Chapter 81

We started a pot of coffee and a tea kettle to have hot water for tea and hot coco. I fired up the oven as I was going to try my hand at making some of those cinnamon breakfast pastries. I made several rolls of them. We also set up several trays of fruit. I had several pounds of bacon, sausage and of course an old eastern shore favorite, scrapple, along with several dozen eggs. Jenny had bought a box of pancake mix just in case anyone wanted some.

Both Moms’ were to be here at 8. We put the last load of clean dishes away from the dishwasher. We double cross-checked the menu list with the things in the pantry to be sure we had everything.

The guests started to come down. The coffee aroma worked like an alarm clock. The first to come down were the Smithfields followed by the Snows. The pastries with coffee were a hit with the guests. The girls and I preferred milk or hot chocolate with ours. The Moms arrived to start cooking and joined us. Jeanna was the last to join us. I noticed that she was wearing a turtleneck sweater.

After breakfast the Moms started cooking again. I should say us girls did the cooking with our Mom’s supervising. During the supervision they were having a grand time telling all the embarrassing things we had done in our childhood. The stories and the reminiscing continued throughout the morning.

I did pick up some tidbits about the things that went on while the mothers were pregnant with us – a couple of the things Jenny and I could use for later. There were some very interesting stories. Some of them were kind of kinky. It must be true that being pregnant made the girl extra horny.

Wendy and her Dad Captain Carl Adams arrived. The introductions were taking longer with so many people in the house. The guys all migrated to the living room to watch the build-up to the football games. I carried in a six pack of Bud Lite and a bowl of party mix.

The dinner was coming together. The turkey and ham were hot and ready to come out of the oven. The macaroni and cheese was ready to come out of the other oven. The veggies were in the triple crock pots cooking, the biscuits were on the tray and put in the oven. We began putting all the food on the kitchen table. Just fix your plate and sit at the big table in the formal dining room.

We had turkey with dressing and a big honey ham as the big items. The veggies were peas, string beans with cut up salted ham slow cooked, lima beans with salted ham, home made baked beans, creamy corn, homemade macaroni with Velveeta cheese, potato salad and cranberry sauce. Mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, candied sweet potatoes, buttermilk biscuits, and sweet potato biscuits filled out the main menu.

For desert we had apple, pumpkin, blueberry, chocolate, lemon and mince meat pies – with ice cream of course. For drinks we had Coke, Pepsi, sweet tea made with Splenda, water, wine and coffee.

With everything on the table we called everyone in so Mom could say grace. The feast was on; there was a lot of eating and very little talking. By the time desert was finished, everyone was stuffed. We decided to cover the food up for an hour or two just in case anyone wanted seconds. We did start a load in the dishwasher to help out for later.

Everyone settled into the living room to watch the Army/Navy football game. During breaks in the game I was able to have a conversation with Wendy’s dad Carl about our military careers. After much discussion we came to the conclusion that he was on the USS Lincoln on special assignment in the Gulf at the time the convoy I was in was ambushed. F18s from the USS Enterprise had flown the rescue support for my convoy.

Carl was extremely interested in my awards, ribbons and medals that I had in a display cases in the living room. We had long conversations about them, the when and where. He was really into the ones that I was awarded as a hand to hand combat trainer and there nearly a dozen of them. In the process I learned he was on the advanced curriculum advisory committee at the Academy.

He offered to give me and the girls a tour of the Navel Academy whenever we wanted. I thought I would like to see the museum some time. Navy won the game in overtime. The guys flipped the channel to watch the Cowboys/Lions game.

The girls and I did the kitchen duty. We fixed several leftover plates and then put away the rest of the food. We put away the clean dishes from the dishwasher and ran the second load. It would take one more to finish the dishes.

We ladies stayed in the kitchen catching up on lost time and the latest family gossip. It was during this relaxed time that I finally had unrushed time to evaluate and size up Jeanna, Lisa and Leslie. I noticed that Jeanna was having a hard time looking me in the eye. It finally came to me that she must have been outside of our bedroom last night or maybe even in it. That would explain the need for the turtleneck. The next time that I caught her eye I winked at her and smiled. Her reaction was priceless but it ended with a wink of her own and a little smile. She had given herself away. Now I just needed to figure out who she was with.

