Chapter 109

I looked at Lorrie and asked, “Is that all of them?”

“That’s all so far. They didn’t say anything when they came in other than ‘Mistress we are here’’ to Marcy. She was working the window.” Lorrie responded.

“Tell Marcy to turn off the card entry on the gym door. I want everyone manually punched in. If there is more than one at the door I want someone on the inside of the door as well. I don’t want any surprises tonight.” I said. “If Carla is finished send her to me. Please.”

Shelia and the South side girls were at the ring doing exercises and in the process doing some sparing. Courtney was working on her routine with a watchful eye on both gangs. I still had not seen Courtney’s report and when I asked her about it her response was, “It is nowhere near finished yet.”

I finished the exercise program for Taylor Dukes and we were in the review of the work out before Carla came over.

“Lorrie said that you wanted to see me,” She said.

“Do you have time to do six more entrance physicals?” I asked as I nodded my head in the direction of the six girls.

She laughed then said, “Yes, but I need some guidance, this is going to be kinky as all hell.”

“Walk to which ever one you are going to start with and say [Slave you are to follow me. I will remind you to bring your towel and that you are to call me Mistress.] Any time they are naked and sit on anything the towel goes under their bottom. After you complete the physical you are to give her a tee shirt and gym shorts. There are some in the upper cabinet. Tell her to put them on. Also put her name on a sticky note and staple it to her shirt. I do not know them by name yet.”

“She is not allowed to do anything without being instructed to do so. She is not allowed to talk except to answer your questions. They already know that to go to the bathroom they must ask and be given permission. When she has dressed she is to follow you back out to the others and assume the slave waiting position. Then do the next one” I said.

My third lady for the work up an exercise program was Jackie Stoops. I went to the refreshment area to get her and get started. I was hoping that by the time I had finished with her that Carla would be done with the six girls and by that time I would have an answer on how to handle them.

Once we were out of hearing distance of the naked girls Jackie asked, “What is that all about?”

“They were bad girls, got hooked up with the wrong crowd. Now some harsh training is coming their way. It is a very long story.” I said.

By the time I had finished with Jackie Carla had finished with all the girls. They were all in tees and gym shorts sitting perfectly. I walked along the row looking at the names.

Janice Koons, Becky Goodwin, Lisa Brownly, Sly Jamison, Erica Westville, and Glenda Norris were the six girls that had come back.

“Janice and Becky, Lisa and Sly, and Erica and Glenda are partners tonight,” I said. “You may stand and follow me.”

I led them to the class room. It was my intention to have an open forum about expectations. I opened the door let them in and when I looked back two of their sitting towels were still on the floor. By some strange twist of luck they belonged to one pair of girls. I told them to stand and face the wall and that I would be right back. I collected the two towels and walked to Shelia. I asked to borrow a ping pong paddle that she used in her training.

Shelia looked at me for a moment as she started to ask why then it came to her why I needed it as she saw the towels in my hand. “Oh,” she said.

I went into the class room and lay the paddle and the two towels on the table up front, then moved some chairs back. I sent a text to Marcy who was working the front desk, “Turn on the camera in the class room and record it. Please.” The little red light went on immediately.

“Slaves, assume the position facing the table,” I said.

As soon as they started to the floor the two realized what they had done. Fear was apparent on their faces.

“Did you forget something?” I asked them.

“I was stationed in Japan as a guard at the US Embassy when I met a Japanese Master at an official function. For some reason we clicked, not as a slave and master but a different level. I was bored with the prim and proper level that embassy duty required and he invited me to a BDSM club. The Master had a couple of his slaves there, a male and a female, putting them through the paces as part of the show.”

