Chapter 133

Saturday morning all of us went over to the gym to work out. Sometime in the last week we had come to the understanding that we needed to let our employees make use of their talent and training. We needed to guide them through the difficult spots but they needed to be able run things. Our time needed to be devoted to the important things but we also needed to be able to relax and recharge or we were going to be burnt out way too soon.

We worked out without interruption in the gym as a group, just like we did when the equipment was in the basement. The morning was ours and we used it to burn off the secretarial spread before it was noticeable. There were some business things to deal with later on this afternoon but the workout was rejuvenating. We even spent time in the hot tubs, even though it was midday. The paid help ran the gym to perfection; we had not been bothered with even one question.

We enjoyed lunch, a fresh salad from the refreshment bar. It was one of the changes that Vicky and Ching Lee had made since they had full control of the gym. The refreshment bar was staffed with another part time person on the weekends. Loretta, a single mother of one, could work on Saturday’s and Sunday’s when her child was with her former husband and four hours during the weekday at lunchtime when her child was in school. The health food line had been expanded a little. There was even a takeout menu. From the traffic to the bar it looked like it was a hit. It was easy to tell she had taken advantage of the perk of the tanning booths.

We were going to have our normal evening business meeting on Saturday and Sunday afternoon so we could have our evening free to help the night shift in the gym if needed, or simply have family time. Tonight that free time was consumed by orgy night. Jeanna and the two secretaries had already been invited. One of them was going to meet the special lubes.

Marcy opened the business meeting with a call to Randy Richmond, one of the business majors who was going to start working Monday morning. When he answered the phone Marcy asked, “Are you up for a challenge?”

His response was, “Sure, what do you have in mind?”

“Pack two weeks worth of clothes, unless you can do laundry, and be here at 8 AM tomorrow morning. I will have everything ready for you,” Marcy said and then hung up.

Marcy dumped a box on the table. It had Randy’s new ID tag in it. Marcy had decided that all employees of MAAR would have a new corporate photo ID card. We could easily see by glancing, even from a distance, by the color and design on the card if they were a site manager, full time or a part time employee. The ones for the corporate office had a magnetic strip on them to open the office doors. All employees were to keep the card displayed on their person at all times when on the job. All employees had received an email Friday that included an employee update contact form that was to be completed and returned with a passport sized picture for the new ID cards.

The box for Randy’s trip contained a portable GPS, printed directions and maps for him to get to Charlotte, the hotel reservation for two weeks, one of the corporate cards with a 2500 limit on it in his name, 500 dollars cash expense money that required receipts when used, a corporate smart phone and the address of the rental site and his report to work time and Jacks contact information. It also included one of the member fast tracks auto rental cards that billed the car to a corporate expense account. There was a sheet for him to sign accepting responsibility for the items.

Marcy asked if we could think of anything else he would need. No one could.

Lorrie passed around the house packets she had received from our vacationing parents. They were all favorable. Lorrie had authorized the required payments to lock them in. The vacationers had five more to do before they were to fly back on Sunday. Lorrie explained the Naples Airport Authority’s requirements to lease a business office in their terminal. Marcy compared them to the other sites that MAAR was leasing. The terms and rates were very reasonable.

Jenny was to contact all the Florida state agency’s to get the necessary licenses and permits for housing and auto rentals. I suggested that she simply contact an attorney there and let them do the leg work, with a time limit on the project, if it looked like there were going to be any problems.

We decided that the plan was to fly down 2 weeks from Monday, drop Rebecca Blackstone off at Charlotte for her two weeks, pick up Randy and fly to Naples to meet with the realtor to settle on the properties, and then the airport authority to sign the lease and plan the office. While Marcy, Jenny, Lorrie and I signed the mountain of paper Ching Lee, Vicky and Randy could take all the pictures of the houses to make up promotional brochures.

Lorrie was going to advertise the job in the local papers for help to run the office. Hopefully we could interview while we were there. We were hoping that Randy would be competent enough to set up the rental office with help from Lorrie on the house rental part or that Jack would be willing to in a couple weeks after that. The advertising for the rental houses would hit the markets Wednesday with the rentals available in three weeks.

We were flying to do two seminars – one in Texas and one on Oklahoma – that were going to consume extra days that I could exchange comp time for the following week for the Florida trip.

We ended the meeting to go over to the house to clean up the basement for tonight’s orgy. The toys needed one last cleaning before use. I needed to put the sex chair back out on the floor. I was sure that it would get a workout tonight. I had moved it into the closet for the room construction project. I could also check out Bob’s progress on the rooms he was building down there.

I was going to move the X frame out tonight; Ching Lee wanted a session on it. I had promised her that we would. We were going to use it as the opening warm-up act. I was going to start off with the soft floggers and then change to light whips and hard floggers. She would be surprised. She did not know that I had been practicing when she had been working in the gym. I wanted to be confident that I still had full control with every swing and wrist action. There was no room for errors with this. A slight miscue could require stitches.

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