Chapter 113

By 10 all the family had arrived and we had crowded into the living room. Marcy’s new truck had been quietly moved into the 4 car garage. There had been a big discussion on how to have her find the keys. I had to laugh at all the ideas that were floated around about it. They finally settled on small box packed inside multiple boxes. The keys were in a 2 inch box that had been boxed in so many boxes that it ended up in a 4 foot square box. The girls had each taking a turn in the boxing and wrapping events. It would be the last present opened. We had the video camera out for that one. I was going to be the photographer for the group.

We started with the mom’s first. There were new jewelry, perfumes, and some clothes including some heavy-duty winter clothes. I had an idea that the cabin purchase may be a nearly done thing and the dads wanted the moms to spend some time there with them.

Jeanna received clothes, perfume, and some local hand made jewelry and knickknacks.

The dads opened long boxes that had new rifles with very high power scopes. I knew that Jamie had some input into the selection of those because that is where I sent the moms when they came to me for advice. They were large caliber guns designed for bear, elk and moose. They were so nice, I was envious. They both got hunting clothes and foul-weather boots. They even got battery heated long johns. Jason had given my dad a new set of very expensive golf clubs. I guess Dad had finally made the turn at his golf game. You can teach old dog new tricks.

Carl opened a box to find a new navy attaché case. We girls had gone together to get him an engraved pen, pencil and letter opener set. Wendy and us girls had put together a box of gag gifts to give him but we were going to wait until after everyone had opened their gifts before we gave it to him.

In fact we had gag gifts for each other. We had all been shopping at the big adult store at Glen Bernie.

We gave Misty, Sarah and Belinda each boots and clothes they could wear at the college and a sizable gift card that they could use at the J. C. Penney’s store in Ctown not far from the College.

Wendy received some new clothes and several new thong swim suits, some tennis shoes and leather moccasins.

Joey we gave a nice gift card that she could use any where. We assumed that there were some clothes that she would like to have that she could not buy with Mom around. I also gave her a gift membership to Jamie’s gun safety and training course. With Jason having been a MSP officer and a county detective after retired from the state and then bitten with the hunting bug there would always be guns around. She should know how to use them, when they were safe and how to make them safe.

Patti we gave things for her car, a necklace, and some winter boots.

We took turns passing out each others gifts until they had all been passed out and opened.

Next came the gag gifts, Carl was going to be the first victim. We had all boxed wrapped them separately and then put them in one box. After he opened the big box Wendy was going to hand him the smaller packages but there were no names of who they were from. Wendy knew and had a little remark she was going to say.

First there was a carton of condoms, “I’m too old for any little brothers or sisters,” she said to a room full of laughs. Then there was a giant bottle of multi vitamins, “To help you keep your energy up you older folks might need them.” Then she handed him a package that had several pairs of Speedos, “To help build the mood by enhancing the package.” Next there was a pack thong’s, “For easy access to the package.” Carl was getting redder by the minute. Then there were several different of stay hard pills, “For those times when the mind is willing and the body isn’t.” Next she handed him a package that had a vibe and several lubes in it, “For when none of the above works.” That filled the room with laughter. Finally she handed him a bag of regular briefs. “To replace the ones you threw away the other night that had spots in the front on them,” she said. That set the room off. I had told girls of his accident after he had left.

We had more fun with Ching Lee. Her box had a studded collar with rings on it, several alligator clip sets connected by ball chain, a two cheek paddle, and a jeweled butt plug, hand cuffs and a four corner bed restraint kit. She picked up the collar, hung it on her finger and looked at me. I smiled and winked at her.

Jenny, Marcy and Vicky all had a pair of remote control vibe eggs. Jenny I gave a bra that had the nipples exposed. There were several sets of nipple pumps and nipple rings. They each got leather panties with a reverse dildo and clit ticklers on them.

Lorrie got the same kind only they were remote controlled via the web. I was the only one that had the web address. She had gotten to really love vibes. I finally gave in and gave her a pair of the best quality nipple piercing I could find of the half circle style. She had wanted to have her nipples pierced for a while and I had been stalling. I just hoped that it did not start a trend with my lovers.

For the moms we found several paperback books for hunter’s wives: ‘The Cookbook For Wild Game’, ‘One Hundred Things To Do While Your Man Is Hunting’, ‘100 Best Excuses Not To Go Hunting’, and ‘Lingerie That Will Make Them Forget About Hunting”. We just had to get them a personal vibe kit just for laughs. I knew my mom had several of her own or did have. I had killed the batteries in them enough times as a teen. Jenny’s mom on the other hand turned three shades of red. Jason was almost as red.

We got one of those for Jeanna and labeled it for stress relief. We also got her a strap-on kit to use on underlings that needed to be put in their place. We got a big laugh when she said, “It will work on both sexes.”

Two of us brought in the big box for Marcy to open. We pretended like it was extremely heavy. Everyone was in on the secret except her. We laughed and encouraged her to the very last box. She vowed to get us back. Marcy was surprised to see it in the garage. She loved it.

After everyone went back inside we brought out the beer for the guys and wine for all of us girls. It was after midnight when out parents left. I invited them to breakfast tomorrow morning

EDIT by Alfmeister

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