Chapter 126

After a change of clothes, we went over to the gym. A light supper in the gym had become the normal routine. I noticed that there was still some construction vehicles but not as many as there were before. I would be glad when everything was completed, the parking had been a real pain with the construction and all the piled up snow taking up spots. I did notice that Bob’s pickup was still in the lot. I had another project over at the house that I wanted him to work on if he still needed work.

Marsha was at the customer window scheduling appointments for the Marathoners from the sound of the conversation. Wendy came into the lobby to get the customer for tanning and I noticed her nipples were like mountains in the thong she was wearing. She caught me staring.

With a laugh she said, “You’re as bad as the men and they love to look, they have had the door open so much it is cool in here. You need to go up stairs and look. It is nice.”

Marsha added, “Marcy wants to see you as soon as you can, she is moving into her office.”

I was overwhelmed as I opened the door and walked into the new office area. Everything was in place, double monitors on all the cubicles, flip up overhead storage compartment above each, and the computer tower underneath. The file cabinets were under the counter. The girls were in their private offices setting them up. Name plates were mounted beside the doors.

Bob and his crews were doing finishing touches here and there. The computer techs were running tests and loading programs on each of the desktops. The counter was full of laptops getting the same treatment.

I pulled Bob aside and asked if he had found any work for the rest of the month.

“We have another day finishing up the odds and ends here. That will make this such a first class job that I will be proud to have my name attached to it. After that, not much, still nothing firm from planning on the other project yet,” Bob said.

“Let me finish with Marcy then I want to show you a project I want done over to the house,” I said.

Marcy called all of us into her office and closed the door. “Mom has one more business opportunity for us. She says this is the last one for this year. She has had a property investment in North Dakota for years and it has turned into a gold mine. it’s a huge natural gas and oil dome and they have started extracting from it. She has to reinvest all this money or pay a lot of taxes. She has one more line, actually two lines of business for us to add,” Marcy said.

“Mom has the two planes at the Island Airport and pilots that are getting paid a full salary whether they fly or not. Both the pilots and the planes are certified to do commercial charter flights. She has found a deal on another King Air turbo prop and another G5LR from a solar company that is going bankrupt. The LR can fly intercontinental. She wants to start a charter flight company for high-end patrons and we manage the complete operation here. That’s the first part of it.” Marcy said.

“For the second part she has had one of her secretaries working on it for a couple of months. Mom wants to buy twenty houses in Naples, Florida and use them as rentals. A package type of rental deal is what she has in mind. They would get air flight down, a rental car, a rental house, and flight back as a package. All this is connected to the charter flight business. The area she wants us to target is the Baltimore, Washington corridor, possibly advertising in Richmond and Norfolk as well. The houses have been inspected by two different inspection agencies. Mom wants to know if you and Jenny could get your Mom’s and Dad’s to fly down Friday morning and stay as long as necessary to physically put a set of our own eyes on each house and compare the inspection reports to the house, all expenses paid,” Marcy said.

“Wow, it will take a while to build up clientele to make that successful, I think. If it had been ready now the planes would have been full with this bone-chilling weather we have been having. Ching Lee will have to take over both advertising and public relations and Vicky the charter business. That will use the other office,” I said.

Marcy said, “That’s not all. We had 4 male gym trainers come in today wanting applications to work here when we start a night gym for the male population in the area. All four currently work in area gyms and say they can bring clients with them for nights. I had a good interview with all of them. They suggested 8 pm to 12 and again 4am to 8. They are all going to come back tonight at 10 and tour the gym. Kim and Marsha started a log of men wanting to book the Marathoners as soon as we open for men. All 4 are going to be booked for a while. Word of mouth advertising in the runner circles is going full throttle.”

“You, Ching, Vicky and Lorrie need to put together a good presentation of all the businesses in the group. To add to the job interviews, I learned today that not only is your professor coming but Bob and Shirley from HR and Ching, Vicky and Lorrie’s professors. I know you didn’t need that added pressure but I didn’t think that you needed that kind of surprise. With all the other things and this group coming, please don’t say anything about the security part we are working on,” I said. “They are looking at modeling more of the final semester towards work in place for credits.”

“Jenny and I are going to take Bob over to the house to look at a project I am thinking about and Jenny and I have something to do for an hour or so after that. When we finish I will be back over, Jenny will not,” I said. “Hopefully you can handle things OK until I get back. I know you have put in a long day.”

