Chapter 114

Jeanna made several announcements.

“Several things that I have been working on behind the scenes came together today and I know some of them are going to be a surprise. Mid-West has finalized the deal to buy the Delaware Regional Bank. They have 200 branch banks in the Middle Atlantic States. I have bought a house further down Summers road on the water for me to use as a base of operations and to live and entertain in until the change over is complete. Two of my personal secretary’s will be here after the first of the year and commute for a while but I think that when they get here they will want to stay. The house is big enough for then to each have a suite if they want it, with a little help from your carpenter friend. I want to be close to friends and family.

My G 5 along with a smaller twin engine Beech craft King Air turbo prop plane that I own along with the pilots are going to stay at the Island airport. The pilots already have found apartments in the area. I still have to attend all board meetings as the Senior Executive Vice-president but everything else I can handle via conference and video calls. I will need you electronics wizards to help me set up a room for that and all the things I need for an office.

The bank had a failed financing agreement with the U. S. Auto Rental Company. I have bought out the rental car franchise for the Mid Atlantic region from them. They service twenty four small and mid sized airports and another seventy two outlets in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina.

I am hoping you are willing to spin off a management group to run the gym, the car rental franchise and the security company you’re working on if you get the contract. The franchise was making money with its existing management structure but the people that owned it piggy-backed the company with several other that were losers and lost it all.

As with all business there are areas that are not productive as they need to be. They have higher than normal operating cost either due to poor management, misappropriation of funds or other reasons. It will be up to you to find and correct the causes.

I have had to put up funding to carry on the day to day operations and payroll until the auditors get everything changed over. At that time, the funds they are generating can be moved from the escrow accounts to the business accounts. There are 200 employees and over a thousand rental vehicles; cars, light trucks and vans.

I know it is a tall order. I have seen the way you work and how well you work together. I know you can do this. It’s going to take several months for everything to be finished up. It will most likely be after you all graduate or about that time. I accept that you a unique family and you will be part of my family and this will be our family business.” She said.

I was floored but I was not the only one, we all were. I could tell by Marcy’s expression that she was too. I went through all the emotions. First was surprise, then concern, then anger. Was this truly a family business opportunity or was this a way for Jeanna to separate and divide us?

She had apparently spent a lot of money. The cars alone had to be 20 million, leases on ninety plus sites, the computer reservation system, insurance and taxes and how bad did the previous owners bleed the operation trying to stay afloat? Well, that was well over my head.

Then on top of that I knew that a King Air was millions and a G5 fully loaded was 50 million plus. 200 employees with insurance and payroll taxes had to run close to 200 thousand a week and she was going to carry that for 6 months. Just how much was Jeanna really worth?

Were the auditors going to control everything? If so how did a family business fit into the equations? The good thing is we had six months to work it all out. By then we would know if we had the Frost Borough contract; no wonder Jeanna was so excited with prospects of us getting that. She was looking beyond Frost Borough to a much bigger security business. I just wondered when she was going to suggest that we started more gyms.

There was no doubt that we were going to be hiring more full time people to run the gym. Extensive travel was on the horizon for all of us if this worked out.

It was time for bed. It was time for some heart felt emotions and expressions of love and promises of better future things. What had started out as good night hugs and kisses ended two hours later in the basement, we were covered in sweat, hickeys, natural and artificial lube and exhausted. Everyone had been involved except Misty. She had been sitting on the couch naked watching the action on the mats with her hands in her crotch. She was now as sweaty and exhausted as we were but the grin on her face said it all.

It was a good thing it was Christmas Day as we had slept in until 8. I woke up sandwiched between Jenny and Marcy hungry as a bear. I carefully slipped out of bed to go make breakfast again for my brood. With the aroma of fresh coffee floating through the house they soon began filing into the kitchen. Jenny was beside me helping cook while the other girls were setting the table, making toast and other breakfast goodies. Other than Jeanna who was staying in one of the spare rooms none of the parents showed up this morning. Wendy called Carl to come for breakfast. He really liked our home cooked breakfast.

Jenny at one point whispered in my ear, “Our family.” “And soon a growing family,” I replied. It was five minutes before she relaxed the bear hug and eased up on the kiss so I could breathe easily. I was sure by the confused looks on all the faces they were wondering what I had said to her. Luckily things were back to normal by the time Carl arrived.

EDIT by Alfmeister

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  1. GaryDan says:

    Thanks for another chapter. Much Appreciated !!
    Alos Kudos to Alfmeister for good editing.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Thanks for the comment. I will gladly pass it along to Alfmeister. His great work makes my writing look a lot better.

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