Chapter 132

Friday morning we were at the site at 5:45. The site was already open with signs and placards in the hallway announcing MAAR had cars available for rent. There were customers standing at the counter. Marcy went in and signed in at one of the computers to do her daily checks. We had stopped at one of those famous donut shops and purchased several dozen of their pastries and several boxes of their great coffee that I placed on the counter.

Oscar brought several sets of keys in and placed them on the ready to rent rack. I gave Jack and Oscar a card with the JBG web site address, “When you have time you may want to look at everything we have to offer the paying customers. New Employee Manuals are being finalized and soon to be printed. They will cover everything; code of conduct, ethics, health plan, time off, doctor’s visits, vacation days, holidays, and conduct that merits immediate dismissal. Part time employees will be eligible for vacation days based on accrued work hours,” I said.

Oscar and Jack both asked how that worked. “A full time employee works 2080 hours a year and gets 2 weeks vacation after one year of service. That works out to 1 day of vacation for each 148 hours of work. A part time employee is eligible for one vacation day for each accrued 148 hours of work after one year of service. A part time employee that works 20 hours a week would work 1040 hours and would get 7 days paid vacation that they can take as days off or receive it in a paycheck. It is a perk that will allow us to keep good part time people, we think,” I explained. “We are also looking into a limited health care plan for part time employees.”

“I can see where that would certainly make a difference to someone wanting to work just part time. It could be a house wife that wants to work a few hours while the kids are in school,” Jack replied.

At 9:30 we said our goodbyes and boarded the King Air to return to the Kent Island. After a brief visit to the gym for an update and to pick up several folders of paperwork to look over in flight, we went to the airport. With Kate, the Homer dummies, the electronic equipment and padding we needed for the routine, we boarded the G5 for the 2 hour flight to OSU for the seminar. Kate was thrilled to be flying to the seminar. She had never flown anywhere other than a local one hour sight seeing tour and loved it.

The crew for this seminar was Lorrie, Vicky, Ching Lee (as the new villain), Kate and myself. Marcy and Jenny stayed at the gym. I looked through the folders as we flew. Most of it was related to vendors who had been notified of the management change and wanted payment procedures. They were also expressing their wishes to continue the business relationship and wanting to meet with us. There was one that had the print of the airport at Naples with the vacant business areas high lighted. It was accompanied by rates, terms, business obligations and contact information.

OSU is a big college. Being in the mid west, it was heavy into sports and had a huge trophy room to display their victories. It was also big into agriculture programs. The auditorium held 1500 and it was packed with girls and female staff, and they were vocal. It was the first time with the fight scenes that we felt like we had a cheering section. After the opening statement and video you could have heard a pin drop. After the first fight scene you would have thought you were at a pep rally. When the material was serious they were quiet and attentive.

Lorrie’s video and testimonial was powerful; for the first time I could have sworn that I heard crying in the audience. During Vicky’s video there were cheers from the audience when Dan went to his knees from the kick to his nuts.

The response from the take down at the crosswalk was even louder. There was deathly silence when Lorrie pointed out her attacker in the paused video. The silence continued even after the shoot-out.

Ching Lee was even more aggressive in trying to pull some out of the audience for the reward pussy. Lorrie and Ching Lee were more closely matched in size and speed for the fight plus they had practiced a lot more together. I thought at one time I was going to have to stop the fight to keep girls from the audience from joining in. They just kept pounding away at each other.

I knew that Lorrie had surrendered to end the scene. I repeated the statistics as they went through the strip down. They were a surprised crowd when a woman was revealed under the outfit.

We answered questions for almost four hours. They questioned us about everything from the kicks, the eye pokes, and our training to how often we worked out together. I was worn out from doing one on one demonstrations and coaching. Some wanted to see pictures of the gym. I had Kate bring up the JBG website on the big screen. Ching Lee had loaded hundreds of pictures there of the gym activities and training and videos. As we worked with the students I noticed a group of administrators going through all the pages of the web site with Kate. I also noticed that Ching Lee and Vicky had been updating the web site almost daily. They had pictures of the new part-time people we had offered jobs to just a few days ago, and their duties.

I had no idea how many students gave the Homers kicks but they were going to need rebuilding before the next seminar.

The flight back to the eastern shore was quiet and relaxing. It had been a busy week. I was looking forward to spending quiet time with Jenny in my arms again tonight; she had been on my mind a lot recently. I reclined the big leather padded seat and dreamed about how far we had come in the last year.

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  1. Kiwi Chris says:

    Sorry, haven’t commented for a while.
    Have been really enjoying the story!
    Thanks for writing

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Thanks for the comment. Good to hear from you again and glad that you like the continuing story line. There are twist and turns coming. Thanks again.

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