips and tongue were working on her clit as I worked two fingers into her love box. Her hands were holding my head tight against her sex as she came.

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