“Abby, Kirstin and Courtney have all agreed to part time. They are all here tonight so we are good. Abby and Kirstin both have their county schedules a month in advance so working out our scheduling will be easy,” Marcy said.

Bob, Jenny and I left. The three of us went down to the big basement that was mostly empty after we had moved all of the equipment over to the gym. “I want 6 nice bedrooms built down here. Stay 3 feet from the wall on all three sides. As you can see there is a French drain and four sump pumps, one in each corner. I don’t want anything to mess them up. Have all the doors open to a center hallway like a hotel. Work them around the support columns however you need to do that. Don’t come any closer to the front than here. I still want the mats to be able to be there. I am thinking they should be 12 feet wide and like 16 feet deep, be sure to put a nice closet in each one. Use the same heat pump setup as you have done for me before, plenty of outlets and run computer outlets and TV in the walls. Just bundle the computer and TV cable off to the side for now.

I also want an automatic standby generator big enough to run everything with some extra. Make it propane. If we have to get a bigger tank, so be it. And get a price on a generator for the Gym, propane as well. Mount both of them high enough that flooding won’t be a problem,” I said.

“See one of the girls at the gym when you need to get down here to take measurements. When you start you can come through the garage entrance over there. We will give you a key when you start,” I said as we said good night.

Jenny and I walked hand in hand to the bedroom and locked the door behind us. We said few words, they were not needed. We showered, washed each other’s hair as we always did and shaved each others kitty smooth. It was a hug and a kiss here, there and every where, along with ‘I love you’. Yes, we were in love. I loved all my mates, Lorrie, Vicky, Marcy and Ching Lee. I would kill and maim a thousand to protect them and heaven help anyone that harmed them. I would hunt them down to the ends of the earth and they would die slowly and very painfully.

With Jenny there was just something that was a little more. The feeling of love was the same with all of them but Jenny touched my soul in a special way. Two women in love and now we were going further. In many places in the world what were trying to do would bring death in the most hideous ways. Even here it was still heavily frowned upon by many.

We made love for most of an hour. We kissed, licked, sucked and fingered until we were exhausted. I came twice and she three times. Jenny screamed so loud with the third one it was a wonder they didn’t hear it in the gym. We held each other and cried with the pleasure.

I threw the covers to the floor and pulled my love to the edge of the bed with her heels supported on the edge. I removed the cover on the canister, put on the heavy gloves, lifted one of the rods and retrieved one of the sealed vials and set it on the dresser. It needed to return slowly to room temperature.

I opened the sealed pack that contained the speculum, and the packet that contained the special syringe to place Jake’s semen into her uterus. The video that came with the supplies gave you two recommended ways to do this. One was to discharge the semen against the opening of the uterus as a cock would do or else insert the nipple of the special syringe about an inch and a half into the uterus. We chose the last one. It had a higher and faster success rate of the two to get pregnant.

I lubed the speculum with a new tube of sterile lubricant, carefully inserted it into Jenny’s vagina, and squeezed it open until I saw her face tense up. I shook the vial as instructed to mix, awaken and make sure all the semen had thawed and was liquid. It was so I used the special tool to scribe the neck of the vial and snapped the top off. I pulled all the contents into the special syringe.

I crouched between her legs and looked into the opened speculum with the small light to find the opening to Jenny’s uterus. It was visible and just as the video described to see it would be. I looked at Jenny for one last time that this was what she really wanted. Jenny had an ear to ear smile and mouthed, “Yes, do it” – she had read my thoughts as she always seemed to do. I inserted the tip against the opening and gently pushed the syringe into the mark and slowly pushed the plunger all the way in. I very slowly withdrew the device to allow her opening to close. I closed the speculum and withdrew it.

“Slide back on the bed, cross your legs and lift your butt so I can slide a pillow under it to keep it elevated,” I said. I covered her with the blankets and then put all the evidence of our secret into a doubled plastic grocery bag and threw it into the trash. We would do this again on Saturday – that was the best day of her cycle. I would be with her all night and again on Monday to make sure we hadn’t miscounted or that nature had a hiccup.

I got under the covers with Jenny and held her while I cried inside. She was willing to do something I could no longer do. I could never get pregnant. The doctors had seen to that when I was 15. At the time it was the best solution. We both wanted a child and we wanted it to be ours by blood. If this worked I would owe Jake more than he would ever know. We would have our child and both our parents a grandchild.