“I was setting to the side of the club when the Master paraded his slaves around. He recognized me and had them stop at my feet. The female was wearing a collar and he had a leash snapped to it. She had on an extremely tight vinyl top so tight she could only breathe with small puffs. There were holes cut through it for her huge breast to hang out. But the holes were too small. Her breasts were swollen and an evil reddish purple color. There were serrated alligator clips on the nipples with ball chains that looped through a ring on the collar that pulled the nipples up and stretched tight. Her arms were pulled and tied tight behind her. There was another serrated alligator clip on her clit that came up front and attached to the ring in the collar.
There were two more clips attached to her pussy lips and chains that went up her back side and pulled tight in a ring on the back of the collar. If she flinched or moved from a perfectly straight posture those alligator clips would rip her most tender parts. She was wearing 6 inch heels. There were red marks on her body where he was hitting her with a short whip trying to make her flinch enough to pull the clips off but she never wavered.
The male had a collar and clips on his nipples, cock and balls in the same fashion and his arms tied tight at the elbows same as hers. He too had marks on his body. He handed me the whip and instructed me to give them each three swats. His only restriction was I was not to hit the chains.
I was told that it would be considered an insult not to follow his instructions and the slaves would be severely punished if I didn’t. I gave them each three swats with exactly the same force and control. They never flinched. The way I used the whip impressed him. He asked me not to leave after the show. He wanted to talk to me.
I stayed and we talked several hours. He took me to his dungeon where he had several slaves in all kinds of restraints in all kinds of contraptions. I was amazed at the control he had over them, the resistance to pain they were able to display.
He taught me a great deal about myself, both good and bad. He taught me how to inflict pain and pleasure and the connection between both, the limits of the human body both with intense pain and pleasure on both men and women.
In the few months I was there I repeatedly impressed him with my control and analysis of actions and reactions to stimuli. I was a fast learner and was getting drawn deep into the lifestyle, until one day we were eating and a slave dropped a bowl. Apparently the bowl meant something special to him. He flew into a rage.

She knew she had done a very bad thing and begged for forgiveness then mercy but he showed her none. She was dragged to the dungeon and put on a punishment device. It was up off the floor about a foot. Her feet hung off the end with her on her knees and straps behind her knees held her legs in that position. There was a bench that was hip high that she bent over to support her, it was narrow enough that her breast hung free. There were all kinds of weights, chains and clamps that were used to torture breasts lying on the lower bench.

He pulled down tight on her arms and fastened them to leather straps. He put a small ball gag in her mouth. Large enough that she could not scream very loud, but small enough that if she vomited it could escape and not fill her lungs.

He used a paddle long enough to get both cheeks of her ass at the same time. The paddle had hundreds of tacks pushed through it just enough to just pierce the skin on hard impact. He coated the protruding tacks with some kind of liquid irritant with a brush. The other slaves were brought in and put into position and forced to watch.
He told her that ten were her punishment. At three she was screaming at the top of her lungs and retching like a gorilla trying to break the restraints. At five she passed out. The other slaves had tears running down their faces. He revived her twice with smelling salts to get in all ten. Her ass cheeks were fire engine red with welts where the skin was pierced by the tacks. She was unconscious. He ordered the other slaves to carry her to her bunk.”

