Chapter 111

It only took half an hour to fill the girls including Wendy in on our evening. Susan had e-mailed Wendy. She had seen the live opening of the ball on the Navy channel. They had shown the first dance and she immediately recognized that I was the one dancing with the CNO. They had shown another clip from the dance floor at the time Carl and I were dancing. I just hoped that it was one of the faster dances where we weren’t too close. As Carl left I gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for a wonderful evening.

I got an update on the activities in the gym for the rest of the evening. The North six were on time. Ching Lee and Lorrie rotated in and out with them. Ching Lee made sure they walked the line and were kept on their toes. Everything else went smooth as silk.
Jenny was right when she said the night before with Ching Lee would be mild to her. We both would be sore for a few days and we both had hickeys everywhere. We used the big pump up dildos in both holes. I knew we were both going to be doing kegal exercises the next day. At times there was an audience but we were at each other so rough that no one joined in. Jenny’s ass still had red handprints on the cheeks when we showered the next morning. She proudly went to the kitchen naked to show them off.

She was waiting on the middle of the month. There was a January calendar in our bedroom that she had circled with a smiley face the best day in her cycle to get pregnant on. I added two more smiley faces on it. Two days ahead and two days after the day she had marked is when we were going to carry out our plan. That would keep little swimmers in the right place a whole week to find and fertilize her egg if it dropped on time and was fertile. After all the years she had been on the pill I really expected it was going to take a several months before we had any success.

Tonight I was to be with Lorrie it would be a welcome change from last night. In the group setting she was aggressive as anyone else, almost like she fed off the collective sexual energy in the room. But in a one on one she was gentle and extremely passionate. She would lead and be in control then want to be led and made love to. She would have multiple orgasms one right after the other until she was wiped out. She always finished out the evening wanting to snuggle and be held close and protected.

Jeanna and Marcy were beaming about the financial shape of the gym. Even with all the extra purchases of equipment, last minute additions of the aid room, and all the specials Marcy put together the gym was making fantastic money. The tanning booths were highly profitable and we had sold over three thousand of the gift tanning books. We had doubled the membership in the gym just in gift packages alone. Things were good even after considering the spread of months that the gift books and gift memberships would be used.

Two more marathoners were on the way. These two would have the latest updates plus HD monitors and more memory. Marcy was toying with the idea of allowing men to train on the marathoners after hours. We had already agreed to allow the group from Pennsylvania, since then the word was spreading within the running circles that all things were possible. We had started keeping a list of people that had called from the World Marathon Runners Association. The manufacture was also pushing for it. In fact the gym was to be featured in an upcoming article in their membership magazine.

Wendy had been told that she had a full time job if she wanted it. It took all of two seconds for her to say yes. There were even discussions of needing another full time person. Marcy and Jenna were going to run a cost-return analysis on it.

Tomorrow was Christmas Eve and everybody was in a holiday mood. Members were bringing in all kinds of goodies. We had pushed a couple of the tables together and they were covered. We were going to close the gym at 4 on Christmas Eve then reopen at 10 am on Christmas day. Marcy had done a survey and there were quite a few members that were into a routine and didn’t want to break it. We were just going to have two people working. We were going to take turns doing 2 hour stretches and if additional help was needed we were just across the street.

The living room was filled with the Christmas tree and presents. With Misty and Belinda’s presents shipped here and Patti bringing Sarah’s mail and presents home with her the room was full. Wendy and Carl had brought their gifts over and had a pile under the tree. Wendy so wanted a family Christmas that when she asked if they could do it we readily agreed. There were also a pile for Joey, the Cole family and my Mom, Dad and Jeanna.

Toys for Tots had picked up the truck load of toys we had collected not long after Carl and I departed for the Naval Academy last night.

Tonight was going to be the weigh-in for Courtney and the TV group. They were going to bring in an all female TV crew to cover the weigh in and measurements. They had met their one month loss and gain targets. They had also been hitting the tanning booths and had planned to oil up a little and do the show in bikinis. They had a ways to go the get the perfect bikini body but comparing the pictures from a month ago and now the difference was evident. It really took some courage to do what they were doing. They had even borrowed some palm tree plants to set the summer scene they wanted to use. The way the station pushed the limit on its local scene segment, it was no wonder that they had the highest ratings in the area.

Courtney would not be on TV but she had lost the most weight. She should have; she was spending eight hours a day, seven days a week at the gym and none of it was sitting. Even on the days she was technically off duty she was in the gym. She was going from one machine to another to another all day long. I had thought six months would be required, now I was sure she could do it in a lot less. She said that she was losing almost half a pound a day. I had also reminded her about drinking plenty of fluids. You can loose a lot of weight quickly by dehydrating yourself but that also causes damage to the body in the process, let alone causing massive muscle cramps. Then again, once you became determined the first pounds were always the easy ones; it’s the last ten or fifteen that is the spirit breaker. They were just so hard to get off. Courtney, true to her word implied that she was not going to any of her department’s holiday functions. She wanted to blow them and the bettors away with her weight loss.