I stayed with Jenny another half hour whispering and talking and holding. We both knew this could take months or never but we were determined to see it through. I kissed her one last time then dressed and went back over to the gym.

The gym was alive with people grunting and straining. The lobby was full of men and women waiting to tan. The North Side six were getting put through their paces tonight by Abby. Tonight after they were finished and dressed they would see the office for the first time as they would be offered a part-time job on Saturdays.

I went upstairs to the office. My other four loves were busy putting together a presentation for Saturday afternoon. Tomorrow morning Marcy would be back at crunching the numbers, something she did very well. I still had not called Dad about going to Florida. I used the phone at my cubicle.

“Hi Dad, how are you? What have you got in the works for the next ten days?” I asked.

“Just work,” he replied.

“Can you take a weeks vacation next week?” I asked.

“I can. Why?” he asked.

“You, Mom, and hopefully the Coles – 10 days in Naples Florida, all expenses paid.” I said.

“What is the temperature there?” he asked.

“75 might be 80 a few days.” I said.

“Who do I have to kill?” he asked.

I filled him in on all the details.

“Let me talk with Mom. I will call you right back.” he said.

I gave him my new office phone number. That was another thing, we were going to need someone to answer all the freaking phones, screen the calls, and to direct them where they needed to go.

I had just finished that thought when Marsha paged that the North Six were on their way up. As they came through the door the change in their facial expression was priceless. At the door their faces were tense as if ‘what’s going to happen to us now’, and then amazement at everything that was in there.

We all sat at the conference table and Marcy began, “You have been punctual, even under not so great circumstances, courteous and helpful to the customers and dedicated. As you can see the gym is growing by leaps and bounds and you haven’t seen anything yet. Starting the 1st of February we are going to be open evenings and early mornings for men and there may be an overlap on the evenings, only time will tell about that. We are so busy that some things are being neglected. Along with all that comes the need for more people. We would like to offer you paying part time jobs to help with clean up and other things. Everything needs to be wiped, dusted and wiped down with disinfectant at least once a week.”

“For those of you that are in school it would be 8 hours on Saturday. For those of you that are waiting to start college next year – you know how important that is to all of us – Saturday and possibly even full time. If you are interested the pay will be 12.50 an hour to start,” Marcy said.

As soon as it sank in they all wanted the jobs. Marcy gave each of them an employment application and a pen, then she said, “You can fill them out now or take them home and bring them back tomorrow.” There was only one question.

“Can we tell our Mom’s?”

“Yes, by all means please do and if you want, bring them and give them a tour,” Marcy said.

At 10 the four male trainers were back. Jeff Blight, Andrew (Andy) Comstock, Charles (Curley) Stokes and Paul Forbes were their names. They were all in descent shape. Jeff and Andy wanted to work early. They were early risers and had jobs with 9 am start times. They were both married and had children. By being at the gym that early they would have the evenings free to spend with their families.

Curley and Paul both worked for the government in the (I can’t talk about my job) situations and with a crazy shift – 11am to 7 pm – just outside Washington. Both were single and the 8 to midnight would work great for them. I suspected that they were of the macho gay kind but for our needs that did not mater.

All four of them thought that they could handle several dozen new members each. Apparently they worked with a large group of men with the same issues finding a gym that would cater to their needs and the hours we offered would suit their needs perfectly.

Paul commented that there were close to a dozen men in their group that were smooth body freaks and that they were paying for body waxes in DC at least once a month. He felt sure that if Amy gave a members price or a competitive price they would go for it.

We hired all four of them with a starting date of February 1. With those hires the night gym for men was now complete.

With hiring of the North Six we had a crew for a complete Saturday clean up. Two or all three of the ones that were not in college until the fall could possibly be convinced to split days and add one or two people to the day shift. Maybe in a month they would be skilled enough to be assistant trainers. That would free up a lot of time on my girls. All of the things that Jeanna had given us were going to be very time consuming.

If the interviews went well on Saturday and the four business students were hired, that would nearly finish our manpower needs – for a while at least – and take the load off the girls. They putting in a ton of hours for several weeks now and we all needed a break.

I was considering taking Monday off and spending the time in the office to help set up the office routine.

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