Chapter 100

The rest of the week was more of the same. Patti drove every day as we went back and forth to the college. There were a few problems. With classes over until January and both male and female students there were all kinds of parties going on. The night shift had to put a damper on more than one. Of course there were booze and sex parties. The cameras showed more than one grope session in a stairwell or a hallway. There were several blow jobs caught on cam. I always brought the culprits in to show them the video and suggested that they wait until they were in the privacy of their dorm room. I always deleted the file off the master. There was no need for anyone to know or have the risk of it causing a problem later. The most hilarious one was two guys.

The gym on the other hand went crazy. The TV group was there every night working out which surprised me. I had somehow thought they would only be there a couple of nights and then fade away. One of us was always working with them it seemed either coaching or spotting. The new memberships just kept coming. The package buys and limited packages did as well. Marcy ordered one more of each of the most popular workout machines on Thursday. She also ordered more lockers, this time full length ones for us to keep our personal things in as well as more half sized ones that members used.

We decided to start running some more limited radio and TV adds on the TV station that the TV group was from. The ads were to push Christmas gift tanning and gym packages. That made the lines longer at the window. Having electronic ID cards helped. Those with memberships could simply slide their card and walk in.

The tanning never seemed to slow down; there was always waiting lines. I just assumed it was the winter party season driving it. Marcy changed the hours to 7 AM until 10 PM to try to cut down on the waiting lines. If it didn’t slow down after the first of the year we were going to have to order more tanning equipment to fill the two empty slots in the booth. Wendy was god-send in the tanning room. Being the people person she was she could almost talk them out of their clothes and keep them in stitches at the same time. On top of that she was a walking advertisement for the gym and tanning booth. Perfectly tanned and in perfect shape, when she worked the booth her normal attire was the thong bikini and a barely there top or a cut off tee shirt that had printed on it, “Work it off in the gym.”

On Wednesday Jake sent me a text that the shipment would arrive at the secure shipping area at Summit Aviation on Thursday and that I needed to pick it up by 4 PM. Thursday was quiet so Patti and I left early to pick it up. On the way we stopped and she looked at new Chevy cars at the dealer on 896. She picked up some brochures and wrote down the sticker prices. Once she was sure what she wanted she was going to price shop on the internet.

We parked in front of the secure area and I went inside to sign for the shipment. Three husky men came out with it and loaded it into the suburban for us. There were several boxes and a stainless steel container 30 inches in diameter. It was about 2 feet high and had a thermometer that read -60 and a liquid nitrogen sight glass with a warning label. The top was secured with several locks and had both a US and a Japan customs inspection sticker. We arrived home a half an hour later than normal. I had Patti help me carry the big container and boxes into the walk in closet in Jenny and my bedroom. She inspected the things closely but never asked any questions.

The street gang girls turned out to be another item. The first one was of concern, then there was one of wonderment and a major WTF moment happened Thursday evening. First we found out by surprise that there were two Annapolis street girl gangs made up of about ten girls each. There was a North Side and a South Side and they weren’t too friendly towards each other most of the time. The APD had been called to many confrontations between the two. Although there had been a lot of pushing, shoving and cussing matches no-one had been seriously hurt. There had been enough complaints that the APD put both gangs under some surveillance.

The South Side gang was the one that came to see Shelia and her boxers at the open house on Monday and then they joined the gym on one of the exercise only package specials, plus signed on to take boxing training. To get to the Bay Bridge without an out of the way detour they had to go through the North Side’s area in broad day light. That was viewed as a slap in the face with a wet towel.

South Side met and drove hell bent through the North Side, lost their surveillance detail and were seen by the North Side gang in the process. Needless to say there were two peed off groups and no South Side gang to be found until the next day. They were at the gym by 4 and stayed till closing, even helping clean up after with some encouragement from Shelia and her boxers.