“I am telling you this because you are naive in the ways of the world and all the possible horrors there are that man can inflict on fellow man. One person’s pain unfortunately often is another ones pleasure. BDSM and its connected voluntary slavery can carry one to new highs and lows. It can give you the greatest pleasures imaginable along with equal pain and without drugs. It can be used to enhance orgasm’s to the point you pass out from sensory overload. It can also be used to stop one dead in it tracks as if it never started. Orgasm denial is one of the body’s greatest challenges and pain is often used as an aid. I made the personal decision never to inflict that kind of pain that I witnessed that slave put through. I have experienced all of it.
I gave you the opportunity to walk away last night. I assumed you would never be back. You are back because of a deep inner curiosity. You are looking for something, you just don’t know what. You tried the gang route and found that out where that got you. You most likely were offered the drug escape in the past but had already witnessed the down side of that. There are so many things out there that offer no challenge and only harm and are dead end streets. As humans we need to be challenged.
I have been a Mistress in training and completed all the final challenges. I long ago decided that if I were ever to go back my slaves would be well rounded, well educated with exceptional intellect, with poise and stature. They would be physically fit, well tanned, and a sexual power house, being experts in all forms sexual depravity with both men and women.
We will start on the physical training, and will work with you to get your grades up and prepare you for local college. There will be light sexual training as we go along; the aggressive sexual training will be started much later in time.
You were shaved last night and you will keep it that way. You need to do that every few days. You and your partner for that evening will do it here. It will help you get comfortable to do intimate things with each other. Each night you come here you will have a different partner. You may be paired with another slave or a Mistress, but always expect your limits to be pushed to the max.
You are of legal consent age in this state, but there are still risks for all involved. If you decide this is what you want we will do a six month trial period. You will sign a consent form and a slave committal form. You will all witness the others signatures. You have a lot to think about and a serious decision to make for tomorrow night.” I said.

“Lisa and Sly come forward for your punishment. You failed to follow the instruction of a Mistress. Take off the gym short’s, step up to the table and spread your legs as wide as you can. Bend over the table and grip the other side of the table with your hands. You are to get 20. After each one is delivered you are to count out the number and say thank you Mistress. If you do not make that count the hit will not count towards the total. Sly you are to assume the position next to her and certify her count. Should you make an error it will be added to yours.” I said.

At four I stopped and rubbed her cheeks to feel how much heat they were developing. I also slid my fingers to her clit and back to see if she was getting wet and to frustrate her. The touch startled her. I did the same at eight, twelve, sixteen and twenty. I increased the intensity after each break. Both cheeks were a very red warm. She wet up slightly and made no mistakes in the count.

I had them swap places. At four hits Sly was wet. At sixteen there was a 4 inch puddle in the floor and she moaned as soon as I touched her ass cheeks and was flexing her bottom clearly close to cuming. At twenty she was trembling and moaning, as soon as my fingers hit her clit she came with a flood. I stayed at it and she came a second time within a minute.

I went to the front of the table where she barely lifted her head. I lifted her head with the dry hand by her hair. I crouched to look in her eyes and put the fingers wet with her cum to her mouth.

“Clean them” I said as I pushed them into her opened mouth.

When she had finished I handed her the towel she had left on the floor.

“Dry yourself and dry the floor. Put on your gym shorts, go get a dry towel and all of you take a bathroom break and let’s go work up a real sweat. Then we will come back and have the open discussion before you leave.” I said. “Remember all the instructions you have been given last night and tonight. The paddle is only a minor example of the punishment I can deliver.”

To unison of “Yes Mistress” I noticed three more very soaked crotches as I left. Pain sluts I thought to myself. This could be real fun if it weren’t so damn risky.

I walked out the side door into the gym. I looked at the office to see that it was full; all my girls including Shelia, Courtney and both Moms were in there looking at the monitor. All my deep, dark secrets were soon going to be front and center.

I walked to the refreshment center to wash my hands and get a bottle of water. I put the paddle on the table so I could return it to Shelia and waited for slaves or anyone.

The slaves were back quickly. Sly was directly in front of me. She stared into my eyes for a moment then bowed her head.

I walked to the office, “Lorrie, Vicky, and Ching Lee can you each take a pair and design a muscle building program for them. I need a few minutes.” I said.

I handed the paddle to Shelia with, “Thank you, I need to get my own.”

As the slaves left with their trainers I walked back to the table to finish my water. I was soon joined by the rest of the office group. A lively discussion took place. The two red-faced Moms said little but didn’t miss a word of my explanations of the scene that just had played out. They had arrived in time to see the whole thing on the office monitor.

The Moms soon left, I did get a hug and a good night. Jenny was sitting beside me and when I turned to look she smiled, shook her head and giggled then said, “The things you get yourself into.”

“What,” I asked.

