Chapter 92

Back at the house it was like – whoosh – the pressure and stress finally needed a release. I was going to hit the gym then the hot tub and have a cold beer and just relax for a while. Somewhere in the workout process the whole gang appeared including Sarah, Belinda, Misty and Wendy. As bodies heated up the clothes came off my mates as was the normal workout practice. When naked and an exercise required one to sit or lay we carried a towel to put on the machine or to dry off sweat.

I saw the three new guests looking confused. I started them on the first weight machine. I explained weight loss verses muscles growth, bulking up, and the need to decide if they decided on a long term fitness program. We used low weights so they could get through all the machines.

By the time they were through it became apparent why we were naked. The second time through I bumped the weight up 5 pounds. By the time they were through with that everyone had completed the routine. Marcy, Vicky, Wendy, and Jeanna had already showered and headed to the tubs. I explained the shower process we used even though they had been watching the others.

As we passed the refrigerator I asked, “Wine cooler or beer?” much to their surprise. Three coolers and a Bud-lite fit the ticket as we settled into the hot water of the hot tub. My muscles were warm from the exercise, my skin from the hot water jets and the cold beer was great. The only thing was that I was horny as hell. I needed to figure out how to get some time for serious loving from mates. I finally decided that I was going to simply go back to the gym for a while and see who wandered in first.

We began getting out of the tubs in ones and twos. The guest had learned the old rule – follow the leader – and applied it to the baggy tee shirts. We gathered in the living room where we filled everyone in on the events of the afternoon. When the news of the purchase of the Island Tanning Spa was made and that it was going to be in the gym there was plenty of excitement.

Wendy said,”It was just closed up yesterday morning. I have two friends that worked there, they were heartbroken to lose their jobs this close to Christmas. Is there any chance you might want to hire them?”

I looked at Marcy and said, “They would know how everything is supposed to work correctly and may help get the cliental to return.”

She nodded and said, “Have them come by for a job interview tomorrow. Bob is going to have men working all weekend to get back in business quick. They will be the first to use the job applications that I worked up the other day.”

Wendy made the call to her friends and set up the interview for 10 AM. She than came over to me and said,” You have the video and cam hooked up to the big screen. My Mom gets 10 minutes of video family time tomorrow at 7. Can Dad come over and we use the system to cam with her. I want to introduce all of you to her. She also has an important question she wants to ask you.”

“Sure,” I replied. “I would love to talk to her and see your Dad again. Why don’t we have a pizza night before her cam time? Find out what kind of pizza your Dad likes and what time he can be here.” I knew how important communication with family members was in the military.

It was nearly eight when the talk of gym and tanning ran down. I winked at Jenny and gave her a little head nod and walked to the basement. By the time she came down to the basement I had a couple of big towels already laid out on the mats and another on the sex chair. It was the chair I was sitting on when she came down.

She sat in the chair and leaned it back with her legs spread and her knees against the padded rest. I stood beside it and smothered her with kisses. I was horny and not in he mood for long foreplay and we really didn’t have the time to spare. A good quickie was going to have to do tonight.

I could not help it but I just had to suck on her nipples. They were getting longer and larger from being sucked on every night. Even though we swapped lovers every night the process was the same. Foreplay between lovers was done basically the same since the beginning of time and the breast play was an important part of the ritual. For me playing with her breast had the same effect as mine being played with; I was instantly wet.

Our nipples hardened almost simultaneously. I sucked on hers, then nibbled on them between my teeth. Then I pulled back while applying all the suction so they would snap free of my mouth with a pop. Jenny moaned each time I did it.

I kissed between them and left a trail of kisses all the way up to her neck and finally to her lips. I kissed them full and hard. Then I went on a search for her tongue. I teased the tip of it with mine.

I started to pull away. I wanted to explore and tease her body more. She threw her arms around me to hold me there. It was her turn to explore and tease. We played a tongue battle. We had to settle for a draw. As I pulled away I had her lower lip between mine until it slipped away.

It was then that I felt Jenny squeeze and pinch my nipples. I was the one to moan. I did the same to her, after all turn about is fair play in lover’s games.

