Chapter 94

I woke up in a daze. It was nearly pitch black. I realized that I was still in the basement. The light for the steps had been left on. I glanced at the clock; it was 6:30. We were to meet Bob at the Island Tan at eight. We needed to get on the move.

After that line of thought I realized that someone was wrapped around me. There was a leg between mine and a warm body tight against me with their arms around me. Then I remembered that Sarah and I were left in the basement. She must have gotten cold and was seeking body heat. I settled down to think about this situation. I did put my arms back around her while I thought about things

Ching Lee might have won round one but there would be round two. Just when, would be the question. My body was fatigued. Muscles everywhere were sore. I could easily tell my kitty was gaped, my ass was sore, my lips were swollen, and my breast and nipples tingled. I knew it was from all that sucking that had happened. A crazy thought crossed my mind. Is that how they would feel if they could ever have been filled with milk?

Sarah was whimpering in her sleep and trying to hug me tighter. She turned so we were in full frontal contact. I did the natural thing without thinking. I kissed the side of her neck. Was it motherly instinct, or just being protective? I was too mellow to be horny.

Sarah woke with a jump and wasn’t smiling. The only thing that came to mind was to say, “Good morning.” Then I added, “Are you as sore as I am?”

She laughed and said, “Maybe. I am usually horny and jill off when I wake up but I’m not this morning. By the way how many times did you cum last night?”

“I have no idea but the last one was a dozy,” I said.

“Same here,” she replied.

We turned on the lights and showered. I laughed as soon as I counted the hickeys.

“It looks like everyone left at least two,” I said. “I guess we had a lot of fun”

“I sure did,” she replied.

We washed and sterilized the toys before putting them away. I also locked up the lubes.

We went upstairs to finish dressing. We found Jenny, Marcy and Jeanna in one bed with Wendy Misty, Patti and Ching Lee in another. We looked at each other and smiled, then we woke everyone up.

Breakfast was the next order of the day. We cooked bacon, eggs, and pancakes and for drinks orange juice and coffee. By 7:30 Jenny, Marcy, Lorrie and I were headed out the door for the first stop and that was to Island Tan to meet Bob and the moving crew. We had the list of items we had bought from the bank. It read to me like we got everything including the cash register and the trash cans. The best thing was that we got the computer system; that meant if we got access we had a client list. Bob and his crew were already inside when we got there.

Bob said, “I found the books that go with the equipment. They had all the instructions we need to move them plus setup and testing. We will have everything loaded up in a couple of hours. The only thing we will leave is the counter up front. I would consider that part of the building.

The rest of my crews and the electricians have been in the gym since 0600. When I left the framing was complete on both of the rooms. The electricians were mounting boxes. We turned the heat up and brought additional heaters. The drywall people are going to use fast drying mud on the joints. They are going to concentrate on the interior walls first. I have two guys that are willing to work 16 hours today for a paid day off next week and 4 guys that will work 8 on Sunday if I give them two paid days off the following week. You may be able to do a trial run with the equipment Monday morning and open at noon.”

“We have a lot to do to make it open on Monday. I’m hoping that everything will be far enough along that we can use some of their time to set up the gym equipment. There is so much new equipment still boxed up setting at the east end of the gym that needs to be set up and checked out by noon Monday. When you get everything out call me and one of us will come back to clean and vacuum,” I said.

We met the rest of the group over at the gym. Lots of things were nearly completed, but everyone was working on the two new rooms. It was a little sad to see the new walls of the waiting room with holes cut in them for the new doors that would lead to the tanning booth and the class room.

I told Marcy that we needed to have an immediate planning meeting, that a lot of things needed to happen this morning and today.

We came up with a window poster that we would put up in every business window that would let us and also post it in other conspicuous places. A copy was e-mailed to Shore Office Supply in Easton, they would print two hundred of them on poster paper. They would also run off two hundred on 1/3 sheets handout style. They would be ready by the time we got there. They were also going to do a banner that we could put on the hand rail across the front of the building on Monday. Lorrie and Patti left to go pick them up with Patti driving so she could add more driving experience.

We called the local papers but it was too late to get anything in the Sunday papers. We called the local radio. It was expensive but we could get a thirty second spot to run once an hour from four to nine PM and again on Sunday noon to 8 PM. Then start it again Monday morning at 7 and run all day. That was all we could afford. Ching Lee and Vicky took off to work on the script at the Annapolis station. They would call us with the version that was to be broadcast for approval.

We were going to need more cars to be able to split everyone up to get the posters put in stores where we would get the most exposure in our target group. The cliental for a tanning booth would be in the sixteen to forty-five age group.

