Chapter 99

I fast forwarded the late news on the DVR during breakfast to the local interest report with Marley. I was amazed that the complete segment was on our gym from the tanning to the boxing ring. It ended with a teaser to watch her full report on the morning show.

We left for the college with Patti driving. She had aced the driving final test and had a new Maryland driver’s license in her pocket. I took advantage of the right seat to work on my smarter than smart phone. I had all my e-mails taken care of by the time we arrived at the college.

I had a couple of meetings to deal with first thing. They were mostly to do with some repairs that had been contracted out by maintenance department while the students assigned to those dorm rooms were gone for the holidays. Normally security would have little to do with such contracts other than to check the contractors in and out. The contractors themselves were complaining about missing materials that were left overnight. The odd thing was that the items they were reporting missing shouldn’t have been here based on the type of repairs they had been contracted to do according to Mr. Bozman. A review of the camera tapes showed that no one had been in the buildings.

I had been working my back towards the administration building as I made the rounds. I had finished my walk-through of the building where the missing materials dispute came from. I had a meeting with Bob Jackson and Shirley Short. It was to be the final brain storming session about the athletics department security request. I stopped by my office and picked up my briefcase with several folders and a portable GPS locater in it. With Patti’s help I had everything organized to make the final presentation for approval.

I had expected only Mrs. Short and Mr. Jackson but the entire board was there as well as all the athletic department coaches. For the next two hours I presented the detailed plans for the security teams that were to accompany the sports teams on their away games through the end of February. I detailed the credentials of the armed security personal. I discussed the security risks of each trip.

I brought up our GPS security panel on the big display and keyed in the number to the GPS unit in my brief case. Within seconds it pinged on the display. I expanded the screen as far as it would go to narrow the location down to 6 inches. It followed me as I walked around the room. I pushed the emergency button and the screen lit up in starburst. I hit the reset, gave it a second to reset then twirled it setting off the starburst again. I asked the coach to stand off to the side and catch it. I threw it like a football. As soon as he caught it the screen lit up again.

“One of these will be carried on each bus. As you have seen it responds to roll over, sudden stops as in an accident or as an emergency beacon. This is the most sophisticated portable GPS on the market. If we go to the log it will give complete event details.” I said as I displayed the log of events indication the possibilities of each alert.

I answered a dozen or so questions before there was unanimous approval.

Just as we stood to leave Nancy Goldberg, Bob’s secretary, came in and remarked,” I see you are a TV star again.”

I laughed a little, “So you saw last night’s local report?” I said.

“Was it on then? What I saw was on today’s local happenings program. In fact it was almost the whole show,” she said. “I recorded it. I can play it on the plasma in here if you want to see it.”

I was about to decline her offer because I was sure that someone had recorded it at home and I would be able to see it later. Then there was a chorus of, “OK, please play it.”

There we all were in living color in short shorts and bikini tops or halter tops being shown giving the tours and answering questions. Plus they showed the interview session with the six of us. They also had a short piece on the Marathoners. Then there was the one on one with the reporter’s workout session. There was a short clip of them in the hot tub and getting their massages, the important parts were blurred out. That one drew looks from all the males in the room.

The reporters challenged each other to do the full 6 months as I suggested and to do a progress report each month and a body comparison at the end of the six months. Over all it was a good report and free advertisement for the gym. It ended with there would be more on the evening segment about the gym.

The girl’s track coach Kitty Barns asked, “How did you get the Marathoner? They aren’t supposed to be available for another year.”

“Friend of a friend, we have two of them to field test and evaluate,” I said.

“I have run in several marathons and I want to run in the Boston and NY next year. Do you give friends a discount?” she said laughing. ”I can use all the practice I can get.”

“I’m sure we can work something out. Because the runs can be so long you will have to come in and schedule times and I’m sure the girls will want you join the membership for them. They are already booked out a couple of weeks,” I said. “Gym will be open 9 to 9 seven days a week but no one on one trainer for the regular gym until 4 pm weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. Boxing lessons are by appointment and the hand gun training is by scheduled classes, the first four are already full. The tanning booths are 9 to 9 everyday. The masseur is by appointment or scheduled. All this is exclusive to ladies only.”

Kitty said,” Those girls are seniors here and they are owners?”

‘Oh yes. All six of us are equal owners,” I replied.

With that the meeting was over. Nancy must have sent the video to every one on campus. It wasn’t ten minutes later when the casual walk-in with questions started. I put the web page on the computer and left it there. Ching Lee had already updated it with a link to the Local Report broadcast. Marcy and Lorrie had updated the site with all the packages and training modules they had put together. The individual pictures of all had been updated. The two Moms were listed as administrative assistants. Kim and Marsha were shown as assistant managers and tanning specialist. Patti, Belinda, Misty, Sarah and Wendy were shown as training assistants. They had been busy this morning.

