Chapter 78

The meeting started out bad right from the beginning. The participants didn’t like the seating, then the room was too hot. Finally the real work started with the architect, who at first could do no wrong. After four hours with Mr. Bozman he agreed to redraw the blueprints. He also agreed to them being reviewed by our committee before a final printing for the construction team. The architect was the easy part.

I took lunch orders from the group to have it delivered. There was a local restaurant that had great food and fast delivery service. That would make the day go faster rather than everyone drifting off for lunch and waiting for them to return.

The builder was livid. His argument was that he has already spent a substantial amount of money and time forming a bid on the existing plans. He insisted that he be compensated for doing the second bid.

The College Board countered that he currently had the inside track on the bid. It was unnecessary to reevaluate the whole project, only the areas where corrections were made and reduce the bid by that amount, or use the figures that Mr. Bozman had projected.

At the end of the meeting the builder asked for a copy of the blueprints showing the corrections and for two days to review them with their engineers. We agreed to have them copied today. We had a big copier at the main office that could do that job easily.

The students that were going home for Thanksgiving were loading cars. Some professors were ending classes today and some were going to have classes on Wednesday morning. Security had asked that all students that were leaving sign out and leave a contact number at the security desk, then sign back in when they returned from the holiday. We were getting a steady line of students doing that.

The girls finished all their classes early so they were at home by 2 pm. I called to remind them that the bedding store was to deliver the beds and that they needed to be on the look out for them. I had explained the night before where I wanted the things put.

I called Mom and asked for a list of things we needed to get at the store for the turkey fixings. If she was going to cook the least we could do was supply everything. The girls had been putting a list together for two days. Every one had a favorite food that they wanted to prepare. I certainly was no cook but I was going to take notes.

I was – for one – looking forward to it. This would be my first Turkey day with family in ten years. Too many of them in the last few years had been an MRE in a foxhole in body armor.

I arrived home in time to watch the delivery truck back up the driveway. It took an hour for the delivery guys to put the beds together and get the rest of the accessories into each room. I gave each of them a fifty dollar tip.

The girls went right to work making beds and getting the rooms to look nice. We decided that we needed to get a chair to place in each room in case someone wanted read. They hung some pictures and placed some appropriate knickknacks on the dressers. I had them set the temperature at 70 just to check out the new heaters.

We set up the bathroom. Since it was to do all three rooms we put plenty of towels, wash cloths, and hand towels in the storage cabinet. Vicky made a list of things she thought should be in the medicine cabinet. She added a clothes hamper to that list. Tomorrow morning we would have to split up to do all the shopping.

The girls had a class to teach tonight. While they were doing that Jenny and I would clean the general areas of the house and run the wash. The more immediate issue was what to do for supper. It had to be a quick, light meal tonight. I decided on a small salad with vegetable beef soup and a sandwich. Everyone liked the idea. Jenny and I fixed it for everyone.

Wendy arrived and joined in for supper. She was a little quiet. It came to me that neither she nor her Dad had been officially invited to thanksgiving. Everyone just assumed that she understood that she was invited.

“What is your Dad doing for Thanksgiving?” I asked. ”You did invite him to come over here with you, didn’t you?”

The smile spread wide. “I’ll call him to ask if he will come,” she said. “There will be enough food and room, won’t there?”

“There will be enough food for him to even take home a plate of leftover’s if he wants,” I said.

Wendy called her Dad. It was easy to tell that she was excited. She was back to talking a mile a minute. “Dad wants to know if he needs to bring anything” she said.

“All he needs to bring is a big appetite,” I said.

The ladies and girls started coming in for the exercise class so Jenny and I were the only ones left upstairs. We were going to give the downstairs a quick general cleaning.

While we were changing out of work clothes and into something more comfortable I thought of other ideas. Even though tonight I was to be with Vicky, I was suddenly horny for Jenny as she undressed. But then at the sight of one of my loves naked I was instantly horny. By the time we finished undressing my clit was engorged and I was dripping. I pulled her to me. Several kisses later we were in bed. An hour later we were coming down from multiple orgasms, in each other’s arms, with soft kisses and words that only lovers can say.

We took a shower to rejuvenate and then began cleaning. We were just finishing up when Mom called to say she was on her way to bring the first load of the things she would need to start cooking in the morning.

We helped her bring in several boxes of cooking supplies. I asked for a list of things that I could get from the store tomorrow. She gave me a half page list of things that she needed.

Mom said, “We are going to have two turkeys. I’m cooking one the old fashion way in the oven and your father is dying to try out that new cooker thing that he got. You know the one that you see causing all the fires on the news.”

I just laughed and said, “Mom, he just loves new toys. You are not going to win, he will just have to set it up away from the house and I have a new fire extinguisher just in case.”

“You’re right, I’ll see you in the morning around 10, that will give you time to go shopping before I get here,” she said. She gave Jenny and me a hug and kiss and was gone.

The girl’s class was over and everyone had come upstairs. It was easy to see that that my girls had worked them hard; they were wet with sweat. I gave them a thumb’s up and said, “No pain, no gain.”

Diane Smart, the one I had called the leader of the group and the mother of the ten year old named Tracy said, “You’re right about that, there is plenty of pain. But the gain is worth it; I can go 5 minutes more on the tread mill than when I started just a couple weeks ago and do more of everything on the machines. I think we all can point to gains, plus we have all lost weight.”

“That’s good to hear,” I replied. “Have the girls give you the hot tub after workout treatment yet?” I asked.

“No, what is that?” Diane asked.

I motioned for them to follow as I said to Jenny, “Would you check out the tub please?”

While Jenny was doing that I stripped and motioned to Diane to do the same. I squirted a glob of the bubbly soap into the mittens, pulled them on and stepped into the shower, explaining the position I wanted Diane to assume. After the soap and rinse I said, “No more than half an hour in the tub, it is hot,” then said “Next!”

After all ten, including the two ten year olds, were in the tub I said, “ Normally the girls and I enjoy a wine cooler or a beer when we get this far, which can I get you?”

I brought out eight coolers and two special drinks for the youngsters with cherries on top. Forty five minutes later the girls and I were in the tub calling it a day. After kisses, hugs and inappropriate squeezes to all my mates, I followed Vicky to her bed. After several hours of love-making we fell asleep with me spooned tight against her with a firm breast of hers in each hand.

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