Chapter 83

I went down to the gym to work off some of the weight from the turkey leftovers. I also wanted some time to think. That idea was really out of place; I should wait until all my family was here so we could have a family chat. We needed to have an open discussion about the building. I just wanted all my thoughts together.

Would the building fit our needs, was it too big? Would it be in our price range? Susan indicated that the estate wanted to dump so they could get closure. But sometimes that was just talk before they hit you with sticker shock.

I knew that to rent a place for a gym on the Island would be expensive. I had heard the going rate was fifteen a square foot. Rent on a building that size would be $170,000 a month. Even just ten percent of that would be tough for start up. Maybe that was the standard that everyone had in their mind and that stopped anyone from looking. Not only that, there was terrible over-build in retail space on the Island. More than half were empty and in some places it was close to two thirds. With so much empty space why were rents staying so high? Government was good with propaganda but on the street the economy was still crap.

The trees had shielded the building from view for 50 years. That was a good thing if you were in the bootleg business fifty years ago. Unless you were an old timer, you didn’t know anything was there. That may help us in the end.

The finances were another thing. I had savings that I had not touched. I had been thrifty the whole time I was in the Marines. I spent many a night on the floor or on cots in the barracks to save paying for officer’s quarters out of my pocket. I had Jake invest it for me. We had invested well. He always chose the things that were stable, none of the risky things. Even with the down turn I had continued to make money. Some of the tech stocks were doubling every two years.

I had no house or vehicle payments, nothing but food and utilities. Since the girl’s parents had decided that they would send their normal dorm fees to the girls I was spending hardly anything from my salary. I knew that Jenny was in the same position that I was. Since she had received the state car to use and had moved in with me the Corvette just wasn’t being used. The girls preferred the diesel pickup. Other than the insurance on the Corvette she had almost no expenses. She wanted to trade off the Corvette for something more suitable for a family and to stop the five hundred a month insurance payment. We could come up with a good down payment on the building if we had to.

I thought it was best to let the girls work it out. Marcy could work up a business plan and Ching Lee could work up the presentation. QT banking would get to see it first. If they wanted to do the financing that would be best. The girls already had individual checking accounts there. When their parents agreed to send them the dorm money I insisted that they put it into checking accounts and then use a credit/debit card to build up their credit.

I had been working out for two hours. The girls must be home, I heard an army of footsteps from the kitchen. I showered and threw on one of the over-grown tees before I went up.

Not only were the girls back from sight seeing but both Jenny’s and my parents were back along with Wendy and Patti. The four men were in the living room and had both wide screens looking at two different football games. I was almost tempted to go show them how to quarter the screens so they could watch eight different games at one time. I decided it wouldn’t be right to torture them that way.

The girls were gathered around the table. I made the group complete. Ching Lee had transferred my sketch of the building to much larger poster board. She had two layouts, one of the interior and one view from the front. They were barn-storming ideas. She had penciled in positions for all the exercise equipment that we had plus several things that we didn’t yet have. It also showed the mats and some of those bags that boxers used to train with and a boxing ring. I needed to ask about that one when the discussion wound down. Boxing had never been my thing. I had some of it in basic and quickly found out I wanted no more.

She has also extended the concrete pad, adding places for two 4 person hot tubs and an additional massage room. At the front of the building next to the offices and waiting room she has penciled in a new space labeled refreshment center. They were involved in lively discussions and explanations and for the most part general agreement.

They changed the sizes of the showers and locker room a little. They changed the pad for the hot tubs finally deciding on enough for three four person tubs. They then adjusted the size of the massage room to allow for the addition of a hand sink and a small storage cabinet.

The refreshment center was expanded as they wanted several refrigerated display cases to keep fresh fruit, bananas, oranges, apples, tangerines and freshly made salads. In another one they had sport and energy drinks, they also wanted a sink and stainless counter in there prepare specialty food, healthy food and various home-made teas.

Another change was the addition of six tables for clients to take a break at from their exercise routine and to be able to visit the refreshment center. The longer a customer stays the more likely they would spend more money. If they enjoyed the atmosphere, the more likely they would be enthusiastic to tell all their friends or bring their friends.

The other poster had the front of the building showing:

In smaller letters near the steps she had put, “Specializing in Female Cliental only.” I looked at the drawings then stepped back to listen at the discussion.

Jeanna, the other three moms and myself were leaning against the counter listening to the active discussion.

Jeanna said, “I wish I could get this kind of discussion going in the bank meetings I have. You have to beg and plead for almost every comment. I love the interaction that is going on.” I smiled and nodded.

The conversation had made full circle back to the boxing equipment and ring. That had my interest.

Marcy explained why it was penciled in, “Shelia Roush – the WWBA champ – and three of her fellow female boxers have bought a house further back on the water in the development and were looking for a gym that had a place to work out and train. They are next-door neighbors with Tracy and her daughter who were in our class. Tracy had called and asked Marcy if they could come and work out with them at our Monday night class.”

Marcy looked at it as an opportunity to pick up 3 paying customers, plus we would have the room if we got the building. It was easy to see why Marcy was at the top of her business class. She looked at most things from a money standpoint. I could see Jeanna’s big smile and head-nodding about Marcy’s conversation.

“I will call everyone on the waiting list on Monday, after we find out the price to see if they would sign a letter of intent and also to tell them we have a layout of the gym if they want to see it,” Marcy said. “That list has almost 150 women and that is just with the word of mouth from our ten satisfied customers.”

“I think by the middle of the week I will have final numbers to finish the business plan I have been working on,” Marcy said. “We will need it to make the presentation to the bank for a loan. I hoping we will be ready for Thursday or Friday. What bank are we going to approach first?”

