Chapter 105

I was tired and fell to sleep immediately after a round of hugs and kisses from my mates. I slept soundly until 3 o clock when I woke up with an adrenaline rush. The hair on the back of my neck felt like it was standing on end. I had not had that feeling since the incident with the rapist gang at the college

With my Glock in hand I began checking out the house. I checked all the doors and looked in on all my mates and in every room. I went to the computer and looked at tapes of the gym security system. It was then that I decided that I was going to have security cameras placed around the exterior of the house.

I pulled up the college cams next and looked at everything. I called the security desk and talked with the night duty guy. Everything was good everywhere I checked. The only thing I could not do because of the time was check in with the Moms and Dads. That would have to wait until day break. At 4 I finally gave up and went back to bed. I crawled easily back in bed with Lorrie and held her tight. I fell back to sleep listening to her breathe.

It was a little after 6 when the house came alive with morning showers and coffee brewing. I text both Dad’s to make sure everyone had a quiet night. The Dad’s were always up first. You know the coffee and sports pages routine. The all is well came back from both. Jason did want to know if we wanted a pot of home made chicken soup. They had an over supply.

Patti drove us to college in the suburban and I worked on the smart phone on the way. She had decided that with car and insurance payments she would continue to be frugal in her spending and ride with me most of the time.

I spent two hours on the phone with Mr. Skaggs from Frost Borough. He had been notified that Misty and Belinda were transferring to KCC. He was happy that Misty had transferred. He knew that no mater what happened she would never be comfortable there again. He had talked to her on the phone and commented on how much better she seemed to be. I told him she was seeing two of the best shrinks in the business and that they were on the staff of Walter Reed and University Medical Center. He replied, ‘It shows.”

We then talked about the security problems there. He said, “The board is going to meet in January. I will send you the paper work so you can you can assist in designing our system. If you want to start a management company to run it we will be more than interested in hearing your proposal. I am also going to try to get the full board to come look at your setup at KCC.”

“Let me know in plenty of time when you are coming so I can be here. We have scheduled several away seminars each month until June.” I said.

The rest of the day was quiet. We were getting piles of folders from HR and the Administrations dept. Both of those departments had dumped dorm room assignments to the security department. They also in the process had allowed the new students to have a pick list of things they wanted in a room mate. The first thing I did was send that list to legal for an opinion in writing. They were almost making security a matchmakers group.

The list dealt with things like smokers and non smokers, sports and non sports, first floor or second floor and more of those kinds of questions. The first floor rooms were held until we were sure about the number of handicapped students we were getting and even then my intention was to hold one in reserve just in case we needed one sometime during the school year. They seemed harmless enough but I still wanted a legal sign off. By the end of the day they had sent 100 folders.

I sent a text to Misty and asked, “Do you and Belinda want a first or second floor room?”

The reply came a few minutes later, “1st floor if you can.”

We ended the day on the same quiet note that it started. On the way home Marcy text that I had a slow night on store there were only 3 assessments. I was happy with that. It would give me some time to do a serious work out myself. I had been getting plenty of exercise but good workout was due.

Due to the fact that we were only a few days from Christmas with all the advertised shopping specials at the malls along with the office parties in full swing it was a little slower in the gym. The regulars were there, those that had committed to a program. Courtney, the tv gang, and all of those that were working on a fitness program we had designed for them that could only find the time of an evening.

The South Side Gang was showing up every night now. Even when Shelia wasn’t there training they were working on the bags or some part of their training program.

I took advantage of the chance to work out in full gear with all my mates. It was the first time since we had opened the gym that we had done that. And in less than three weeks Jenny would no longer be able to work out that aggressive with us. We worked on defensive take down tactics and offensive kill tactics as I called them. We even brought out the kung fu sticks as Ching Lee called them. They were a five feet long and one inch and a quarter Round wooden rod with a big padded ball on each end. We always wore padded gloves when we used them to train. The bare hand slammed between two wooden rods could cause some serious hand injuries.

All security systems have flaws. From the most expensive and complex used by governments, the military to the biggest financial institution. If the reward was big enough there was someone who would try and succeed to break it. Even the pentagon with the most complex system in the world had lost data and secrets to hackers, traitors and spies.

The system we used at the gym after hours was designed to protect our investment. It consisted of lighting, motion sensors, door switches, recorded cameras and finally a gate at the entrance all connected to an alarm system with notification levels.

When the gym was open the cameras recorded the exterior happenings and the things that went on in the waiting room. There were no cameras inside the gym that were activated during business hours for privacy purposes.

All the doors had electronic latches on them controlled by member ship cards with a magnetic strip on them. Those allowed members to swipe the card and enter the gym without waiting for the cashier to buzz them in from the panel on the desk. On a busy day it was a work saver. All the doors also had a key access in case of a power failure.

That card allowed us to collect all kinds of data from the main computer terminal. A few clicks and we could find out which employees were working at any given time. We could find out the members that were actively using their membership, how many members were in the gym at any given time.

The flaw in the system was simple. If someone held the door open or caught it before it closed and two or more ladies walked through without swiping the card you lost data or that allowed nonmembers access. To encourage everyone to use the card Marcy developed a point system to get prizes each month. They ranged from a free item from the refreshment center to a free months membership if a member allowed the points to accumulate long enough.

It was this flaw that allowed the North Side Girls Gang to get into the gym. They caught the door before it closed and all ten of them ran in from the outside. It was easy for them to spot the group of South Side Girls. They ran right to them and began shouting and pushing.

We had a barn storming session on this scenario the night Joey was beaten so we were some what prepared. That session had included Shelia and her two boxer partners helping, they were not in the gym that night so we were a little handicapped in trained fighters. However we had also included Courtney, Jamie, Kim and Marsha. Plus the South Side had had a couple of weeks of boxer training and several days of sparing inside the ring. We also had devised a signal to let everyone know there was trouble in the gym. The signal was sounded.

EDIT by Alfmeister

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