“It’s a good thing you are with Ching Lee tonight. She is wound tighter than a banjo string. You studied under a well known Master and never told her. She was bouncing in the chair while you told the story and was hyper-ventilating when you were using the paddle and when Sly came she was whimpering like a puppy. You either use that paddle on her here or take it home with you. You are in for an all night session.” Jenny said.

“Oh no, tomorrow is the ball. I have to sleep tonight, not be up all night!” I said.

“A masters work is never done, you have to do what you have to do” Jenny said with a laugh as she walked away.

They would be an hour or more finishing up. I went home to the basement and looked through the things Jake had left there. I selected a soft leather flogger, a pair of felt-lined Velcro wrist restraints, a rope, and the medium strap on dildo and a blind-fold. I went into the bedroom and found the DVD case that I had had not opened in over six years. I chose one DVD. I put all the things in a pillow case and carried them over to the gym.

Back at the gym I had Jenny help me remove the pull-down video screen that was about six feet from the front of the room. With it down there were a row of heavy hooks in the ceiling. The wall had a 60 inch flat screen. I put the DVD in the player and connected it to the flat screen to see if the DVD would still play after all these years and the thousands of miles it had traveled. I placed the other items I had brought on a cart by the wall and covered them with a towel with the exception of the blindfold that I put in my pocket. If Ching Lee was as hot as Jenny had said everything was ready.

I asked if Jenny was going to watch, “I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” she replied.

“Invite the rest of them then. They already know. They just as well watch,” I replied. “Quietly go in the door from the waiting room and sit along the sides of the room while I am getting her set up. There is about two minutes of music before the video starts.

I was back at the refreshment center drinking another bottle of water with Jenny and Shelia as the girls were finishing the review with the North six. Shelia and the South side girls had helped clean and sweep up the gym before the girls left. The girls were going to the Cole residence to watch a movie with Joey before going back to Annapolis. Everyone else has left for the evening.

The north six were in the showers. Lorrie, Vicky and Ching Lee were in there putting the final things in order.

The group finally came out of the locker room. Ching lee was at my foot in a rush on her knees with her head bowed. The north girls were behind her with surprised looks on their faces.

“Mistress I have committed the gravest error that a slave can make. I have failed to pay you respect due a Mistress not once but many times. For that I must be severely punished. Please do not let the fact that we are lovers diminish the punishment I deserve.” she said.

“You did not know that I held any title in the community. Why should you be held responsible?” I replied.

“There were signs, the way you carried yourself, always in command, and then the dungeon in the basement. I suspected and did not follow my suspicions. I must be punished. The order must be restored.” She said.

“Yes! The order must be restored. You shall be punished. Tradition says that you must die as an example to all slaves. You are family. Tradition also states that the Master or Mistress shall not kill family,” I said.

I stood and stuck the paddle in the waist band of my gym trunks, “Stand and prepare to receive your punishment,” I said.

I double-wrapped the blind-fold around her eyes, and then motioned for the rest to go into the class room.

I walked her in the class from the side door after giving the others time to get in and seated. Of course I swatted her ass a few times with the paddle as we went but not very hard.

I pushed play on the DVD and the awful Japanese music started to play. You could tell if a club was into BDSM by that music before you ever went through the door. Ching Lee started to tremble.

I pulled off her gym shorts and lifted the shirt off over her head. I spread her legs wide and then lifted her hands over her head and cuffed them with the breakaway cuffs. I looped one end the rope around one hand then pulled it taunt and looped it around the hand and closed her fingers on it. She could release it and free her hands if she needed to.

The images were to start soon. “You are to look straight ahead and nowhere else. You are not allowed to cum unless I direct you to,” I said as I removed the blindfold. I stripped and put on the strap-on then picked up the flogger to several loud gasps behind us.

