Chapter 80

Normally I would have spent the night with Ching Lee but with so many strangers in the house we agreed it would be best to lay low until after everyone left – especially since all the guests had been given the house tour with room assignments, so to speak. I know they were a little disappointed but I promised I would make it up to them. It would give me more quality time with Jenny.

Jenny tactfully let me know that she had taken the last birth control pill. She was dropping hints trying to find out the plan I had to get her pregnant. I suggested that we wait a month for the pill to get out of her system. That would put the first attempts near the middle of January. I expected it was going to take several months or longer to get pregnant. “So are you ready for a bun in the oven?” I asked.

That was the wrong question to ask. It must have made her instantly horny. Even though it was midnight it was on. We were both going to have hickeys all over that would show tomorrow. Jenny was loud and by habit the door was open. We both had a couple orgasms by the time I took the big dildo out of the toy heater and pumped it up in me. We had been so noisy that I wasn’t surprised to see others in the room. I never noticed in the dark that there was one extra person.

Jeanna had come down stairs to get a drink when Jenny and I started to get loud. You know what curiosity does to most people. She was in the hall close to the room when she was overtaken by the other girls in the dark. She was herded into the room being mistaken as one of them. The girls had always been quiet when they were watching, Just grunts, groans, whimpers – the kind of noise that happened as things got heated up. The big thing is the group is all touchy feely. Jeanna was in the middle of the group so she was getting rubbed, fondled and kissed from both sides.

I was crawling back on to the bed to a pleading Jenny, when I heard a gasp that didn’t have quite the normal sound I was used to hearing.

Jenny was pleading,” Hurry, fuck me hard, don’t tease me please.”

She was pulling me to her and guiding the toy into her. As soon as I was sure it had started in I slid it all into her without stopping. Jenny let one long “Oh God yes, fuck me, pound me,” as she pulled her legs back for complete access. Never being one to deny her I did as she asked and stayed at it until we were both totally fucked out. We finally rolled apart with me on my back catching my breath.

I felt the bed move as someone climbed between my legs. She stopped to suck on my very sensitive clit and lick Jenny’s and my juices from around the toy. When she was satisfied that I was aroused again she continued upward fondling my tits and sucking on my nipples. When I could stand it no more I pulled her so I could kiss her. It was then I could tell it was Ching Lee by the body size. While we were kissing she had one hand between us working the toy against her sex. When she found the right angle she pushed back as she straightened up to work it in.

When it bottomed out against her cervix and mine she let out one of those long moans followed by “Fuck me hard” as she started a humping rhythm mashing our clits together. I responded by grabbing a handful of her ass cheeks for leverage as I pounded back at her from below.

I was using my feet to get leverage on the thrust up with a loud slapping noise as our bodies met. The big dildo toy was really too long for her and I knew that it was bottoming out hard against her womb because it was doing the same to me. At times she was crying out from the pain it was causing but she never slowed. Instead it seemed make her more aggressive. She suddenly froze in mid stroke and gasped “I’m coming.” She dropped and did a circular motion and sort of vibrated clit to clit. That finished off my orgasm. As she lay on me recovering we kissed gently as I rubbed her sides and back. She finally climbed off and I immediately released and removed the toy before anyone else got any ideas. I was wiped out and drifted to sleep with the sound of orgasms from the floor as well.

Jeanna was able to keep her secret – that she had been watching – by being slow to get up and therefore behind everyone else as they drifted back to their rooms. She simply made the turn and went quietly up the stairs.

I slept like a rock. I woke up at 6 even before the alarm clock went off. I quickly realized that my ass was on a cold wet spot left over from last night. I rolled towards Jenny to discover her big blue eyes staring at me. We exchanged good morning hugs and kisses. Then we did our normal shower where we washed each other. After that we stripped and made the bed and began our family holiday.

Edit by Alfmeister

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