Chapter 84

Morning came early. I woke at six then cat napped until seven thirty. I gave Jenny a kiss, but she never budged. In the kitchen I started a big pot of coffee and put several frying pans on the stove along with a large griddle. The Smithfield’s and the Snows were flying back this afternoon. I thought a good in house breakfast would be better than a noisy restaurant plus everyone could eat on their own schedule. We always had plenty of fruit. We also had stocked up on eggs, bacon, sausage, scrapple and pancake mix. I opened two of those frozen orange concentrate cans and made a gallon of orange juice using distilled water. I was also going to make fried potatoes

I cooked myself an egg, several strips of bacon and one pancake. That way I would be able cook for everyone else when they came down. I had just started cooking when Jeanna came down. She had followed the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

I asked how she slept. “Like a rock once I got into bed,” she said. “I’m also sore in places that haven’t been sore for a while. I may need to go do a more traditional workout in the gym later,” she added with a wink. “You were right, she wants a suburban so she can carry all her mates and things in the back but wants to wait in case she needs the money to put towards the building.”

I noticed that when Jeanna said that she was looking at the ring on my finger. I winked at her and just smiled. I asked what she wanted for breakfast.

“That egg looks good and so does the bacon.” Jeanna said. Than added, “Marcy told me I should try scrapple, whatever that is. I did not get any the other morning when you cooked it.”

“Would you like that as a sandwich? Scrapple, egg, bacon and cheese on toast are really good,” I said.

“That does sound good,” she said.

The rest of my family was getting up. I could hear them moving around. I started the bacon and scrapple and stirred the potatoes so they wouldn’t burn. They were in was the biggest frying pan we had and filled it to the brim. I added some parsley to them along with a few finely cut green peppers to add flavor. I also had bread waiting in the toaster to make toast. I cooked a full pound of bacon and had the second ready to go and the same with the scrapple. Everything was nearly finished. The toast went down and I started frying eggs.

Jeanna had her first egg, bacon, scrapple and cheese on toast sandwich with a side of fried potatoes.

The girls were coming down in pairs. I gave each of them a good morning hug accompanied with a good morning kiss. I started taking breakfast requests. While that was going on the doorbell rang. Our Moms and Dads were back again just in time for Sunday morning breakfast. The Moms asked if they could help. They started another frying pan of potatoes. The stove was now full; no more empty burners.

Wendy’s phone rang; her Dad was in the neighborhood and wanted to know if he could stop in. “Sure,” I replied.

I asked Mom if she would check the coffee and do another pot. “There are about two cups left.” She said.

“Just pour it into one of those big mugs. Wendy can hand it to her Dad as soon as he comes in.” I replied. It was hardly out of my mouth when he knocked on the door.

For the next hour I was a short order breakfast cook. I even tried my hand at making a couple omelets, of course I had plenty of advise on how to do it. It was fun and I fared better than I thought I would.

Jenna came over and said, “The breakfast sandwich was great. I will have to see if I can talk the bank into expanding here and let me run it, then I could get one of those every weekend.”

“There is always Christmas, New Years, Presidents Day; the room is open any time you want to use it.” I said.

“I just might take you up on that,” she said.

After everyone was fed and happy I started putting dishes in the dishwasher with Jenny’s help. I whispered to Jenny, “I think this is the kind of Sunday mornings we will have when their grandkids arrive, don’t you?” She returned a big smile with a hug and a kiss which surprised me as our parents were here. However no one let on that they had seen anything.

Everyone decided that they wanted to spend the day here instead of going to C-town to tour the college. That would give them more time to spend with their folks. They also wanted to go look at the building again.

We went to look at the building one more time. By we I meant that everyone went over. Marcy brought the tape measure that she had found in Jake’s tool box. With the drawings that she made we laid out the gym. I had to admit that the barn-storming session had produced a good plan. We were going to have a lot of room to expand. The biggest challenge was going to be finding the money to buy it.

We had decided that we would present the plan to QT banking first. Jeanna told me that her bank would finance it if QT wasn’t interested. I was sure I had as least enough money on hand to lock it in with a deposit. Just to cover all the bases I texted Jake and asked him how I could get money from my investment account.

Instead of texting back, Jake called. I took the call and went outside for a more private talk. I explained what was going on and why I might need the money. He was excited that we were going into a small business together. He explained what I needed to do to get money from the investments. It could only be done twice a year without paying a penalty. January and July were the withdrawal months, so the timing was right for a January withdrawal.

What he suggested was that I try the bank route first. He did not want me to use the house as collateral and I agreed with that. He said that if I finally decided that I needed money from the investment account to wait until the July opening. He would loan us the money until then, just let him know much and when I wanted it.

Jake said, “To change the subject the package you are expecting will be leaving here in a couple weeks and you will have it by Christmas.”

“Thank you Jake. I love you. I will keep you informed on new or growing developments,” I said.

That pretty much covered the possibilities of the financing. One way or the other we had it covered. The rest depended on the prices on Monday. I went back inside and joined in the planning.

“With not having to go back to classes until January you will have a project to work on if we get the building,” I said. “Patti, Jenny and I have to go back to work tomorrow. The realtor is going to call tomorrow morning with the asking price. The contractor is going to call with a price to do the clean up and improvements but that part will have to be refigured with the changes we have made. Everything looks really good so far.”

We spent the rest of the day at home. We had a great lunch. The Smithfields and the Snows left at 2 for BWI to catch their flights home. There were tears and sadness with the goodbyes. We invited them back for the Christmas and New Years holidays.

We gathered around the table again as there were more discussions about figure fitness center. We decided that we needed to incorporate to protect ourselves, possibly a chapter S corporation. I was going to be President of the corporation. Jenny was going to be Vice President and legal counsel. Marcy was going to be Vice President and Chief financial officer. Vicky was going to be Vice President of corporate communications and secretary. Ching Lee was Vice President Media relations. That included web design and internet presence. Lorrie was Vice President of advertising and business promotion. We were all going to be trainers when we were on the gym floor.

Monday was going to be a very busy day at the college. Patti and I both had to be there by 8:00. Our holiday was over. It was about time for bed so I gave my lovers hugs and kisses and told them how much I loved them. I even gave Jeanna a hug. Tonight Jenny and Lorrie were going to join me in bed. It was the first time we had been together for a three-sum in a while and I was looking forward to it.

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