The first image appeared as the video started. A young slave was suspended by a rope; her toes were barely touching the floor. The mistress in the video had a hood covering her face and swung a cat-of-nine tails with force. I swung the soft flogger with equal force. The girl on the video screamed, Ching lee screamed and jerked on the rope. With the imagery playing to her mind it was as if she were being severely punished. The difference was that the cat-of-nine tails was going to leave heavy red marks, the soft flogger would lightly sting. By the time we were through Ching Lee’s skin would have a little pink to it.

I followed the actions of the mistress on the DVD to the letter. The hits were random over her complete body. The hits were to her ass, breast, nipples, legs and her sides. I swing the flogger upwards to her vulva and clit and anus, from the front, back and the sides. The slave on the video was receiving real pain, Ching Lee light stings and imagery. The screams were just as real. It was having an effect on the girls in the back; there were sounds of surprise at the screams and moans at other times.

Ching Lee was turned on, the inside of her legs were shiny with her lube, the rest of her body covered with sweat. There was a break in the action as the mistress worked the dildo into the folds of her slave. I reminded Ching Lee that she was not allowed to cum as I did the same to her. She kept moving trying to get the dildo to slip in but I thwarted each move to whimpers and whining and begging for permission to cum.

The action picked up again, this time the mistress had changed to a hard flogger that if use incorrectly would cut the skin. I continued with the soft just putting a little more effort into the swing. Both yelped at the change. Both the slave and Ching Lee were pleading to be allowed to cum. “No”

I started pinching her nipples as I worked the flogger with the other. I knew if I touched her clit she would cum so I avoided it with hand and flogger but I worked the flogger all around it, with light tender swipes never touching it.

I worked over her thighs and her ass cheeks. I moved close from the back so the flogger tips would be snapping around her rib cage against her nipples and cleavage, her abdomen and her mons. Ching Lee screamed as the flogger was working its magic on her nipples. Ching Lee’s pleas to cum were getting desperate as were the slave’s on the video.

It was time, Ching was past holding out a moment longer. I stepped close to her and pulled her to me, my breast against her back. As my hand found her clit, the other her breast I said into her ear “Cum for me my love” as her eyes were glued to the screen.

At the same instant the Mistress on the screen had lifted the slave by her legs and buried the strap on deep into her sex and shouted, “Cum for me slave.”

I fingered Ching Lee through her first huge orgasm to the sights and sounds of the same on the screen. I held her as the orgasm wound down.

On screen Supreme Master Chu Tuc came into view. Ching Lee gasped as he bowed to the Mistress and there was a conversation in Japanese. Another slave handed the Master Chu a finely decorated wooden case. He opened the case and presented it to the Mistress.

She removed an ivory and jewel handled dagger. The Mistress took the dagger and turned to the suspended slave then made a ceremonial small cut on her breast, just enough for several drops of blood to appear. The Mistress took the drops of blood on her finger and presented it to Master Chu. He pulled the finger to his mouth and licked the drops of blood off.

After the Mistress placed the dagger back into the case he removed the hood from the Mistress and presented her with the case. Ching Lee screamed and passed out in my arms.

On-screen there I stood, with the case in both palms. The video was made just a month before I was spirited out of Japan in the wee hours of the morning on a C130 transport. I was sent to Korea to avoid a diplomatic fire storm seven years ago.

I unclipped the strap on and let it fall to the floor. I stooped and scooped up Ching Lee like you would a ten year old and carried her to the showers. By the time we got there she was coming around. We stood in the shower where I gently soaped her entire body and rinsed twice before I did the same to me. I helped her over to the massage table where I gave her body a tender massage with lotion to ease the sensation of the flogger.

We had an audience so I asked them to get our day clothes. It was time for us to go home. I asked Jenny to gather all the things I had taken to the class room including DVD.

After a round of hugs and heavy sensual kisses with the rest of our mates Ching Lee and I made it to bed with few words. She was exhausted and I was not much better off. I had forgotten just how exhausting BDSM was on both sides of the whip. We snuggled close and both slept like babies. She was still in a deep sleep when I snuck out of bed at eight.

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