Chapter 108

I was still tired and napped as Patti drove us to the college. Even though I had dismissed the North Side Gang as never returning I was still concerned that they might. How bad did I scare them? Would they wait a few days to get their thoughts together and come back for revenge?

The puzzling thing was how quickly that Carla the bitch had turned the corner. From what I knew from the few months I had worked with the Japanese Master that it usually took several days before a slave accepted their fate and submitted, usually caused by severe pain or starvation or both. Was she a closet reader of BDSM porn? Did she decide to go with the flow to gain the quickest way out? Anyone would have known that there were too many witnesses for us to make that many of them disappear into a dungeon for extensive training over several weeks. Another question that begged answers is where was their surveillance detail last night?

Jenny was going to a Task Force meeting of Police Chiefs in Annapolis today. She was also going to use the trip to drop off the urine samples to a lab that did the kind of testing that we wanted. They would have the reports ready for her to pick up when she came home tonight. The cover story was going to be that they were going to start competing and that we wanted to cover all the bases. I wondered if the APD chief would be at the meeting and corner Jenny about the gangs. Knowing her he would be at a disadvantage if she got the chance.

It was just two more days to the Christmas Ball at the Navel Academy and for some reason I was looking forward to it. I was getting more into the Christmas spirit with each passing day. We girls had placed a limit on how much to spend on gifts when we drew names. I had left $500 in an envelope for Mom 2 and Joey along with the list of acceptable gifts to put into the Toys for Tots box. They were going shopping almost every day. I knew they would get a kick out of having a mission to do some real shopping instead of just window shopping. The Toys for Tots box had been emptied twice already. We were transferring the toys to bigger boxes inside the gym. They were huge boxes that some of the new gym equipment came in. I was tickled that so many of our customers were charitable.

It was a slow day and I had plenty of time to research the Frost Borough College. Google Maps and the aerial views were a great help. I printed them off and started a work sheet with ideas. Our college grounds were split in half with a state road. Frost Borough on the other hand was a more recently built campus with the state road running by it and an access road leading to the college. With the three sides of the college having fenced in sports fields and a chain link fence around the fourth side I wondered why they were paying a million plus for security.

I continued to look through their web site and was floored. They had a complete layout of the college facility posted with all the entrance and exits including walkways and hallways. There were layouts of the pool and pool hours along with access codes to the pool. It showed the locations of all their security areas and security functions, even the camera locations. It even gave locations of all the electrical equipment. This web site was the dream of a terrorist, domestic or foreign. It was intended to be a self help for the students but it simply made too much information available to the public.

It would be a good addition to our business if we could form a management group to do the security there. With Jason and Dad renting the cabin there for most of the winter we could use it when they were weren’t there to pop in and do inspections. Jason could also look in from time to time. With net based cameras we could keep watch over the whole operation at any time. With company issued cell phones and radios we could monitor most of the voice traffic.

I was sure Marcy would love to add another business in the portfolio. It was less than a two hour flight from the Island Airport to the Frost Borough airfield. Marcy with Jeanna’s help had set up a corporate account with the rental car outfit and the flight company that was running Island Airport for corporate flight rates. We could go back and forth as necessary.

Back ground checks, physicals, the weapons course, the shoot don’t shoot, a quickey defensive training course and a physical assessment could all be done here, after the applicants had been screened and the numbers reduced to the best candidates for the full time positions. Then a much reduced screening for the part-time positions.

There would be safety handbooks, procedures, work rules, insurance and other benefits guidelines to be written. Marcy and Jenny could do all those things and I would bet Jeanna would help. I would float the ideas by them as soon as possible. I first needed to find out if the college owned the current systems in place there or were they leased or the property of the current security company.

I sent an email to Robert Bradberry to contact me the next time he was in the area. Robert was the sales rep for East Coast Security and Surveillance Systems. They were the company that had designed and installed the systems at the college. I had used them to design and install the system in the gym. I wanted several cameras around the exterior house and could use that as my cover story. I would pick his brain on the Frost Borough current system and get an idea on a new system if we got lucky enough to get a chance to bid on the contract.

Marcy sent a text, “My Mom is on the way she will be here in less than an hour.”

“Good, be great to see her” I replied.

I was expecting more of the girl’s parents to show up before Christmas. Lorrie’s parents had invited her to go on a European vacation with them. She respectively declined by saying that she was needed to do her part in the family business. They did send her several big packages that were beside the tree. Vicky’s parents were spending the winter in Hawaii. They also have sent packages that were under the tree.

With all the deep thought and research the afternoon went quickly. The text messages had been coming in all afternoon on my phone. I now had three assessments to do tonight – the slow night had turned into a busy night. According to the text the gym had been busy all day. My guess was last minute tans before the Christmas visiting and the push to lose the last pound to fit into last year’s party clothes helped make it that way. I had to admit to my self that I had been watching what I had been eating to make sure that Blues still would be a perfect fit for Saturday night.

I had some time before the first assessment of the evening so I spent it on the treadmill. When the first lady of the three that I was going to do for this evening came in she was sent to Carla. Carla did the weigh in and took the measurements in the new room that Bob’s Construction had just completed the night before. We finally had a room that we set up just for that purpose.

Marcy had even purchased a doctors style exam table on eBay and an EKG machine from the government surplus site even before it was complete. She had raided the local pharmacy for first aid supplies along with our own blood pressure cuff and stethoscope. We even had one of those new automatic defibrillators hanging on the wall. Some states were requiring them in many businesses. We called it the Aid Center.

Now that we had people that knew how to do that kind of thing, we were comfortable that we were doing everything possible to prevent someone having a heart attack or able to handle minor injuries in the gym. The county health department had asked if they could use our meeting room for the free flu shot campaign a couple days a month after Abby put a bug in their ear.

I had finished working up the exercise program with the first lady for the evening and was almost through with the second lady when Lorrie walked up behind me, “BJ”.

I turned to respond to her and over her shoulder I saw 6 naked girls from the North gang in a line with their knees on a towel, hands behind their backs with heads bowed.

“Oh crap!”

EDIT by Alfmeister

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