Chapter 106

Snooty was between Karla the bitch and the black haired girl in a leather jacket. They were trying to double team her. The jacket was trying to get her arms so the bitch could throw punches at will but Snooty had already landed several good body punches on the jacket.
I shoved the bitch out of the fight and at the same time yelled, “That’s enough.” That brought the pushing and shoving to a halt.

“You are not members here. Get out now,” I said.

The bitch yelled, “This is not your fight, stay out of it.”

“This is my gym, that makes it my fight.” I yelled back. “Now get out.”

“You are not going to make me do anything,” She yelled then pulled a 6 inch knife from her jacket.

From behind me I heard all kinds of smacks, grunts and groans; they were the signs of heavy action going on. I hoped that I was the only one facing a knife.

“The last person to pull a knife on me is dead. If you think a knife scares me you are wrong.” I said. “I won’t need anybody to hold your arms while I beat the crap out of you.”

She swung the knife at me. But like a true amateur she swung her whole body instead of just her arm. That left a big opening that I took advantage of. I had stepped back out of the knife swing then I stepped ahead and delivered a soccer styled kick to her abdomen using the side of my foot instead of the point of the foot. The difference being the point would have had enough of an impact to rupture internal organs whereas the side knocked the wind out of her and still hurt like hell.

As if once was not enough, she repeated the same maneuver from the opposite direction. Only this time I put a lot more into the kick.

While she was stunned and recovering I delivered several kidney punches to her right side and backed out of the way of the knife leaving her hurting from the front and the back. She swung wildly with the knife and ended up with nothing but air. But again she left me an opening big enough to drive a VW through. I grabbed her arm that was holding the knife and delivered several more kidney and rib punches with my left fist.

I did a foot sweep taking her feet from under her and putting her ass on the mat. I rolled her in the process, pulled her arm behind her in an elbow lock and removed the knife from her hand.

I pulled het to her knees then grabbed a handful of hair pulling her head back hard. I turned the knife so the sharp side was away from her. I put the knife to the side of her head just at the ear.

“I could make a small slice here and your brain would die before your heart pumped out of blood. As your brain died your vision would fog and then go dark and you would lose control of body functions, stop breathing and the muscles would just collapse.” I said.

I moved the knife over to the other side and lower and said, “I could make a deep cut here and your heart would pump out before the brain died. They tell me that the heart trying to pump with no life giving blood is like a heart attack on steroids. Both of those are too good for you. You are going to suffer a lot more before I snuff you out.”

I looked around to see both Moms and Joey had arrived. I slid the knife across the floor to her. I stood the bitch up by her hair and collar. The jacket she had on was not zipped up so I pulled it over her shoulders to use it as an arm restraint then patted her down to make sure she had no other weapons. I pulled one arm out of the jacket and put it in an arm lock as I removed the jacket from the other one.

I had her arm jacked so hard and high that she was walking on her toes as I directed her to the hot tubs. When we got to the tub I pushed the button to shut it off. I wanted to make sure that I could see everything that was going to take place. As soon as the water stopped bubbling and with her arm still jacked up I placed my other hand on the back of her head, pushed it the water and held it there. With her free arm she struggled and pushed trying to get out. I held her there until I saw the big bubble that indicated she had exhaled.

I pulled her out. She was coughing and spitting water, I asked her, “How does it feel to be at the mercy of someone who does not give a rat’s ass if you live or die? Are you afraid yet? You damn well better be. Does it feel as good as when you were beating Joey and she could not defend herself? Look in the tub. The angel of death is in there waiting on you. Are you ready to take his hand and walk through the gates of hell with him?”

Her head went under the water again. This time when I saw the rush of bubbles I hesitated a second longer before I pulled her head out. This time there was more coughing, more water and she was heaving hard to get oxygen.

“You can end this with a few simple words: I surrender my gang and myself to be your whores, sluts and slaves. To serve and to do as you command. I Surrender.” I said.

I immediately pushed her under the water again and this time waited longer before I pulled her out. She was in much worse shape.

“Say it, I surrender my gang and myself to be your whores, sluts and slaves. Say it and live or you go in a body bag. SAY IT” I yelled.

From behind us one of her gang screamed, ‘We surrender. Please don’t kill her. PLEASE we surrender.”

I slowly pushed her head towards the water. “Ok, Ok. I surrender my Gang and my self.” She said.

I walked her back out to the others. Jenny had Leather on her knees in front of her, the jacket on the floor in front of them. Jenny had thrown it there after checking her for any kind of weapons. I knew from Joey’s description of her beat down that Leather was the one that held her.

I looked at Jenny and said, “Stand her up and let’s trade.” I pushed Karla down in front of Jenny, pulled Leather to me and pushed her out to the middle of the floor.

“I hear you enjoy holding girls half your size while they get the crap beat out of them. Defend your self or die.” I said as I closed the gap between us. She turned to run but I was having none of that. I was on her before she could take a step. I spun her around and punched her in the side as hard as I could. She swung and caught me on the shoulder knocking me back a bit. I responded with a couple of hits to the abdomen that doubled her over momentarily. As she straightened up I hit her on the opposite side. With that she went down on her knees. I pulled her up and headed her to the tub. I did not say anything. I just pushed her head under water and held her there.

After the third dunking she was coughing and gagging, “Say it, you heard it now say it. I surrender the gang and my self to be your whores, sluts and slaves to do as you command. Say it or die.” I said.

“I surrender the gang and myself. To be your whores, sluts and slaves to do as you command. Please no more don’t hurt me any more.” Leathers said. I moved her down to sit beside Karla then went to the next girl in line. As soon as I was in front of her she said, “I surrender.” The seven remaining ones did the same.

EDIT by Alfmeister

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4 Responses to Chapter 106

  1. garydan says:

    Nice Action Sequence! Time for lots of tough love…

    A cold, lake effect snowy (normal) Merry Christmas! from Southwest Michigan.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Just cold here, Merry Christmas. The next couple chapters will be in a little different direction. Hope they work out ok. Thanks for the reply

  3. Josh says:

    Great scene man. Keep up the great work.

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