Chapter 77

We were a week away from Thanksgiving. The contractor was putting the finishing touches on the bedroom expansion. It was a good thing – we had plenty of company coming for turkey. Lorrie’s Mom and Dad, Vicky’s Mom and Dad and Marcy’s Mom were coming.

It’s a good thing we had a big formal dining room and a big kitchen to boot. I needed to do some digging to see if I had 15 plates of the same kind.

Jenny said, “Just get the best plastic and paper plates we can find and let it go at that.”

I was thinking the same thing but was glad someone else suggested it. I did think that we may have too many cooks. Jenny’s and my Mom both were going to come the day before and start cooking. I hoped we didn’t have an episode of the mad chef. I did stop at the shopping center to purchase another microwave and two of the three section crock pots.

The next shopping trip would be for the beds, dressers and linens for the three new bed rooms along with washcloths and towels for the bathroom. I would have them deliver the beds and set them up.

We would have two nights to make the beds and set the rooms up before they started arriving. The college had one more day of classes then the students were off until January. I had a meeting tomorrow to settle the construction issues. I had a feeling it was going to be full of fireworks. The building committee and the full board were going to be there as well as our legal consul. Mr. Bozman had spent two full days with both groups. Every page of the blue prints had red ink and notes all over them.

Security was going to be fully staffed over the holiday. The main office would be closed. I no longer felt that we could operate at a reduced level on the holidays. A third of the students were staying in the dorms over the holiday. Party central atmosphere was in the air. In fact the student union had several events planned to give them something to do.

A Greek festival and toga night was planned for Friday night. For Saturday the big maintenance storage shed had been emptied and eight inches of sand had been spread in the middle to set up a beach theme. They were going to have beach volley ball several different times. Sunday was more of the same. The metal arc lighting was bright enough to sun tan with when it was all turned on.

That was another building bid fiasco that happened. The manufacturer recommended one light for every one thousand square feet. The design blue prints had one for every one hundred square feet. With all of them on you needed welding glasses to be in there, plus they put off a ton of heat.

Rumor was that the students had several other events planned for there, like a bikini and thong contest. I had also heard whispers about a best nude body contest. That might explain why the tanning salon across the street had been swamped for the last two weeks. There had been donation requests for prize money and prizes.

Sarah Grayson, one of the student reps, had cornered me in the parking lot with several what if scenarios. I told her “You know the student handbook as well as I do because they had helped write it. HR was the one to discipline for it. What two consenting adults did, even if there was an audience, was between them. But they had to show respect. No meant no and stop meant stop and if any one screamed then security would be involved and we will play no favorites. They had to remember that cell pictures and videos could kill even the most promising career before it ever started.”

I also said, “I enjoy pics of well hung men just as much you do.” I added a wink. Sarah turned three shades of red and said with a wink of her own, “And I thought you were only into girls” before she turned and walked away.

Tonight was one the nights that the girls taught the gym class so they went straight home to be there on time. There had been some bugs the first two nights but things were running smoother now. They picked up another mother to even out the class at 10 people.

They weren’t going to let the two ten year olds in, thinking they were too young. In the end the two argued their way in.

They said, “Good habits start early and there are none better than exercise. We have friends that are already overweight. We want to be able to protect ourselves from bullies. Looking good like you when we get older will be very OK also.”

I worked one entire evening with them to come up with a workout plan for ten year olds and the 15 year old. The girls took the first money they made to add a couple extra workout machines.

Jenny and I stopped at the strip mall on the way home and shopped for beds. The bedding store was having a big sale. We bought 3 of the complete bed sets – all of them the same. The rooms were big enough for king size so that is what we bought. A dresser, two night stands and two lamps finished out each room. We also bought enough linen for two changes. Because of the sale and the fact that we bought three of each and were to be delivered to the same address, they gave us an extra 25 percent off. I had less than a thousand in each room. The furniture would be delivered tomorrow afternoon at 4 pm.

The rooms were wired for televisions but that would have to wait. We were already at the limit for our cable service. I did not want to lock into another monthly cable contract for the three spare rooms.

After we had a few minutes to unwind, Jenny and I went to the basement to see if we were needed as trainers. I never thought I would see ten year old females huffing and puffing on the weight bench and butterfly machine. But there they were and they were giving it everything they had. If they kept it up, with their attitude, some school was going to have a couple of power players in their sports program.

Jenny and I worked out for the remaining two hours. Then I took Jenny out on the mats and began teaching her offensive fighting tactics. All the training we had done was from a defensive posture but those days were gone now. They needed to be able to start the fight and take down someone in a non-lethal way. Jenny had already had that training from the state police. I wanted her to have some from the ‘take no prisoners’ view – ‘you’re going down no matter what bud’ view. Once Jenny had it mastered the rest of my family would be trained.

Tonight was my night to be with Lorrie and we were looking forward to it. I was horny most all of the time and tonight she seemed to be as well. The change of partners every night at least gave them a break. I knew at times I was taking them to the limit and so far no one was complaining. After three hours of working out then another heavy session of love and sex we would sleep like a baby.

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