Chapter 128

By 7 we had the gym open and had sent one of the girls to get carry-out breakfast sandwiches. I noticed several hickeys on some of the girls; apparently Jeanna’s girl friends didn’t get the message. Wendy had already run several customers through the tanning booths by the time the food arrived. The refreshment center already had several pots on the machine. Apparently coffee was a big mover this early in the morning.

Marcy had sent out an email to the members that there may be a tour by KCC college staff this afternoon and had posted a sign in the lobby, just to cover all bases. There was certainly no difference this morning, there was heavy traffic coming in to use the gym just like any other Saturday morning.

The trainers were walking in the door at 8 right on the nose. The next two hours we spent in advanced training. The last two hours we started with a reservation using each other as a customer and followed the transaction all the way through in the training program and seeing the rental and the return process on the wall monitors. We then followed the money from cash and card transactions through the various processes to the bank account.

Jeanna and her secretaries filled in all the blanks on the bank routing and cost percentages in areas the trainers were lost. They also showed about some cases where the hidden transaction charges could occur to the unknowing.

They trained us on all the possible discounts that site managers were able to play around with for rentals, and how to find managers that were abusing the system to drive rental numbers at the expense of end profits. In some markets it was necessary to discount to be competitive. In most markets heavy discounting was unnecessary.

It was intended to be there as an employee bonus perk, but some were habitually abusing the process. The process had flagged some managers with as many as a dozen cars out every weekend on the family plan with as little 5 dollars a day return, and in some cases no return.

The programs also flagged mileage irregularities. It flagged vehicles from customer turn in, to next rental mileages or tickets with missing numbers. It was possible for employees to use the cars for personal use if the mileages were not recorded on the drop-off forms.

While we were running all the reports another potential fraud popped up at a big North Carolina airport rental site. Three year old cars with 20 to 30 thousand miles were averaging 3 to 5 hundred a month repair cost. That kind of expense was unheard of, maybe on a lemon car that you sent to the auction after several months of that kind of expense, but 25 cars at one location was a big problem. It was obvious that during the transition phase no one was watching anything and most likely didn’t care.

The previous owners already had a fixed price; the attorneys and accounts were concerned only with legal affairs related to the ownership change.

Jeanna was livid. These kinds of things were being paid out of the escrow accounts. This was money out of our pockets. It may have been Saturday but lawyers and accountant’s phones started ringing.

While all that was going on the trainers showed us how to track down the charges to the vehicles along with copies of the original invoices and approvals. Our printer started getting a workout and we saved everything electronic to a file. As I was looking over the printed invoices I noticed one dealer shop and one authorization signature to do the work, and the same person submitted the invoices and authorized the payments.

Marcy looked at me and said, “I think we need to add fraud investigation to your security division.”

“Chief Head Hunter works for me,” I replied. “I hate someone stealing from me.”

It was noon when the trainers were satisfied that our skill level was where we needed to be at this time. They headed to the island airport to go back to Savannah in the G5 that had just returned from leaving the Moms and Dads in Naples FL.

We had a quick lunch. Jenny and I spent time in the gym checking up on the operations there. It was being run entirely with hired help for the first time on a Saturday. The North Six had a check-off list for each machine and gym area and were making progress. Four of them had several carts with cleaning products. They were in their normal tees and gym shorts. Abby was keeping them going in the right direction, giving them pointers and the safety things they needed to know about each machine.

The other two were in the store room working on the mountain of towels and clothes that were generated every day. In between they were cleaning the refreshment area, showers and bathrooms.

Marcy, Vicky, Lorrie and Ching Lee were putting finishing touches on the presentation for this afternoon’s interview session and their appraisal session with their professors.

At 2:30 we all went over to the house, dressed in business attire, and returned to the gym. The girls went upstairs and I stayed in the customer office with Kristen. She was telling me that there were a couple of new EMS people that may be interested in working a part-time arrangement like they were. I told her that we were going through a restructuring of management responsibilities and that I would pass it on to Ching Lee and Vicky as they were now in charge of gym operations, but if there were any problems that could not be resolved Marcy or I would have final decision.

I also told her that I didn’t want rumors to be making the rounds in the gym but major things were going to happen very soon, including the possibility of more perks for employees.

I asked her feelings on doing a new member check-in on the new men’s night gym. “Is doing the physical on men going to be uncomfortable and something that you would not like to do?” I told her I did not need an answer right now and that I needed to ask Carla and Abby.
The college group started coming into the lobby. I told Kristin to call upstairs and inform them to hold the door open and I would escort them up. I knew the professors from my day to day dealings at the college, Dean, Jacobs, Riley and Maxell. I knew the students by their faces, Rebecca Blackstone, Sandy Flood, Randy Richmond, and Mark Patrick They all seemed like good kids; pleasant and easy to get along with. Bob Jackson and Shirley Short from HR made up the rest of the group.

Marcy offered coffee, pastries, water and soda and a chance to go to the bathroom before starting. She introduced all of us along with our official titles and responsibilities in the company then followed that up with each of the girls giving an overview of the company based on her responsibilities. While they gave their presentation they controlled a PowerPoint slide show

Marcy gave her part of the presentation on the car rental company, employees, revenues, locations and number of cars.

Lorrie described the plans for the vacation houses on Florida and the packages. Then she gave details of the charter flight company. Her PowerPoint had pictures of the houses and the planes.

Ching Lee described the various web sites that we were going to have for each along with all the online special promotions and online reservation systems. Then she described her gym oversight duties and all the things that were available in the gym.

Vicky explained the advertising budgets for the pieces of the business with breakdowns of the segments. A lot of money was going to be spent for the auto rental business, gym, vacation and charter business.

Marcy explained that this office was going to be responsible for all the accounting, payroll for 250 employees, purchasing 200 vehicles a year, tracking a 5 year replacement plan, titling, tagging, and maintenance. Scheduling air travel, coordinating rental housing, and scouting expansion sites were only part of the things that needed to be run out of this office.

“Along with that comes the need for people and that’s why I invited you here. The applications you filled out were generic for Mid Atlantic Auto Rentals. Those jobs are for here and if you are interested I will accept them and review them while you taking a tour of the gym and we can do the interviews today,” Marcy said. “Do you have any questions that we can answer for you?”

All four of the students gave Marcy their applications. “It won’t hurt to talk in depth about it,” they said.

“This is a unique setting here today. I can take the applicants for a gym tour while you have a conference with the girls if you like,” I said. “Then we can swap off while Marcy and the girls are doing the interviews.”

Two hours later and two separate tours of the gym, we were going to work up a job offer package with all the perks and benefits explained and in their hands by the middle of next week to the four students. The two male students had met Wendy and were in love. The two female students got a complementary tan. The girls and their professors had a good discussion; everyone was happy. Kirstin brought up handfuls of phone messages we needed to address before the end of the day, she had been handling all the calls for us.

Jenny and I completed the second of the three inseminations we were going to do on this month’s cycle. Saturday and Sunday were our regular nights to spend together and that made it a little special. I made her favorite for the group for supper even though it was late because we worked the gym. I had it hot and steaming on the table as soon as they closed the gym. The couple bottles of her favorite wine finished off the mood.

We showered and washed each other. We made sweet soft, tender, and passionate love as only two women can. We did the dirty deed as we did the first time and it seemed to go smoother and easier. With her legs crossed and a pillow under her butt I held my love in my arms all night.
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