Lisa and Leslie were higher on the social scale. They were trying hard to fit in at our level. For the most part they were succeeding. But every now and then there would be a little slip. Maybe we were converting them. That was a funny thought.

I received a Happy Thanksgiving text from Jake. I replied, “I wish you were here.” He sent back, “It’s mutual along with when do you want the swimmers LOL.” I sent back,” By the first of January.” “We have leased a 727 that is going to bring some of the crew to the Eastern shore. It will land at Summit Aviation in Delaware on December 21 for the holidays. The container and all necessary things will be on it. It will be addressed to the medical research department at your college. But only your signature will release it to be picked up. You will have to pick it up personally at the secured area,” he replied.

“Love you Jake. Thanks” I sent.

By 10 everyone was feeling the effect of the turkey. Jenny’s and my folks headed home with a plate of leftovers. Carl also left with a plate of leftovers. He clearly appreciated spending the time with our family and he again offered us a tour of the academy.

The Smithfield’s went up to shower and get ready for bed. The Snow’s were the next to call it a night. The girls after goodnight hugs went to bed. Jenny went to check up on her e-mails and to shower.

That left Jeanna and me as the only ones in the kitchen. I expected a conversation of some kind. I was not surprised when she started.

“You know when Marcy called and said that she and her friend had been threatened I almost took her out of the college. Then she said that she and her friends were staying with the new Chief of security for a few days. I expected her grades to get worse. Marcy was barely holding a C average. I was pleasantly surprised to see A’s when I got the next report,” she said.

“Since I have been here I have never seen a group of girls that work or get along better. It’s almost like they can read each others minds. Marcy says that they study together and when they have problems if you and Jenny can’t help them you have a group of people that can,” she said

“Today I found out that they have a fitness business and are planning on a major expansion. Marcy wants to show me a building tomorrow they are planning to rent or buy. A fitness center, no wonder they all look so great,” she said. “Speaking of looking great I wondered where the droves of men are? Marcy never did go out on dates. I let her chose her own path when it came to sex. I was always bi but for a long time now gay. In the world of big business men are such creeps. Any doubt about her preference was ended last night.”

“I didn’t mean to snoop. I came down for a drink. The sound of pleasure was just too much to resist especially with the open door. Then I was caught with nowhere to go with everyone else coming down the hall. I guess they thought I was one of them and they just herded me into the room with them. I must say they don’t mind sharing. I have hickeys all over and I don’t know who gave them to me,” she said. “I would like to see the toy you were using, it was different.”

“I have no secrets, I love them all equally, they can watch or join in without asking, that is why the open door. We are one big family. I will show you the toys tomorrow. They are something new and are great,” I said. “Don’t be surprised when you hear the sounds of passion, it happens daily here. Just walk in and join the fun – no one will mind.”

“I told Marcy that if she started getting A’s I would get her a car. If the next report is A’s I guess that will be her Christmas present if you don’t think it will cause problems,” she said.
“Don’t be surprised if she wants an SUV or a truck. She wants to take one of them instead of the car every time she drives,” I said. “I love the suburban myself. They had their exams last week. The grades should be posted internally by now, we can look tomorrow if you like. I have access to look at things like that”

That ended the conversation for the night. We stood to go to bed. She came to me and gave me a hug then a kiss on the neck. She started to back away and stopped. She pulled me back and gave me a great kiss on the lips. She said, “Give that to Marcy tonight for me,” then she turned and went up the stairs.

Marcy and Ching Lee were still awake when I went into their room. I gave her the message from her Mom. Of course I added a little more passion to it before I said, “Good night.” I also kissed Ching Lee good night. I stopped by Lorries and Vicky’s room for a goodnight kiss before I went to shower and snuggle next to a snoring Jenny.

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