Jeanna came up with the car solution to the car problem. She was going to use her banks employee corporate discount to rent three compact cars from Axis Car Rentals at the QA Regional Airport. She was going to fly out of the same airport on the bank’s G5 early Monday morning to make an important meeting. She was coming back in ten days to spend Christmas and New Years with us. Her cars would give us four extra cars for a few days at least. That was a situation that was going to have to be corrected much sooner than later. Jenny, Sarah, Belinda and Misty went with Jeanna to get the cars.

Marcy and I needed to have another talk. Now was as good a time as any. “We are going to need a lot of help over the next the three weeks to get everything up and running. The two girls coming to interview at 10 may be able to be here Monday and train everyone and work some kind of schedule. I do not want just one girl here. Someone should be at the desk at all times. That is where scheduling, money handling and all phone calls should be handled,” I said

“We all need to clean in here Monday morning with the exception of Patti, she has to go spend at least the morning at the college for payroll. Bob will have a couple people finishing up. They will put all the display cases where they are going and help set up the gym equipment. The display cases need to be filled. We are going to have to go to either the Food King or Sam’s to get the items we need for the cases,” I said.

“We need to pay Sarah, Misty, Belinda and Wendy. They are not owners so they need to be compensated. Since we are only talking about 3 1/2 weeks, I’m thinking to pay them in cash. They will all go back to college on January 2 and we will be down to the two hires that need a formal payroll set up,” I said.

Marcy said, “I agree with all of that. The two girls, if they look OK, at $12.50 an hour and the other girls $400 a week.”

“The Bag Lady Linens is going to deliver us 100 each of the three towels at noon today. She lives on Blueberry Lane. Her business is in Baltimore and she commutes, if we need more she will drop them off. They are going to have to be washed”

“We have to get hot dogs and rolls plus all the fixings yet. At least we can do hotdogs on the stove. They taste better cooked in boiling water in my opinion, anyhow. Jenny’s dad volunteered to come cook hamburgers on the loading dock if we wanted him to. I think he is as eager as we are to get this thing going,” I said.

The girls were back with the rental cars. Jenny said, “We need to get a couple of cars like those. They are Chevy Malibu’s, real nice and almost new. Jeanna rented them for a month. She thought the price was too high and called the company VP. I think she got them cheaper than we could make payments on them.”

Ching Lee and Vicky were back. Shortly after that Lorrie and Patti returned. We took a map and laid out areas for each to cover. The girls doubled up to get done faster. Lorrie, Misty, Vicky, Belinda, Ching Lee, Sarah. Jeanna and Jenny were going to put them up and leave the hand outs. Wendy took an area and went out on her own but not before reminding me about the video conference tonight.

Marcy and I were in the little office area as she set up the computer system that came with the tanning equipment. It was just powering up when the two girls that were to be interviewed came in the waiting area. They introduced themselves as Kim Atley and Marsha Brown. They looked good. They had taken advantage of working for a tanning salon and used good sense. Their tans were perfect. With the doors closed we could have a conversation. Marcy had them fill out the applications then we gave them the tour. They both wanted to work for us and wanted to know how soon they could start?

Marcy’s answer was if you can get the computer up and running, today.

Kim replied, “No problem.” She then went through the passwords to the programs including showing us the customer list. I had her print out the list. While it was printing Marcy was busy typing out a customer call message.

“As you know Island Tan has closed. The good news is that it is back with a new name, new owners and a new location. Its new name is Jones Fitness and Training Center at 1001 Summers Road. I would like to invite you to the open house on Monday from noon until nine PM. Bring all the ladies in the family. Jones Fitness is a ladies only facility. Please come by and check us out. Free hot dogs, drinks and coffee as long as they last. Remember, ladies only. Monday noon to nine at 1001 Summers Road.”

Marcy handed them the print out and said, “One of you use the regular line and the other the fax line to call them all. Put a T if you talked to them, an M if you left a message and leave it blank if neither so you know to try at least once more.”

While they were doing that I went to the back of the gym and started opening the crates and boxes. I started with the tables that we were going to put by the refreshment area. Of course there were the normal easy assembly instructions in 20 foreign languages. The only tools needed were a flat and a Phillips screwdriver along with a pair of pliers. I borrowed those from one of Bob’s crew. The first one was slow going. By the time I got to the tenth and last one I had it down to a science. Luckily the chairs were assembled, packaged two to a box. I opened all twenty boxes. I did the same with the chairs and tables for the classroom. I flattened all the boxes and stacked then near the overhead door where the big dumpster was located.

It was noon. Kim, Marsha and Marcy had been at the phones for two hours. The girls had been gone for three. I needed lunch.

EDIT by Alfmeister

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