Chapter 125

There were no emergency e-mails or calls during the night. That was a welcome relief on the drive to the college. I drove around the college to check out the street by the construction entrance. There were signs posted to ‘Drive slow – loose gravel”. It was like driving down a well kept gravel lane, a little rough but level, and no pot holes.

The door to the office had hardly closed before both Shirley Short from HR and the head of IT came in. The IT guy said, “I don’t know what you said or did but there has been a mass deletion of files and folders last night and most of the morning.”

“Maybe I put the fear of God in them,” I said laughingly. “I still want you to pick up those computers on the list and check all of them.”

Shirley said, “So far your tactics have worked. I went to get coffee at the cafeteria this morning and she was sitting by herself for the first time in a while. So was Rodney Cotter on the other side of the cafeteria.”

“I am glad to hear that. All my girls are going to listen closely to the rumor mill for the next week or two, you do the same thing,” I said.

The town’s roads manager stopped by just before lunch, “The fix is holding up a lot better than I thought it would. What time are you planning to grade it every day?” he asked.

“The plans are to grade it at the end of each construction day. That way locals will have good road to come home to and leave in the morning on, and any time during the day if there is a problem,” I said. We talked in general conversation for another half hour.

Patti, the day guys and I were just getting ready to order lunch when all hell broke loose. There were multiple alarms from the cafeteria. All the day guys and I responded. We walked into the middle of a 10 person brawl. Rodney Cotter was being held by two guys and getting pounded by two more, Jordan Small was in the same predicament two tables away. It took ten minutes to get the situation under control even with the help of two coaches.

Rodney and Jordan were both going to need medical attention and I was going to have one bruised hand. Luckily among us we had enough hand and flex cuffs to restrain all of them.

I took Rodney and Jordan off to the side, “I guess we know who the other person that was posting pictures is now, don’t we? How bad are you? If we take you to the hospital there are going to be police reports and an official investigation. I really don’t think either of you want that. At least they were smart enough not to mess up your faces. I think you should spend some time at the nurse’s station before you make that decision,” I said.

Bob Jackson, who had been standing behind me, spoke up, “I think BJ is right. It’s time to find out if you are men or still boys.”

“I want them separated and no talking while they are over there,” I said.

Bob replied, “I will carry them over there and then bring them to you after they are finished.”

I looked around for Corry. There was a group of girls in the far corner. I was pretty sure she was there. As I made my way to her the group opened up to allow me to get to her. She had one hand print on the side of her face that was going to be a bruise in a few days.

“Who hit you?” I asked. She started to say, “No one,” but was interrupted by one of the girls.

“Roseanne Bates, her boyfriend got the BJ that she would not give him and now he told her to fuck off. She is a tease anyhow, a real pillow princess. She wants to get guys all worked up then turn them down cold. Just serves the bitch right that she got dumped,” a brunette said.

I asked Corry if she was alright.

“It stings a little but I am OK,” she said.

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing interrogations. I made out the reports and sent all of it to HR. It was their problem. For the eight guys it was a matter of the pictures being posted that had them all upset, of course pissed off girlfriends did not help anything. The brawl was as much to restore their standing as ‘macho’ with the girls.

Jordan Small was another matter. He and his computer got the same treatment as Rodney. He deleted all the pictures he had posted. His computer got cleaned and he joined the ankle bracelet crowd for awhile.

Roseanne Bates on the other hand was going to get a wakeup call. The video showed that she simply walked up from behind and just plain bitch-slapped Corry. Corry did not know it was even coming. I would have been more forgiving if there had been a face to face confrontation but that was plain outright assault.

I called Jenny just to make sure that I was on the right thought process. Then I called Bob Jackson to come to my office to review the video clip and have a discussion. I ran the video from the beginning of the fight to a minute after Roseanne put Corry on the floor and walked away without saying a word. Sarah had finished her classes for the day and was in the cubicle that we let her have in the office. I asked her who Roseanne’s boyfriend was at the time. He was not one of the eight from the fight.

Since Sarah as the student union rep was going to be with Roseanne when we confronted her I ran the video a couple of times for her to see. The only thing she said was, “That was not a smart move on her part.”

