Chapter 112

It was Christmas Eve. I was up at 7, just restless I guess. I made coffee and went to the gym. I opened the gate and set the heat up. I left the door unlocked so anyone with a membership card could get in if they wanted to work out. I did warm up exercises and enjoyed a peacefully complete workout, my first in days. Oh, I worked out a lot but we had been so busy they had been stop and start with distractions and interruptions. It felt good to feel the muscles burn and sting all over my body from one good workout.

I left a note on the inside door for anyone that might come in before we started the shift today to feel free to work out until we got over there. I also left my cell number in case they needed any help with anything.

Back over at the house – after a good cup of hot coffee – I started breakfast for the group. A very large frying pan of fried potatoes with finely chopped onion and green peppers with a little bit of olive oil was on one burner. On the other side of the stove was a two-burner griddle for sausage, scrapple and bacon. I placed another griddle for pancakes and another frying pan to just cook eggs. That left me with one free burner for whatever. I set a full loaf of bead by the four slice toaster and everything was ready.

I started with the sausage; it would take the longest to cook. I put 2 pounds on the griddle. Scrapple takes a while to cook but cold scrapple is yucky unless you cook it until it is rather crispy. The rest of the house was coming alive. A pound of bacon went on the other end of the griddle. Jenny came in to help. Toast was buttered, eggs went in the pan and pancakes started coming off the other griddle. In fifteen minutes the ten of us were all setting at the table with a hot breakfast with coffee or orange juice. Wendy and Carl came in and joined the group. They were followed shortly by both our parents and Joey. They weren’t expecting breakfast but joined in. The men never turned down a hot breakfast. I don’t think our mom’s were much into cooking breakfast for two any more. The big dining room table was filled with people and breakfast food.

Jenny was sitting beside me and put her arm around me and whispered into my ear, “Our family.”

“Yes and it’s a big one,” I said as I returned the hug. We socialized for an hour before everyone heading different directions to finish up last minute things. Marcy and I went to the gym. Jenny and Jeanna went to Ctown to pick up Marcy’s new truck. There were a few people in the gym doing their workout routine.

I had plenty of time to lay out the ground work about starting a security company as part of our business. I gave her everything I had, the contract, the layout of the college grounds and what I knew of the new security system that may work for us. I even discussed the potential use of the cabin that the men were looking to buy. We had a good discussion about the pros and cons. It would mean more investment. We both felt sure that Qt bank or Mid West would finance the equipment and if we got a 5 year instead of a 3 year contract we could definitely make a profit.

Marcy was on board with the idea so the next challenge was Jenny with all the legal questions. Then after that we would lay it out to the whole gang before we worked up any proposal. Jenny and Jeanna came in at the end of the conversation. I could tell that they were tickled that they had pulled off getting the new truck backed and parked without being seen.

All the paper work was still all over the table. I took the opportunity to explain everything again. The questions this time were more detailed and in depth. I managed to get through them without stumbling too bad with my ideas. Jenny expressed concerns but as we talked they soon became non-issues. Jenna on the other hand was immediately on board and looked at it as a growing business venture. With Jenny and Marcy on board we would present it to the rest of the girls and begin the necessary ground work.

Courtney had been standing quietly at the table while I went over the plan with Jenny. When I finished she handed me the report she had written up about the takedown of the north gang.

“I have not sent the electronic file in yet, I am going to wait until after Christmas. If there is something you want changed we can talk about it before I do. Your plan about the college sounds interesting. If this assignment does not get me promoted out of meter-enforcement I’m going to look for something different. I’m not going to write parking tickets forever. I have family there and I love to ski and the outdoors. If it works out please keep me in mind,” she said and then turned and walked to the first exercise machine.

I quickly looked at the report. It was double-spaced like a court document. It was very detailed. Courtney had things in there that I barely remembered happening. She had a blow by blow of the knife fight, the submission and surrenders at the hot tub, and the slavery statements. She had included details of the strip-down, about the pictures we took, the interviews, the humiliation from being shaved and forced public nudity and the urine samples taken. Courtney went into detail of the spirit and body breaking workout. She even included the ending statement that their body and minds were mine to use and abuse as I saw fit. It was 27 pages long. It was detailed enough to be a movie script. I handed it to Jenny to read over.

When Jenny finished reading she said, “That department is missing out on a good detective if they let her get away if she can remember things that clearly. We are probably going to get another visit from them but there were other witnesses and it looks accurate.” Then Jenny¬ added, “She might make a good operations manager.”

“What came out of the entire test you did on everything?” I asked her.

“The prints and DNA did not match anything that was on file and there were no drugs in the urine. They were clean in that respect. Jenny said. “They may not be saints but they are not hardened criminals with records or outstanding warrants,” She added.

By that time it was late afternoon, almost at our posted closing time for the holiday. The last of the customers were cleaning up to leave. It was time to go home and get ready for the evening’s festivities. Everyone was coming back to open presents at 10 pm. I wanted to spend a few intimate moments with each of my lovers tonight before I spent the night with Vicky.

Since the North Gang takedown and my session with Ching Lee all my lovers had been hot to trot. There was touchy-feely going on all the time. It wasn’t confined to the basement play room or the bedroom any more. The living room and the dining room were often being use. I had even caught Sarah at the center of a three-some, oblivious to the fact that there was an audience. Misty and Belinda were watching and doing some solo finger action of their own. Even Jeanna had been told of my session with Ching Lee and had asked if she could see the DVD. We were a strange group by any standards.

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4 Responses to Chapter 112

  1. Kiwi Chris says:

    Thanks for another great chapter

  2. GaryDan says:

    Thanks for posting another story.

    I’ve never been a fan of BDSM or the DOM/Sub world. I’ve always considered it another form of bullying, whether it’s done with mutual consent or not. Safe words and all that not withstanding.

    Having said that, I’m not criticizing you for your story heading in that direction, and I wouldn’t want you to change your story because of it.

    I’m just an old man expressing his opioion whether anyone want’s to hear it or not. Isn’t that what old men are expected to do?? 😉

    I do enjoy your story writing, and I plan on continuing to read it as long as you post it, BDSM or not.

    Thanks Again

  3. jackballs57 says:

    Not to worry , There will be no heavy BDSM. I’m not into pain and I just don’t know how to write the stuff. The critics at the other site would fill my in box with hate mail if I missed one sequence on how something like that is to be done.

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