I heard moans from the mats. I knew then that we were not alone. It did not stop me from my quest. It was my intention to take her to the stars with pleasure and gently bring her down.

I left another trail of kisses on her body, this time headed south. As I reached her navel I swirled my tongue in it just to her giggle. She was ticklish there and I loved to torment her there.

I continued downward. When I reached those baby smooth lips her clit was extended, hard and very wet. I lightly brushed it with my lips as she lifted her ass off the chair trying to get more. She let me know her pleasure with a groan.

I stopped and did a tongue sweep around a very wet hole and then did circles against her perineum. The groan gave way to an occasional gasp and a lot if whimpers. I licked and sucked my way back to her clit. I still did not suck directly on it. I licked on one side then the other. Her ass went in motion trying to get me to attack her clit.

Jenny went from whimpers and moans to begging. While I had been tormenting her with my tongue I had been doing circles with my index finger on my own clit and inserting a couple in me. Suddenly Jenny decided she was not going to be denied. She grabbed a handful of hair and held my mouth against her clit. To punish her for that I closed my teeth on it, applied vacuum and swabbed the end of her clit with the tip on my tongue.

I found out very quick that was not the thing to do. She let out a very loud howl, then a scream and filled my mouth with so much liquid I almost choked. Then she promptly passed out. Her legs and arms went limp and just hung to the floor. It startled me so badly that the orgasm that I was almost into went completely away, just plain gone. I thought I had killed her until I saw her chest heaving like a race horse. Then I became immediately afraid that her tongue might be blocking her airway with the position she was in and passed out. I made a mad scramble to get to her head to make sure she was breathing OK and thankfully she was.

I grabbed a dry towel and wet a wash cloth. I dried myself off. Vicky and Ching Lee were the two that had been sitting on the mat watching, were now standing beside her in almost a trance asking if she was OK. I washed her face with the cool wash cloth, folded it and placed it across her forehead. I moved her legs and arms back upon the chair and moved it back to a flat position.

By now everyone had come down to the basement to find out what the ear-shattering screams were about. My attempts to be discrete about our sexual activity around our new guest were now shattered. With Jenny naked lying on the sex chair unconscious and Vicky, Ching Lee and me naked besides her there was little doubt what we were doing. The dildos that were on the tray by the chair did not help either.

I crouched beside the chair near her head, “Jenny, please wake up. Jenny honey, I love you. Jenny, are you ok? Please talk to me. Jenny, wake up. Please.” I shook her and still got no response.

“Lorrie, please get a couple of the ammonium capsules from the first aid kit in the kitchen,” I said.

There were all kinds of whispering going on behind me. They were mostly wondering what I had done to her and how could I be that cruel to her to have hurt her that bad.

I kept talking to her, pleading almost. Lorrie was coming down the stairs with the caplets when she began to come around. She moaned, then took a deep breath and slowly opened her eyes and looked around.

Jenny said, “Wow, that was some orgasm” then asked “What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“The better question is, are you ok? Everyone thinks I did something to hurt you. You have been out a while” I said.

“You didn’t hurt me. I remember that you and I were making love and having sex. You were teasing me, trying to hold off my orgasm, driving me crazy. I remember pulling you into my kitty, I couldn’t wait any longer. My whole body exploded in pleasure, then there was a massive flash of light. I could hear you talking to me. Was I really out that long?’ she said.

“Honey, you were out long enough that we were getting worried,” I said.

“You are going to have to help me, I still tingle all over. I don’t think I can stand by myself yet,” she said.

As I helped her up and over to the mats to lie down she kissed me and said, “That was a good one, I’ll try to give you the same in a few minutes.”

Now I had to wait and see what was going to happen with our three new guests now that our secret was out. Now that it was out there was no need to try to hide it.

Lorrie and Vicky headed for the chair. I knew what they wanted; me on the bottom with the medium dildo and Vicky wanted to be in the middle of a DP with Lorrie pounding her ass with another medium.

But first came the foreplay. We sandwiched Vicky between us while we were standing. I kissed her lips while Lorrie did her neck. Then we were both at her neck, one on each side, each of us also took turns rolling her nipples between out fingers. From the back Lorrie squeezed Vicky’s breast tight and offered them to me to suck. I knew what Vicky liked and that was rough breast treatment. I nibbled and lightly bit. I left hickeys. I chewed on her nipples and pulled on them hard.