“Just think what we might be able to do with a real add campaign and some properly placed handouts and brochures,” Ching Lee said. “Do you still have the key? Can we get back in there again? I want to take some video and pictures. I can then use hi-tech to put together a web video of how it will look once completed.”

“We will be able to use it when we go to the bank to get a loan,” Ching Lee said.

“I thing we should try QT banking. The loan manager was very helpful when I got the house from Jake,” I said. “I still have the keys. Tomorrow morning we can go take another look and Ching Lee can get the pictures she needs.”

“Tomorrow afternoon we can take everyone to the college and give them a tour if you want,” I said.

I knew that the Smithfield’s and the Snow’s were going to leave Sunday afternoon. Jeanna was going to stay the full week and fly back the following Monday. I really think that she wanted to see the final product of Marcy’s handiwork with the business plan.

She had hinted earlier that if we could do the presentation to the loan department at the bank before she left to go back she wanted to tag along. I intended to call or stop by and see Chuck Rustone on Monday to find out what we had to do for a commercial venture and if they would be interested in hearing the presentation.

Supper was the next thing on the agenda. The guys wanted to watch the games. I took a sub order and we called Islands Subs for a carryout order. Jeanna and I went to pick them up. The girls were still brain storming on the building and business plans.

We had a nice talk. I had never asked what any of the parents did for a living; I did not think it was any of my business. Marcy had said her mom was involved in banking at some level. She was very excited that Marcy had taken such an interest in the business field. She was even more excited when she learned that Marcy would be a one sixth owner. I told Jeanna that we had to deal with getting the building first. How we did ownership for the time being was a minor question.

The subs were fantastic as usual. The guest raved about them. We took pity on the men folk and carried a plate with the subs and a bag of chips into the living room so they could watch the end of the games. The rest of us ate in the dining room.

The girls went back to the kitchen after the subs and started from the beginning with the drawings for the building. Before any of the guests came in I managed to say orgy in the basement as a question. All smiles and nods answered that. I added bring a towel and a pillow.

By 9:30 the games had ended and Jenny’s and my parents had said goodnight and left. Lorries and Vicky’s parents had called it an evening and went up to shower and bed.

By 10 the planning was considered complete and the girls went to get ready to play in the basement. Jeanna and I were the only ones left at the table. As I stood to leave I whispered to her, “Orgy in the basement at 11. Be natural, no deodorants fragrances, shaved smooth a plus, bring a pillow and a towel.”

She smiled and said, “I may need help with the last part.”

“Text me that you need help for a minute as you get ready to go in the bathroom. I will come up and help take care of that, just wait until everyone else up there is finished,” I said. She nodded OK. I sent her a test text.

At twenty of eleven Jeanna sent, “All clear and I have showered so I need help for a few minutes if you can.”

Since I had just showered I wrapped myself in a towel and grabbed the grooming kit and one of the 7 inch dildos and headed upstairs. I gave Jenny a kiss before I left the room and said, “If you get to the basement before I do keep the lights low, a little mystery maybe a good thing tonight.

“You think so DiNozzo,” she said with a laugh.

I had Jeanna sit on the counter and asked “Bare?” She nodded.

The mini clippers made quick work of getting rid of all the long stuff. I covered her kitty with very hot towel to soften the stubble that was left. Shaving cream and thirty razor strokes later she was baby smooth. Her natural lube was flowing from the manipulations of being shaved. I had to give a play full kiss. I washed the toy with antibacterial hand soap twice, then lubed it and inserted it into her kitty. I gave it four pumps as I checked the fit, it took five. Jeanna wrapped herself in a towel and to the basement we went, picking up Jenny on the way.

We were the first ones down there, so I adjusted the light to very dim. The three of us picked a spot on the mats near the sex chair and got intimate. So intimate that we never noticed the others as they came in.

After the first round of warm-up orgasms we moved to the sex chair. Jenny positioned herself on it and I helped adjust it for Jeanna. As normal when we used the chair it drew everyone. We had learned early on that a group working on the person on the chair would achieve the most powerful orgasms the body could stand. I think it was truly sensory overload that caused them to be so powerful. There is just something about being fucked hard while every part of the body is being kissed, sucked or fondled in some way. I was at her head playing tongue games and playing with her breast. Someone moved my hand and replaced it with lips, the same happened on the other side. When we broke my kiss for air someone turned her head and continued the kissing.

I went to Jeanna and fondled and kissed to help her along to her own orgasm. Someone was on the other side doing the same thing. Jenny screamed out her orgasm and momentarily passed out. We helped her off the chair. She was immediately replaced by Ching Lee with spread legs and open arms. Jenna was able to fuck four girls to oblivion before I had to replace her. She needed a break badly, she hadn’t had the big one but several that left her unable to stand. Did she do Marcy? I can’t say.

We changed positions around the chair as everyone took their turn on it. I made love to four of my mates before I needed to rest. Marcy replaced me and finished the remaining lovers. Yes, Jeanna did get her turn on the chair. She too passed out and had to be helped off. Wendy and Patti didn’t want the dildo but the oral treatment; they too got the best we could give them. We had nothing left in us by two AM. Jenny and I showered, as she stepped out someone replaced her and she was met with two open towels to dry off. I washed three girls before I was washed and pushed out by Marcy. We continued the process until everyone was washed and dried. A final round of hugs, kisses and goodnights ended the evening.

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  1. KiwiChris says:

    Good chapter. Progressing the story well

  2. retrophil says:

    Story moving right along. I liked that there was no gratuitous sex. The orgy reference was appropriate to the story — sort of a celebration for all the successful business conversations.

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