Chapter 117

As I was sitting at the meeting table we were each passed a folder with our name on it. I sat through three and a half hours of meetings for the upcoming final semesters of this college year. After an hour of working on a detailed security budget where I had requested a 10% increase for the full 2014 year to help cover the additional cost of security guards on all sports trips. The final numbers were more like 12%, not bad when I could have made 5% work but I was learning how you had to play the game with state agencies. Ask for twice what you wanted and the higher ups could cut your request in half to stroke their ego that they were doing their job to reduce cost.

It was unusual that I got more than I asked but then I knew that something bigger was coming my way in work requests for my department.

HR had the next hour with a list of new reporting requirements and new rules for students, instructors and administrators.

There was a new list of protocols in dealing with town, county and state officials on student issues. The state also wanted to do mock hostage drills on the property.

I finished out the meeting with a report on the progress of the new dorms. Then I gave a report on our compliance with state and federal reporting of on-campus criminal activity. I finished up with a report on all incident reports for the 3/4 year to date that we had responded to.

In the back of my folder there was a list of unscheduled activities that my department had to work in and be prepared for. The first one I already knew about. That was to be the visit by the Frost Borough College Board the first week of February to review and demonstrate our security.

The second was one that I had known nothing about. It was a visit by an Asian International delegation. They were to tour the college and I was to do a presentation on security. That was to take place the middle of March.

The third was that our college had been selected to host the annual educational security conference for the South East area. That area started at the southern PA border and everything south and east of the Mississippi river. The hand written caption beside that item was “I am sure that you have some idea in the back of your head for a ‘shake them in their shoes display’ to send them home with.” The end of this college year was destined to be busy for my department for sure.

Patti and I left the college at the same time. She led and I followed. We were the second and third to turn onto Summers Road. Patti turned into the driveway to the house and I followed the first car into the gym parking lot. It had government tags but that wasn’t so unusual with so many female middies enrolled in the different programs we had going on in the gym.

I had parked on the side parking area and was walking fast to the gym. As I walked past the front of the Navy car the door opened and a lady shouted, “BJ is that you?”

I turned to respond and immediately recognized Captain Susan Adams. We closed the distance and gave each other a big hug. “I thought you were floating in the Arabian Sea?” I said.

“I was until yesterday morning. I received code-tech orders to report immediately to the new USS Ford as Combat Commander. I have to be at Norfolk day after tomorrow. They put me on a “Gems” flight off the carrier with two admirals that were flying under communications blackout. It was a direct flight to Andrews. I came directly here, luckily Wendy sends me a detailed minute schedule of everything she does. I wanted to surprise her. I haven’t even tried to call Carl yet.” She said.

“I would be willing to bet Carl is over to the house watching sports on the big screen with the Dad’s,” I replied. “Let’s see if we can sneak you into the gym until we find out.”

A careful check of the lobby and office indicated that she was working in the tanning booth. I slipped Susan into the class room and set things in motion for a surprise. Carl was indeed in the house with our Dad’s watching the DVR replays of the Playoff games. I told them I wanted all the girls in the house and the guys to come over to the meeting room now. The Mom’s were already on the way for their nightly appearance at the Gym with Joey. Lisa and my Mom had finally been bitten by the exercise bug and started light walking on the tread mills.

All the girls knew what was happening and made their way into the class room. The only thing left was to get Wendy to walk in. I settled that problem buy putting Sue Adams on the tan list with a note, waiting in the class room. There were only two names ahead of her. I waited in the lobby so I could walk in after Wendy.

The reunion was tearful and heart warming. After Wendy made introductions we reminded them that Susan’s Christmas presents were still under the tree in our house. They were headed over there to continue the reunion and the rest of us went back to work. As they were getting ready to go over I winked and whispered in Carl’s ear that there were clean sheets on Jenny’s and my bed and the door locked if they wanted a quick few minutes. He turned 4 shades of red but smiled. Wendy caught the blush and knew immediately what I had said.

The North six had arrived and was waiting patiently in position. They had been working out for a while now. With being off for the two evenings of Christmas I wondered if they had been doing the required shaving. This would be a good evening for inspection and training. I went to the store room and chose 2 of the clean plastic 10-quart buckets that we had dozens of. We used them for general clean up. I washed them with soap and cleaned them out. Then I filled them with hot water and carried them to the aid station several towels and cloths. There were several shaving kits there along with several packs of lady razors. I went to the slaves and told them to follow me. I hung the in use sign on the doors so no one would interrupt.

