Chapter 93

Sarah had her hand in her crotch slowly moving her fingers with her eyes staring at me. Her eyes never left mine as I closed the gap between us. When I reached her I extended my hand and helped her up. I kissed her softly. She was beyond wanting soft. We immediately went full mouth, our tongues playing a game. When we broke the kiss I led her to the chair. We were met there by the Vicky, Lorrie, Ching Lee, Marcy and Jenny.

The conquest of Sarah Grayson was about to take place. It was going to be a team effort. We helped her get positioned on the chair. Every part that was sensitive had lips or fingers on it. I was the first to be at her lips and placed a full kiss on them. Of course I sought out her tongue, I sucked on it, thrashed the tip of it with mine. To change the pace I went at her neck with kisses. I thought about leaving a hickey there but decided against it. I sucked on her ear and just had to tease the inside of it. Then I worked my way towards her mouth only to meet Lorrie there. It became a passionate three way kiss with tongue play. Sarah was heated up before she got on the chair, now she was near a boil.

Ching Lee and Vicky had been giving her breasts aggressive play and I was sure that they had left hickeys. She was getting very vocal; I knew she was close to cuming. Marcy had been at her clit from above and I knew Jenny was at her hole and perineum and probably had been doing circles with a finger tip at her anus.

Without warning she violently came with a groan and a little shriek. She pulled Ching Lee and Marcy tight to her breast and closed her legs around Jenny’s head holding it tight against her cunt.

When she relaxed we changed places; we had no intention of letting her cool down much. This time Lorrie and I were at her breasts. There were two very distinct hickeys there, soon to be two more. Ching Lee and Vicky were keeping her mouth and lips busy. Marcy and Jenny had changed places. Jeanna joined us now, kissing and sucking on flat of her stomach, intending no doubt to leave a hickey. Lorrie and I worked at leaving nice hickeys. We kept at our pleasures until she whimpered through another orgasm.

We changed places one more time. Jenny and Marcy were at her breasts that now had five distinct hickeys soon to be seven. Lorrie, Jeanna, and Vicky were taking turns on her neck, lips and ears. I stepped between her legs, lifted them high and wide as I rested them on the leg rest. I chose the middle size dildo to insert and I pumped it up to the perfect fit.

I saw Ching Lee pulling on a latex glove as she winked at me. We had three different imported warning lubes. She chose the warmest one of the group, but I chose weakest of the group to lube the toy. Sarah wouldn’t be able to stand but one more orgasm tonight. With normal activity it would take an hour and may not be more than a flutter when it came. She had already several at her own hands. We were going to make sure this one was one she would remember for days. I raised the chair to the correct height.

Misty and Belinda must have sensed that something different was going on. They had gotten up and were standing beside the chair. Belinda held her hand. The folds of her pussy were open with her legs in the position I had put them. I coated those lips with the warming lube and left a large glob in the slightly dilated hole. I immediately rested the head of the dildo against the hole, pushed the heating lube to the bottom of her vagina and held it there.

The effect was immediate and powerful. The lubes were sent to me by an old BDSM master that I made friends with while I was stationed in Japan. They were very expensive. All natural ingredients, harmless by themselves but when mixed and added to popular lubes they took the sexual experience to a whole new level. They made every pleasure sensor in the vagina a super sensor. Interestingly they had little effect on the male member. The theory was that the male skin on the cock was tougher and less responsive to the ingredients because of its exposure to the day to day elements. However when used in his anus that was a different story.

I moved in a circular motion to make sure that it was spread completely inside her. Then I started slow stroking. Sarah immediately went from a low level of sexual excitement to a very high one. Her breasts and chest took on the pinkish look of impending orgasm. Her nipples, already large and red from all the sucking, got darker and much larger, almost evil looking.

Her breathing got erratic. Her vocals went through the roof. “Oh, oh God fuck me, please fuck me, harder. I’m so close, fuck meeeee. More just a little more ohhhh. So close.”

I wasn’t any better off. Enough of the lube had covered my lips and my clit from the pounding I was giving her that my orgasm was coming as fast as her was. I was pounding her so hard that the chair was shaking.

Ching Lee tapped me on the back to let me know that she was going to start applying the hot lube on her anus. It wasn’t going to take much, just a little rubbed around the rose and a finger-full inserted an inch or so would do it. What Ching Lee did not say that she was going to do me as well.

I knew the instant that she did Sarah. The vocals went up ten notches. Then Ching Lee ringed my rectum and slid the lube into my orifice, then shoved the finger in to the hilt. I knew when she pushed in the middle of my back to lean over more that I was in trouble. I just hoped that she would have mercy and not use the big dildo.

She shoved the dildo in so hard that it pushed me deep into Sarah. I screamed. She withdrew it until only an inch was in my ass. I could feel my insides heating up, then my clit was on fire from the inside and throbbing. My nipples felt like they were going to rocket off my breasts. I immediately went into a humping action, forward to get away from the dildo in my ass then back to get it in again. The result was that Sarah and I were both getting a pounding

We started at “I’m cumingggg” and ended with a scream of pleasure. Sarah slammed her crotch at me by flexing her legs on the stands so hard it almost knocked us down. Her ass went crazy fucking back at me. Ching Lee gave no mercy. She had grabbed my by the hips so tights I know they would show the hand prints tomorrow. She was pounding my ass with everything her one hundred pounds could muster.

. We were both cuming and letting everyone know it. My nipples were ready to pop and so was my clit. We finally ran out steam. There was no energy left. I collapsed on Sarah.

The girls did help me off Sarah and removed the dildo from my pussy. They laid us on a quilt on the mats facing each other with my arms around her and covered us with a blanket. The last thing I remembered was looking at Ching Lee’s face that was molded in to an ear to ear grin. She had got me back for past torments and was proud of it.

There was hell to pay. Revenge is a dish best served cold. One thing was for sure those lubes were going back under double lock and key for a long time.

EDIT by Alfmeister

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