Chapter 95

I walked into the office in time to hear Marcy say,” That’s the last one. Now it’s time for lunch.”

“I would like to check on the others before we do that. I think they should soon be finished.” I said.

I started with Lorrie while Marcy called the others. They were helping each other out and were just finishing up the last area. Marcy told them to meet at the house for lunch.

There were fourteen of us for lunch. That was more than we had lunch food for. Subs were ordered from the sub shack.

While we were waiting on the food we had another meeting. Patti, Lorrie, Belinda and Misty were going to Sam’s Club in Dover. There they were going to get hot dogs, rolls, chips, paper plates, cups, napkins and several cases of sodas. They were also to get supplies for the refreshment stand, several kinds of yogurts, juices, power drinks, bottled water and a selection of fruit. Lorrie was to get a business application so we could set up an account there. They were going to take a big cooler to put the dogs in and a bag of ice to keep them cold. They were going to take the diesel pickup. I reminded them that they needed to be back here no later than 6.

Jenny and Ching Lee were going to the big hardware store to pick up some trash cans, large shop brooms with the really fine bristles, trash bags, and a hose to fill the hot tubs. They were also going to pick up bleach, fabric softener, and cleaning supplies. I also wanted a two gallon hand sprayer that we could leave a ten percent bleach mix in to spray down the showers, bathrooms and locker rooms with. No matter what anyone said the new towels and wash cloths were going to be washed before they were used.

We decided to use the same fee schedule for the tanning salon that Island Tan had used. Kim had mentioned that most of the names on the customer list included e-mail addresses. We would create an e-mail club. We would email them a 10 % discount for the month of December and a 20% discount if they were a gym member. Any of the people that came to the open house and filled out the application to the e-mail club would get the same discounts. Marcy wanted to run a different kind of special every month.

Kim and Marsha agreed to come in Sunday and Monday and work all day. Sometime in the process they would show all of us how to use the appointment program and do a complete run through of the tanning equipment. Marcy was going to reregister the programs in our business name and also get everyone up to speed on how credit and debit cards needed to be handled.

After lunch the girls headed their different ways to get the supplies. Vicky, Jeanna, and I went to start setting up the refreshment area. As the girls were bringing back cold things to put in coolers they needed to be in place and running. We swept and mopped the floor. I asked Bob if we could borrow a couple of his men to help put everything in place. They were a good fit with plenty of room left over. After they were in place and running we did the same with the storage room. Once it was clean I started a load of towels in the commercial washer. Bob had built us a large linen closet with plenty of shelves. It was a good thing as a hundred each of the big bath towels, hand towels and washcloths was a much bigger pile than I imagined. Some of each would go in the linen closet in the shower room and some in the massage room.

That was another thing I needed to get an answer from Marcy about. I had not seen or heard anything about the lady that was going to do the massages or for that matter what we needed the class room for.

After Jenny was back with the good brooms we swept the whole building down. Then we started running water in the hot tubs. With the all you-can-use tank-less hot water heaters we were able to fill the tubs completely with hot water. We added the chemicals, hit the button and let them run.

The work crews had it so hot in there to get the fast drying mud to dry faster that we were thinking about working in panties and bras, some of them already had their tee shirts off. We finally gave up and sent Vicky over to the house to bring back halter tops and bikini bottoms. She came back with the box of thong bikini bottoms and tight but barely there tops that we had.

What the heck, we put them on as it was at least 90 in the building. After all it was a gym and tanning spa, girls were supposed to look good. We had it, let’s show it. Jeanna even looked hot in a thong. Looking at all that delectable flesh made my temperature rise. After all it was Saturday and that meant orgy night.

We brought all the tables and chairs up to the break area and set them in place.
I had unboxed both of the Marathoners earlier. It took all of us to move the pieces into position where we wanted them. All it took were screwdrivers and pliers to easy-assemble them. I did cause a ruckus when I went to borrow them from Bob again. His crew tried to keep me there by making small talk but it didn’t work.

After they were assembled, the computer experts Vicky and Jenny did the entire plug and play thing with all the cables. The things had their own computer tower with three 500 gig hard drives to hold all the preprogrammed marathons they could do. There was a three-section white screen in front of the tread mill that the image projected on. We elected to go the cheaper route on the display as the hi-def display would have added 5000 to each of them. I picked a 3k at some place that I never heard of and hit averages for all info it wanted and began to run when it started. The thing was amazing. Up the hills the belt raised up to match the actual terrain and it slowed as if the runner was struggling and on the downhill the rear raised and it sped up. I bumped the speed up to a pace that I thought would challenge me on a 3k run and ran the full course with an audience. The girls were watching the display. The construction guys were watching me and I was watching the graphics. It was running my data against the averages on the course. I bumped the speedup a little more. I liked how the thing worked. I could save the data from my run to compare it to any future runs on the same course. I could see these becoming very popular. When I finished the run the audience had grown. The construction people were now standing with us looking at the screen along with a group of women that I had not seen before.

Marcy handed me a hand towel to wipe the sweat off. The computer went through a comparison and ranked my run, then broke down the heart rate at different places in the run. I was above average in all aspects of the run, which I should have been for as much as we worked out. We had a general discussion about the Marathoner that was all positive. I knew that had to make Marcy very happy. The construction guys congratulated me on a great run with a good time and went back to work.

Marcy introduced me to the group of ladies and they too complemented me on a great run. The radio adds had begun and the people riding by were seeing all the vehicles. They were hoping for a sneak peek. This group was impressed with what little they had seen and the descriptions of what would be. They would be back on Monday and bring their friends.

When they left we decided that all the gym equipment that was going to be put in needed to be put in place now. We moved all the new things we had bought in place. Tomorrow morning my dad was going to move some of the things out of the basement to over here. We had bought new mats and we began setting them in place about where we thought they would end up. When the equipment from the basement was installed and final position of the placement mats was determined we would decide on the location of the boxing ring. Two of the guys working on Sunday were going to drill the holes in the concrete floor and epoxy the corner post in. Monday morning Shelia was coming to help with the ring mats and ropes and put the heavy bags and light bags in position. They were going to spar and work out during the open house. I was OK with that as long as they didn’t ask me to participate. I wanted no part of it.

Lorrie and the girls that made the Dover run were back. We helped them bring all the things in and began filling the display cases. They had decided to wait until Monday morning to get the biggest part of the fruit so it would be fresher.

The dryer buzzed off with the third load of towels. The girls started folding them. After my run I could use a shower and with a warm towel hmm. The only soap in the gym was the liquid hand soap; it would do in a pinch. It was time to try out the showers. I took a quick one while they were folding the towels. Everything worked flawlessly.

Wendy and her dad were there as I stepped out of the shower with the big towel wrapped around me. I had forgotten to bring the clothes I had worn earlier in with me. Jenny brought them to me and I stepped into the locker room to dress. We called it a day. Kim and Marsha left and promised that they would be back at nine tomorrow morning. We went over to the house to order pizza and set up the equipment to do the video chat with Wendy’s Mom.

EDIT by Alfmeister

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