Chapter 116

Morning came early and I was in a tangle of arms and legs. It was a wonder the bed frame held up to so many girls in one bed. I felt the bed slowly rocking. After all of that someone was still horny and masturbating this morning. I heard a giggle then a groan and a deep gasp followed by a whimper. I recognized both Ching lee and Lorrie. Without rolling over to see I could easily bet they were in a 69. Moments later they were both trying to whisper that they were cuming but the waves of pleasure demanded that they tell everyone what was happening.

Jenny was awake and trying to get my knee between her legs so she could use my thigh to get off on. The look in her eyes and on her face was of desperation. She must have been awake longer than I and listening longer. I kissed her as I slid my hand to her crotch and played her button as only a woman knows how, gentle circles and then an increase of intensity and a flick of my fingernail across the top of the hood was all it took. She moaned deep in my mouth then tried to find my tonsils with the tip of her tongue as she came.

Ching Lee and Lorrie were laughing behind us, “I knew we could get her going at least one more time,” one of them said.

“It’s the paddle for both of you” I said. With a shriek they both jumped out of bed and ran out the door.

A few minutes later we were all showered, dressed and fixing breakfast. Jeanna looked at me and said, “We are going to have to start loving earlier so we can get more sleep.”
Wendy said, “I knew I should have picked up more bottles of vitamins.” True to form she had started out morning out with laughter.

We kicked a few more ideas around and at the end of the conversation were still happy with the original idea. The second floor office would have 1800 sq feet of new space. We would loose the width of a stairway out of the gym to access the second floor. The card access door for the gym would have to be relocated into the stair well.

We all went our separate ways to get everything done that needed to be done. Patti left immediately after breakfast for the college. I needed to be there after lunch for several meetings. Jenny went to Annapolis to do trial preparations. Marcy, Ching Lee and Jeanna busied themselves ordering equipment for Jeanna’s new home office. Wendy and Vicky went to join Marsha and Kim at the gym.

I dialed up Bob and explained what we were considering with the office and asked the simple question if the first floor would support the weight of a second floor office.

Bob said, “We built it to commercial specs. The walls are 2 x6 on 1 foot centers. The ceilings are 2 x 8 on 1 foot centers. The longest spans for the ceiling joist are over the tanning booths. The walls of the booths are also 2 x 6 and we did that to support the 20 foot long ceiling. I anticipated that some day you may have wanted to use the area for storage and put one layer of ¾” plywood on top of the ceiling joist. To add an office I would recommend another layer of ¾” plywood and build the walls prefab then set them up in place. If you are not going to build individual offices and leave it one open space for cubicles the ceiling will have to be pre-stressed support beams. They will not sag on that long span. The stairs would have to be metal and to close it off from the gym would be no problem. Neither would relocating the door.”

You said you were booked out for the next six months, “Who would you suggest I call to build it?” I asked.

“Well, we are not working on the project for at least another month. Planning and zoning is holding up the permits. They are waiting for results from additional environmental and traffic studies and will review them at the normal meeting at the end of January before releasing the permits. If I can get with you today and draw it up I can order the materials and the steps. The electrician is going to want to look at the electrical load to see if the service wire is heavy enough so have copies of the bill for him. We can come this morning around 930 if that is OK,” he said.

“Good old county politics; they wonder why we have no commercial tax base here and why personal property tax rates are so high. That will be fine, we will be here,” I replied.

At 9:30 the blue-prints from all the rooms we had built were on the table with all of us looking at them. The area over the tanning booths and the meeting room, part of the lobby and aid station was 36 x 50 or 1800 sq feet. We decided on four private offices. We added an electronics room at the insistence of our resident computer experts so we could put in our own server station. There was to be an upstairs bathroom with the rest being open space with a long island down the center with storage space under and a nice counter top to serve as lunch/meeting or work area with posts in the center to help support the ceiling. Cubicles could be placed around the three walls if necessary for additional people. Currently Jeanna was going to give us the large dining room table and all the chairs she was removing to put on one side of the island to use as a meeting table. The computer experts wanted phone and computer cables pulled everywhere as well as secured wireless available.

The current entrance from the lobby would lead to a hallway. The card entry door to the gym would be the first door to the right after entering the hall way and straight ahead the stairs to the second floor offices. The aid station door would exit to the gym under the landing at the top of the stairs. The stairs would be completely boxed in as part of the hallway and the gym floor, not visible from the stairs or the second floor. There would be a very large door to the very end so that large furniture or equipment could be hoisted up and in by forklift or scissors lift. The door would have a double safety feature so no one could accidently open it and fall.

After an hour of measuring and notes Bob indicated that he had all that he needed and would work up a price. I stopped him and said, “Spend the time ordering the materials and build it.”

“After the 1st when my people come back to work I will split them up in two shifts. The day shift will prefab and the night shift will assemble it in place. After they get all the prefab work completed both shifts will work nights until it is completed. We will clean up every night before we leave and not disrupt the gym routine. A small forklift and a scissors lift will have to be parked in the building” Bob said.

“That’s the way it has to be, the gym is far too busy now,” I replied.

We still had the original 250 thousand that Jake had loaned me to start the gym. He insisted that we keep it in an escrow account after the bank came through with the loan. We still had not touched the credit line that the bank extended us with the loan. On top of that we had money in the gym checking account.

Marcy had put all the gift membership and gift tanning book moneys into an escrow account. Each time a member used a gift service the funds would be transferred to the general account.

The details of how the auto rental business financials were going to be handled were just starting and I knew it was going to be very complicated. I insisted that Jenny be in all discussions related to that. I knew that there would have to be sizable reserves somewhere just to handle the day to day and quarterly financial requirements. I knew also that all the funding for that would be in a Mid-West Bank, most likely one of the new Delaware branches.

Marcy, Vicky, Ching Lee and Jeanna were going to meet with the representatives from the company that handled the reservation and banking system so we could get the right computer programs, computers and enough servers to handle the data load.

We still needed to meet with the company that was going to help us with the equipment design for the Frost Borough bid. The newest system was net based and we wanted that so we could monitor it from here.

We were thinking about using three different internet providers to make sure we were never fully off-line. There were to be satellite, cable, and a land line that we could swap back and forth between to split up the download limits.

With a hand-drawn layout of the new office space a list was being drawn up of all the new office equipment that we would need. Marcy wanted to put it all out for bids this time, including installation. She was determined to squeeze every Lincoln out of every Washington we were going to spend. Of course she was going to comparison shop at the big office outlets.

I dressed in my normal uniform that I wore when working – the vest, gun, and handcuffs – and left for my meetings at the college

EDIT by Alfmeister

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