I sent Marcy a text. We need to get a doctor’s scale, a cloth measuring tape, a body fat caliper and a body index assessment form ASAP. “Will do,” she replied. Then I asked, “Do you think we should approach some of the female EMT’s or a nurse to see if we could get one of them to do blood pressure and maybe a heart check of some kind?”

Chuck Rustone from the bank called. It immediately put me on guard. When someone from the bank calls you expect the worst but it was good news.

“I just looked at your opening day credit card transactions. You had a great day. You turned in more in one day than Island Tan did in their last month. Congratulations,” he said.

“Thank you,” I said. “I’m sure that a lot of that was new memberships. If we keep every body happy they should come back. The second and third month will tell the true story. We are going to try to do even better.”

Patti and I headed home at 3:30, she was driving again. She wanted to drive everywhere she went. I had a silly thought – I should get her the little black driver’s hat. I shouldn’t complain, I was able to work on the smarter than smart phone all the way home.

Carl was to pick me up at 4:30 to carry me to Susie the Seamstress to fit the Blues for the Navy Christmas Ball. The Ball was 10 days away, the weekend before Christmas.

Marcy had sent me a list of ladies that wanted me to design a workout program for them. She had scheduled 3 a night starting at 5:30 and every two hours Saturday and Sunday. We were going to park over at the gym but the parking lot was full again. We stopped in the driveway and I walked over. The waiting room was full. The class room was full and these were waiting for the tanning booth. There was a line waiting to sign up for memberships. Everyone was in a good mood.

Marcy looked at me and said, “We may have been wrong about it slowing down today. It’s been like this all day.”

I relayed the conversation I has with Chuck Rustone. Then I asked if she thought we needed a nutritionist to help in putting together workout programs.

“No-one follows the recommendations they give you more than a week or two anyhow. Did you notice the street gang girls from Annapolis are back today? They all signed up for gym memberships so they could take boxing lessons. Shelia read them the riot act about attitudes when they are here and the exercise routine that she demanded they follow. She then made it clear that there were to be no drugs, weapons of any kind on the property not even in their cars and that there were to be no men on the property or outside waiting for them. She said she was proud to be a part of this gym and she considered it her second home and if there was any problem out of any of them they would all be out even if they had to leave in body bags. She laid down the law to them.” Marcy said.

“I kind of figured she was a no nonsense kind of person. That is a high discipline sport or you just won’t make it period,” I said. “She wanted sparing partners, she may have found a way to get an unlimited number if she plays it right.”

“Carl is going to pick me up in a few minutes. I’m going to shower. We shouldn’t be that long. Then I will start on the list you have for me. See if you can find as health assessment and physical sheet we can use.” I said as I was leaving.

A quick shower, clean bra and thong covered by sweat shirt and pants with tennis shoes. I was coming out of the closet door with both set of blues when the door bell rang. Ten minutes later we were standing in Susie’s living room that she had turned into a sewing room. She had knocked a wall out joining two rooms into a much larger sewing shop. She was waiting on us as several more Middies came in with their uniforms. I had brought the two sets of blues that I had. One was a year newer than the other and we were trying to decide on the best looking one. Both were in excellent shape. I removed the sweat shirt and pants to put one set on with the black polished shoes it never crossed my mind that I was putting on a show for the Middies and Carl.

Susie commented that there would only be minor changes to make them fit right. Most of it was taking in the waist. She took my records from Carl and looked through them for a minute.

“You were promoted to Master Sergeant the same day you were discharged, that is odd,” she said.

“You have a lot of ribbons and medals that are not on jacket. Oh My God girl, three Hearts and Stars, didn’t you ever run from the gunfire?” she asked as I handed her a box of medals that I had been awarded over time. Most all of them came as a result of my time in the sandbox.

“It’s not in my nature to run,” I said. “You know the saying. The Air Force can’t find the target because of cloud cover. The Army retreats and waits for reinforcements, the Navy withdraws from the action to refuel, and the Marines run to the gunfire.” That brought a lot of response from the middies waiting their turn at fitting and a curious glance from Carl.

She took a few more measurements. I dressed back in the sweats and Carl drove me and the extra blues home. I was to pick them up any time next week.

I spent the next four hours working with out-of-shape women determined to get in shape as I put together an individual program for each of them.

I made mental note to talk to Marcy about getting an EMT from the local fire department to help do a physical assessments. There was also a possibility that the Marathoner could do more. I knew it could do heart rates, maybe it could also be set up to do blood pressure.

It was 10 when we closed up the gym, by 11 I had Lorrie in my arms expressing love and consumed by passion.

EDIT by Alfmeister

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