After watching the takedown of Karla the bitch with the knife and the North gang she asked if she could start training with us on defensive fighting. She wasn’t the only one. The night of the takedown there had been several other ladies from other agencies there. The word of the takedown had spread in those agencies like wild fire. What had started out with just the six of us was growing like the rest of the gym; there was a class every night. All six of us were now going to be busy as a trainer in some form of exercise or defensive program. Because of my experience I would be the one giving the advanced defensive training. Shelia was going to offer boxing training to them as part of the advanced course. That bled over to the body building part of the gym. You simply had to be fit and strong to be effective in fighting.

An Annapolis nutritionist was going to volunteer one evening a week to help anyone that wanted help with diet during the exercise program. She was one of the many new members that we had gained.

Jeanna was still being secretive. The only thing that I knew for sure was that she and Jenny were going to the GMC dealer to pick up Marcy’s Christmas present and drive it back tomorrow while Marcy was working. They were going to park it to the very end of the side parking lot, one of those hide-in-plain-sight things. She had been gone at least four hours every day since she had been here.

During my break I was going to wrap the gifts I had gotten for everyone. I was giving all my loves a necklace and matching earrings. Wendy and Patti were getting bracelets. Jeanna, well, what do you get someone that has her own Gulfstream 5 at her beck and call? I settled on her favorite perfume.

Patti and I were going to be gone from two until five this afternoon. We had an office Christmas party to attend at the college. The board had approved a cash bonus for all employees. As department head I had to be there to give them out. Everyone was to stop by and pick them up at the office party. After the party at the college I was to work my turn at the gym so the rest of my brood had time to finish up their things.

Misty, Sarah and Belinda were having a ball staying with us. Misty – after several visits with the shrinks – was returning back to her old self, according to Belinda. Having the three of them together and adding Wendy into the mix was like living in a full time comedy show. There was something going on or said to laugh about all the time. They were spending plenty of time at the mall or the Ctown bowling alley when they were not at the gym working. They were even planning on working at the gym part time when classes were in session. With college going back in session in a couple of weeks the house was going to seem empty with Misty, Sarah and Belinda going back to the dorms.

Jason, Dad and the Judge were all going to a rental cabin for a look-see near the Frost Borough College in the first part of January. It had been on the market for four years. They had it planned out that they could use it for black bear, deer, and wild turkey hunting along with fishing at some of the ponds and lakes in the area. I listened quietly at all the conversations. It was close enough to the college that it could be used by us girls if the security venture came through.

Dad had shown me the pictures and I thought it had promise. It was only about ten years old. All the utilities had just been updated along with a new hot tub which those guys would never use. It had satellite for TV and internet service. It was only thirty minutes from the ski lifts. I couldn’t figure out why it was still on the market for the price it was listed at. Jason had asked Marcy and Jenny to research the property and its history.

True to his word, Dean Skaggs sent me a complete copy of their security bid proposal and the final security contract with their current vendor for Frost Borough College. It was time to have the discussion with the business minds. I had a mental approach on what I wanted in a system and how I thought we could do the training and manage it. Mr. Skaggs had picked the first Wednesday of February as the day the complete Frost Borough board of directors was coming to look at our security setup. That gave me over a month to get everything put together for a proposal.

At six Patti and I were back from the college party and I was working my turn in the gym. It was a slow night with it being so close to Christmas. The North girls came in at 6:30 and were soon naked and kneeling. I paired them up and gave them gym clothes. They had several days now to think about the offer I had made them on the BDSM contracts. We sat in the refreshment area to discuss the contracts and how we were going to proceed.

Ching Lee had printed off a slave commitment contract and a servitude contract along with a copy of Master’s Responsibilities and Slave Treatment Expectations from the leading BDSM site. Truthfully I was reluctant with many of the positions that were presented in the manuals. They were hard line and dealt heavily into extreme punishment. I had no intentions in using them. This is not where I was going to take these girls and I had already stated so to them.

I placed both copies of the contracts in front of each girl among with a pen. There was a place for me to sign as a Mistress, and a place for the slave and witnesses to sign. Between the two contracts it clearly spelled out what they were giving up. Ching Lee had added language to clearly explain the training they would receive, the tutoring for excellence in college, body, mind and sexual expertise.

“Read the contracts, if you are satisfied that this is what you want, sign them. If you want more time to think about what you are getting yourself into you can wait until the day after Christmas. You are not required to come here Christmas Eve, the gym will close early. The gym will be open at 10 on Christmas day if you find the need to serve,” I said.

Members had approached the table requesting assistance, as I left to help them I said, “Either way you decide you will place the contracts back in the folder and be in the slave waiting position in 10 minutes to start your workout.” I fully expected them to back out in the end.

EDIT by Alfmeister

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