The same thing happened on Tuesday. On Wednesday there was a verbal show down on the corner of Sycamore and Park just as South Side was loading up to go come to the gym. About half way through the shout-down one of the South Side girls yelled “We have to go, we’re going to be late! I don’t mind getting my ass worked over but I don’t want to spend no hour in the dog pound. Let’s go” and they did. The North Side was left standing in the street with a surveillance team on each end of the street.

The dog pound I learned was a disciplinary beat down at the bag. You were forced to punch it until you were totally exhausted or you were used as the bag until you went down. Shelia used it as a fear tactic, one of those shop tales told to beginners. The story was reinforced by wild tales from her helpers of their time spent in the pound. They were good at keeping a poker face.

This time the chopper was dispatched in time to follow them. An hour later 4 APD officers showed up demanding entrance, insisting they had a warrant. Jenny met them in the waiting room that was full of people. Mistake number 1: saying you have a warrant and not being able to producing it. Number 2: implying you don’t need a warrant. Number 3: threatening an officer of the court even if you didn’t know they were officers of the court. Jenny was still in her day clothes, had her 40 cal in a shoulder holster and her ID and badge covered by her jacket. Jenny produced her ID and exposed the 40 cal she was packing in the process.

The appropriate term for such is known in some circles as stepping on your dick. The officer tried tactfully backtracking. That wasn’t going to work. When Jenny asked for the name of his duty officer the gig was up. His cover and all his bluff were gone.

It was then that Marcy called and said, “We need you, hurry it’s an emergency.” I was just getting ready to change from my uniform to sweats to go to the gym. I went in the uniform. Marcy gave me a quick run down. I instructed her to call Jason and see if he could come ASAP. I went in to join Jenny.

The doors to the gym were all opened by either key or ID card. The key was for when there were power outages or a computer failure. The general ID for members only opened the main door to the gym. The entrance door and the doors to the tanning booths, the office or the class room had to be opened by a master ID card that just the employees had or be buzzed in by whoever was working the counter. In order to move the discussion to a quieter place Jenny swiped her card to the class room and guided the group in there.

It was between classes so it was empty. Jamie was holding her handgun training classes in there, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and another at 7:30 PM. Since it was limited access she just left everything there between classes. One of us helped her carry it out after the last one and bring it in for the first class. I had offered to have Shooters Supply bring one of the huge gun safes and put it in the storage room. There was no need, she had several at home. Jamie’s safety part of the class was to show representations of the kinds of guns found on the shore. That was just about everything.

Across the front of the classroom were two of those long plastic tables we had purchased at Sam’s Club. The tables were covered with guns. All them had some kind of lock on them, long shank locks through the cylinders or action or a cable through the receiver and clip access and locked or trigger locks. There was a 45 Colt semi auto, 9 and 10 mm Glocks, several Smith and Weston revolvers, a MP4, an AK47, a Bushmaster, a mil spec M16, an M1 carbine, an M1 Garand, a Springfield bolt action, and several styles of shotguns. Included in those guns were several beauties, a stage coach double barrel with 18 inch barrels and open hammers in mint condition, a Winchester model 94 lever action with gold engraving, a 308 sniper rifle with a great looking scope and a 50 cal sniper rifle.

The walls had breakdowns of a lot of the guns on the table taped to the walls. Safety instructions were every where. Across the front was a banner “It’s not unloaded until you verify that it is unloaded,” in very large print.

With the South Side girls gang on their mind and the table full of guns, they were livid. The door hadn’t closed behind me when I heard Jenny say very loudly, “They do not have access to this room. They are not taking the gun safety course. They are enrolled in the boxing and weight training. Do not touch the weapons on the table! NO! You are not going into the gym.”

I walked to stand beside Jenny as she asked me, “Do you have anything to add?”

“No, I think you stated all that needs to be said. I’m here just to back you up with some muscle.” I said.

The lieutenant in the group said, “I have to call this in. We need to get ATF down here and check out these guns to make sure they are all legal.”

He was trying to save face by attempting to make our life miserable but it wasn’t going to work with Jenny.