“Tonight we are going to do personal hygiene before we hit the gym,” I said. I put Erica on the doctors table and set her up in the stirrups with her spread as wide as I could with her heels low next to her cheeks. I put one girl at each breast and one at her mouth. The other two between her spread legs.

“You two at the breast are to massage and suck on it and the nipple but do not leave any hickeys. You at her head are to kiss her passionately. The one on the left is to wet her kitty with a hot wash cloth for 30 seconds then apply a little shaving cream and shave it. Don’t nick her as she may be the one shaving you. You on the right get to do the final rinse removing all the shaving cream. You are to inspect the job, if you are satisfied you are to suck on her clit and kitty until she cums. If you two take too long these other girls are going to be mad at you because their tongues and jaws are going to hurt from sucking and kissing to long.” I said. “Are there any questions?”

All of them looked at as if in shock. “You knew this day was coming so it should be no surprise. There is nothing to it. Take a deep breath and relax and get started. If you need pointers ask. You seen each other naked and showered together for almost two weeks now,” I said.

Becky said, “Mistress may I talk openly?” “Yes you may,” I replied.
“I have never touched another girl down there or kissed another girl, passionately,” she said.

“You have all just showered so you are clean. The kitty is going to be freshly shaved so you don’t have to worry about hair getting in your mouth. Kiss her like you would like to be kissed. Get your tongue involved,” I said. “Now get started.”

They were a little slow but soon were involved. I gave the one doing the shaving pointers, move this, hold it that way, use the damp wash cloth to pull the skin snug. I ran my fingers over it looking for missed fine hair. Erica was on the table. She was moaning and moving her body really into it and making plenty of natural lube. Glenda was on the right. I directed her to clean it with a wet cloth and lightly dry the sides and lips of the shaving cream and inspect it. “Does it look OK?” I asked.

She nodded. “Lick it and suck it, she is close to coming, listen at her moaning, she is hot and ready.” I spread the flower with one hand and pointed with the other as I was talking. “Don’t attack the clit directly. See how it is engorged and extended; it is super sensitive, she is more than ready. Lick it here, here and here. Put your tongue against the perineum and do circles on it. Then push your tongue in here” as I pointed to her honey hole “then work your way to her clit, lick the sides first. Then do circles around the clit with your tongue, then suck it between your lips like a piece of candy and flick your tongue across the tip of it while you are doing it. Listen how she responds and how her body moves as do different things. Her body will tell you what she likes so you can do it again.” I said.

I pushed lightly on the back of her head to get her started. As soon as she got close enough to pick up the scent of arousal and tasted that sweet natural lube she didn’t need any more help. In less than two minutes, Erica was cuming in waves. Glenda’s face was covered in her cum. I had to tell Glenda to stop sucking and licking Erica as she was exhausted, past cuming again anytime soon. Glenda wiped her face and padded Erica dry.

I moved them in a clock wise circle with Janice who had just done the shaving up on table. They didn’t need any encouragement now. They were all very horny now. I got a text from Vicky. “I am in the class room may I come in PLEASE?” she was naked when I opened the door. In 30 seconds I was as she pushed me on to the high stool. She had three fingers in me and her thumb was massaging my clit as she was kissing me. I returned the pleasure and we came together.

The North six had stopped to watch us when they heard us coming. They were quickly back at each other and finally finished up with us watching. After everyone was back breathing normally I said, “Slaves, are there any questions?”

Lisa was in position at my feet, “Mistress when can we do this again?” This was the one that didn’t get wet when I paddled her. I looked at the rest of them and they were all smiling waiting for an answer.

“You have learned how to give each other pleasure today, in the near future you will learn more. To answer your question, soon, every three to four days to keep the stubble down and you do it here. Dry your faces and bottoms so you don’t give away what you have been doing, go shower and lets hit the gym,” I said. Vicky and I put the kits away and carried the buckets to the store room to dump the evidence down the sink.

We spent another two and a half hours working out in the gym. They were already worn out from the shaving experience. They still worked out with one more pound on every machine and two more reps added to every exercise.

Before I dismissed them for their shower to go home I gave each of them a small bottle of Bikini care and explained its use. It was a lotion to prevent razor burn and reduce stubble rash from shaving the groin area. We had a display case of lotions, travel tampons and pads and other feminine things. The nutritionist wanted to have a display case to put a vitamin and mineral and herbs for fitness driven individuals. It would be here soon.

EDIT by Alfmeister

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