She indicated she was ready for the next step by touching me on the shoulders. I left a trail of wet kisses from a nipple down past her belly button to her clit that was standing proud through the hairless lips. I licked and kissed it, then sucked it into my mouth. Vicky lifted her leg and rested it on the chair to give me more access. I licked, sucked and swirled my tongue around her hole. I inserted two fingers and gently stroked allowing my thumb to play havoc with her clit. I slowly worked myself back standing, kissing my way to her mouth. Lorrie and I met on the same side and our kiss became a passionate three way kiss.

I felt Vicky tense up and grunt. I knew that Lorrie had forced a gloved lubed finger or two into her ass. Then I could feel them working against mine separated by the thin tissue separating the two orifices. Vicky was responding to the twin assault by grunting and rocking her hips.

I inserted the dildo and took my position on the chair. Vicky was on top cowgirl style. She stroked and moved to get the feel that she wanted while Lorrie inserting her dildo. Vicky stopped moving but stayed tight against me. She looked over her shoulder to signal Lorrie that she was ready. When she kissed me I reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks as far as I could to assist Lorrie in penetrating her ass.

Vicky grunted into my mouth as kissed and then moaned. Her tongue became violent in a game with mine. I could feel the pressure that Vicky was feeling in her ass. Then Lorrie began slow stroking. Lorrie used short ones at first then longer strokes. Vicky lifted her head so she could push down against me as she was moaning and whimpering Lorrie had her by the hips and really started pounding her so hard the chair was bouncing. The double dildos were having a wonderful affect. It was only a moment later that we three announced that we were coming. Vicky collapsed on me and we kissed. Lorrie had stopped moving and slowly withdrawing the dildo from her rectum. We had learned a long time ago that how you removed it was as important as how you inserted it when it came to anal.

Ching Lee and Marcy were ready. They had been masturbating each other in anticipation while they were watching us. Ching Lee also wanted to be DP but she wanted to do all the work. She also wanted the biggest dildo we had to go in her pussy. I was the only one other than Ching Lee that could use the big one. She sat on me cowgirl and had Marcy shove the medium toy to the hilt in one stroke in her ass. She then wanted both of us to be still while she did all moving. As she picked up speed and deeper strokes her vocals picked up as well. It was only a few more strokes and we all came in a chorus of sounds.

As we were finishing I heard more announcements of pleasure. I looked around to see Jeanna and Jenny in a 69 with Jenny on the bottom. I cleaned and wiped off the dildo that was hanging from me as I crouched behind Jeanna. The alcohol wipe I had used cleaned it but also left it bone dry. Jenny watched as I added lube but she never stopped teasing Jeanna’s clit from below. As I moved forward I put a hand on each cheek and pushed outward and forward. The result opened her for entry of the dildo.

As it spread her she raised her head and long sigh of pleasure escaped her lips as the dildo slid deep and our skin touched. I held us tight together as Jenny began licking and sucking where our pussies touched. I think we both moaned in unison. I had already had several orgasms, it was going to take a lot to have another one. I was sucking and fucking for the fun of it. The real pleasure for me now was helping get everyone else to have a good orgasm.

I stroked slow, then fast as I alternated between short and long strokes. Every now and then I would lean over to squeeze and pinch her nipples. She has resumed pleasing and teasing Jenny’s kitty. The grunts when I shoved it deep. The moans when I short fast stroked it were getting louder and longer. Jenny was getting close to cuming. She was getting really aggressive beneath us.

She was attacking my perineum with a fever. I could tell when she doing the same to Jeanna, she went out of control. I was wet with sweat so was Jeanna. I changed to pounding her with hard deep strokes. There was the constant slap as our bodies came together. Then there was Jeanna’s distinctive cry as she came hard. She stopped moving and just trembled. Finally she moved forward and sideways off Jenny and slowly collapsed to the mat. Jenny looked up at me with a big smile and winked.

I looked around to see Patti and Wendy in a 69 on their sides covered with sweat. They were in the afterglow, slowly licking, winding down.

EDIT by Alfmeister

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