Chapter 129

Sunday all of us ended back over at the gym. We had been using the part-time help hard the last couple of weeks and they needed a break; on top of that it was Super Bowl weekend. Those that wanted the day off, we allowed them to take it.

All the bars had been running many kinds of Super Bowl specials and parties. We expected that by noon customer attendance would drop off and it did some. The gym was busy this morning and so was the tanning booth.

Wendy, bless her soul, came in even though she had the day off and worked. Susan was on a ship at Norfolk and Carl was at the academy. “All my friends are here. How can I not be here with them?” she said.

Marcy, Jenny and I spent time discussing the problem with the Charlotte rental site and how we could correct it. The dealer that was doing the repairs needed to be confronted and about the same time the manager of the car agency so they could not have a cover story made up. There was obviously collusion going on, how high it went in the dealer was one question. How many were involved at the rental site was another?

“We need to get copies of the checks to see who endorsed them. They may have not made it into the dealer’s checking account,” I said.

“Mom is insisting that we are going to have operational control by middle of the week. She was assured that the auditors were monitoring the day to day operations of Mid Atlantic Auto Rentals (MAAR). This thing in Charlotte proves they are not. Her lawyers are going to invoke some kind of clause in the contracts about fraudulent activities and demand control before the federal judge and ask that the penalty clause go into effect on Monday,” Marcy said.

“If Jenny can get Thursday off the three of us could fly down early in the morning. Jenny and I can hit the dealer and you can hit the agency up for a general audit and review until we get done and then join in on the audit. You will need to send out some kind of announcement that JBG is taking over active control as soon as the lawyers get it approved. You will need to extract the managers list and contact information and generate a way to blanket email them,” I said. “We need to have a plan if we fire them on the spot. You may want to print out everything we have on all the employees at the site to come up with the next best manager in a hurry or at least as a temporary.”

“We have to come back Thursday night so we can leave Friday morning to go to OSU for the seminar there. The seminar is at 7pm.and there is a 12 hour drive. We planned to leave around 4 am if you remember,” I said.

“We will fly to both places. We will leave here Thursday morning early in the King Air and be in Charlotte when they open the doors. We can stay over, finish the job Friday morning and be back by two, have Kate meet us, change planes to the G5 that is big enough to carry all of us and the dummies and fly back the same night,” Marcy said. “Don’t tell Kate we are flying.”

“You need to contact the temp agency and get a secretary here, especially if we are getting control this week,” I said. “We are just going to be spread too thin if you don’t, just put her in one of the cubicles.”

We talked for another half hour when Janice, Becky, Lisa and Sly of the North Side six came in with their mothers and a couple of their younger sisters. We went through the round of introductions and pleasantries. Sly said. “We brought our mothers over for the tour. They wanted to see where we were spending so much time.”

“Why don’t you put gym suits on and run your sisters through a light workout and let your Moms watch or join in if they like,” I said. “After you get through with the workout, shower and get a complementary tan on the gym. In fact I will help you. I haven’t worked out at all today.”

For the next two hours I worked with out of shape moms and all the daughters. The girls had a blast working out with their moms. The moms had a blast working out with their daughters even if the daughters did make them look bad. I set the Marathoners up for a 1k beach run for each of the Moms, all on different vacation summer beaches. They had a blast.

A round in the showers and I suggested they hit the hot tubs for 30 minutes before they went to get their free tans. I had just dried off from my shower when Vicky came over to see if I could work up a program for a new member. Lorrie was finishing up the health assessment on her.

I spent the next hour and a half with the new member working on the perfect program for her. Janice Cain was my age although I did not remember her from school. She had scars that told me she had a rough life or a lot of bad luck. Near the end of the work up (she had chosen a strength building program) she asked about both the defensive training and the boxing. I suggested that she spend some time building strength and then move over to the defensive training. Her interest in the defensive training and boxing raised some red flags for me, given her general appearance.

It also struck me in the face like a brick. We were going all over the country in the next few months giving rape prevention seminars at colleges. Why not also have several local directed towards high school girls, and women in general; they were just as much at risk? I would put the idea before the group.

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