I sent an available security guard to escort her to the office at the finish of her class. We had about a ten minute wait.

Roseanne was feisty and mouthy to match her red hair as soon as she walked in the door; that made me want to trim her sails and defuse her attitude. I escorted her into the back office where Bob, Sarah and now Shirley were waiting. Her attitude did not improve any.

I moved behind her and instructed her to put her bag and books on the desk. As soon as her hand came back to her side I snapped the handcuff on it and pulled her other one behind her back to complete the task.

“What is this for?” she asked.

“It is for your own protection. It keeps you from doing something stupid and me from responding with excessive force,” I said.

“There are several complaints that at noon you committed 1st degree assault. After further investigation we found several witnesses that verified those complaints along with security video showing the incident,” I said.

I played the video several times and even in slow motion. “The problem here is that there is no verbal confrontation, no spitting, no reason given to defend your honor. In fact Corry didn’t even know anything like that hit was going to happen. You simply crept up behind her and hit her, knocking her off her feet. That is the clincher that makes it first degree and jail time,” I said.

“That whoring bitch forced my boyfriend to let her do a blow job on him,” she said.

“That is an interesting statement. Your boyfriend is 6-2 and 220 pounds and Corry is 5-3 and 130 pounds. I don’t see her forcing him to do much of anything,” I said.

“Well she did. He didn’t want any part of it. She kept pulling at him and tugging at his pants and cock. He finally gave in so there would be no scene,” she said.

“I see, your boy friend is Billy St. James, hold on just a minute,” I said.

I went to my folder that I had printed off and pulled the one of Billy and Corry’s blow job. A piece of that clip was one of those posted. I had copied the video from the time of approach to the both of them walking away in different directions.

I played the clip from the beginning. Corry was sitting on one of the benches smoking a cigarette and had stood to leave when Billy walked up to her. There were words exchanged. Corry shook her head as if to say no and again started to turn away. Billy pulled her back around. More words were exchanged and Billy put his hands on her shoulders and she went to her knees without a whole lot of resistance.

Billy unzipped his jeans and pulled his semi-erect longer than average cock out. When Corry made no attempt to start Billy held his cock up with one hand and with the other hand on her head pulled her lips against his cock. Corry opened her mouth and began sucking on the cock. After a minute Billy was fully hard and too long for Corry. Billy put both hands on her head and began to aggressively face-fuck her. Corry was doing her best to keep him from going too deep. That lasted about 30 seconds when he pulled her hard against him and held her there, obviously cuming. A few seconds later he pulled his cock out of her mouth and she gagged onto the concrete. Billy wiped his cock on the side of her face before stuffing his cock back in his pants and walking away. Corry, still on her knees, pulled some tissues from her pocket and dried her face and lips before picking up her bag and walked away in the opposite direction towards her dorm.

“That lying son of a bitch,” Roseanne said.

“That brings us back to 1st degree assault. The police will allow you to call a lawyer after they book you, take your DNA and perform a body cavity search.” I said as I stood up. “Unless someone has a workable solution I think we are done here, we need to make the call.”

Shirley said, “We will have to suspend you, Roseanne.”

Reality was beginning to hit home. Roseanne started to cry.

Sarah said, “If I can get Corry to accept a public apology in the cafeteria with the people that were there minus the fighters and probation with an ankle monitor would that satisfy the college?” she asked Bob and Shirley. Then she asked Roseanne, “Will you do that to make this go away?” Roseanne nodded agreement.

Bob replied, “Then it is up to Corry. Can you find her, Sarah?”

Ten minutes later Corry was in the private room with Sarah. They talked 10 minutes. At times Corry was shaking her head no. Then the mood seemed to change and I could tell from the smiles that they were just making small talk, keeping Roseanne on the hot seat. Sarah finally came out and said, “Corry would rather bitch-slap her to make them even but will go with the agreement. Tomorrow at noon in the cafeteria will do.”

Corry watched through the glass as Roseanne’s handcuffs were removed and an ankle monitor was installed. Then she quietly turned and walked out the door.

The ride home was quiet. I said to Sarah, “You done good girl. That was the solution that was needed but it had to come from someone other than me.”

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