“In case you have forgotten already I am an officer of the court and I can assure you that they are legal and the proper paper is on file,” she said. “Are you trying to harass me?”

Jason and his goose hunting buddy State Supreme Court Judge Tony Slaughter had come into the room and were standing behind the APD officers. Tony Slaughter was one of those unique individuals that once you met them you never forget them. He was also a board member with Jamie of the gun club that she was going to take all the students to for actual shooting and the shoot-don’t-shot course.

Judge Slaughter said, “Are you trying to harass her? You might not want to incriminate yourself by answering that question, officer.” The lieutenant immediately recognized the voice by the look on his face.

Jenny explained the complete conversation to her dad and the Judge. At the end of it the Judge asked the lieutenant, “Do you have a warrant?”

The lieutenant replied, “I’ll have to check but I may have misunderstood the radio transmission Your Honor.”

“I would stick to that story if I were you,” the Judge said.

Jenny offered a carrot, “If you want to see what they are doing here we will extend a 30 day trial membership to one of your female officers that has spent too much time in the donut shop. But no cameras, weapons or recording devices are allowed in the gym.”

The judge smiled and said, “Jenny honey, don’t put donuts and officer in the same sentence.”

He called his duty officer with the proposal. He said they would get back to us tomorrow as they left.

The Judge walked to the table looked at the guns and said, “I offered Jamie 10 grand for the coach gun and Winchester. She turned me down cold. But she did say I would get first shot if she ever decided to sell them. They are a thing of real beauty and I hope to get them for my gun case some day.”

“We have to get going, the geese are going to be flying tomorrow, I can just feel it.” Jason said.

Marcy paid all the girls as they left. Marsha and Kim were paid with checks. Marcy had paid them overtime for the Saturday and Sunday part of the hours they had worked and they were happy. Jenny and I both were going to take vacation days tomorrow to work the gym. We were going to let Kim and Marsha have the day off and one of the weekend days. It would also be better if we were there for the next few days in case there were any more problems with APD or the South Side Gang.

Patti was going to drive herself to work in one of the rental cars tomorrow. Patti, Wendy, Misty, Belinda and Sarah were paid in cash and they were all very happy. After we closed the gym for the night we worked out a schedule where they could rotate days off over the next three days as everybody needed a break. The Moms had offered to come and help if we needed them.

Patti had been internet shopping for the SUV she wanted. In the end the dealer where we bought the suburban gave her a best price. GMAC would do the financing and with the down payment had a monthly payment she could easily afford. They were going to have it cleaned and ready for her to pick up Monday.

Misty and Belinda had decided they would finish out college at KCC if the sponsorship was approved. Kate was going to start the process tomorrow for both of them. They were going to go to KCC on Monday with us, fill out all the records request and application, and do an interview with HR and the guidance counselors. If they were accepted we would have to make another trip to Frost Borough to pickup the rest of their belongings before the start of the semester and move them into a dorm room as was required. They were going to wait the outcome of the sponsorship before they addressed the issue with their parents.

When we were finally settled in at home for the evening I asked Jenny to come into the bedroom, that I needed to speak to her privately for a moment. I closed the bedroom door behind us which was something that we rarely did. I had her close her eyes and led Jenny into the closet and stopped her with the container in front of her.

I whispered into her ear, “Our Christmas present is here but we can’t open it until January.” At that she opened her eyes and hugged me tight. We held each other for a long time. Our lips met in passionate kisses. I showed her the things we had to watch for. We had to maintain the nitrogen level to keep the temperature at the proper range and there was a list of places where we could get more nitrogen if we needed it.

Jenny looked at me with those bedroom eyes and said, “Are you sure we have to wait until after Christmas, can’t we do a practice run just for the fun of it?”

“No, the best time was several days ago. Only a few more weeks, then we can try for real, ” I said. We held each other and gentle kissed for a few more minutes. “The others are waiting.” I said. Friday was orgy night this week. It was time to get started.

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    Congratulations on Episode 100!!
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