Chapter 134

We used Sunday morning to recover from Saturday night. I cooked a late big breakfast for our guests and ourselves. We were all sitting very gently. I was sure there were several pussies that were still tender and gaped. I know mine was. Ching Lee was still carrying a pink tone to her skin in places and there were several darker stripes that would be covered when she was dressed, but she was purring like a kitten and had a smile that would not quit.

The week went fast with so many things going on. The Homer dummies had been carried down to the maintenance shop to be rebuilt. Ken Smith promised to have them both ready for next week’s seminars. With new stronger materials and more bells and whistles, he would have them ready for testing Thursday before I went home.

On Wednesday I removed Roseanne and Corry’s ankle bracelets. They were both talking about new boyfriends. There was no mention of anything else. That made me happy for the time being. On the way home Sarah commented that Roseanne and Corry were going on a double date on the weekend. That comment kind of caught me by surprise. With everything the pair had caused how in the world were they going to handle a double date? I bet the rumor mill would have all the juicy details next Monday.

Wednesday’s meeting was held as soon as Jenny and I got home from work. We were there in time so that the new office help could participate in part of it. Randy and Jack were going to participate via web cam from Charlotte. It was something Marcy had wanted to try since the four administrators as we had come to call them were going to spend a total of eight weeks there. Randy had been sent to the big office electronics store this morning to buy a big screen display and a good video camera specifically for conference meetings.

We went around the table and made the introductions to Jack and Oscar who sat in on the video conference. Since Randy was the first with this experiment he was asked how he was making out with the field office work?

“I love it and I think Becky, Sandy and Mark will to. I am getting great information and ideas to work with when I get back to the office. The hotel is OK.”

“Jack, I can see you are getting the numbers back up already. It looks like you may have them all rented on Friday. If you need to rent Randy’s car out do it and send him to the hotel in a taxi,” Marcy said.

“We will be out of cars early Friday most likely. There are a couple of special events happening this weekend,” Jack said.

“Randy, the plan is for us to drop Rebecca off on Monday, March 10th and pick you up fly on to Florida. We are signing a lease on a rental site at the Naples Airport and settling on 20 rental houses. You can be in on the rental setup and the equipment needed to get it running,” Marcy said.

Another 20 minutes of business talk ended the video conference and continued with other business. Friday, the Frost Borough board was touring KCC, checking the KCC security and then coming here to hear my presentation. They were flying into BWI by commuter Friday morning and picking up rental cars to make the trip to KCC for the day.

They were then coming from KCC to the Seafood Inn to have supper on my nickel before the presentation. Katz and Bradberry from East Coast Security were going to join us there. Then they were coming here to get the presentation from Katz and Bradberry on the equipment and its technical capabilities and operation. Katz and Bradberry were going to leave and then we would present the bid and cost proposal. Rebecca and Sandy had been crunching the numbers with Marcy’s help.

They thought they had to be back to BWI by 8:30 but by luck I made contact with them in time to have them rent cars from MAAR. My plan was to leave their rental cars at Island Air Port and fly in one of the G5’s. I planned to accompany them back to Frost Borough so I could answer any more questions and continue the sales pitch. It was also to show them that if there were any problems we could be there in force in less than an hour. It was 350 miles by car or 6 hours with traffic, but at over 500 miles an hour in a G5, a thirty five or forty minute trip.

We gave Marcy the blessing to contact Max Kelley and price 10 cars to be direct delivered to Charlotte – 5 Nissans and 5 Ford Focus. That would challenge his ‘I want to be a business partner’ statement. She was also to get a price from the Hendrick Chevrolet commercial division on 10 Impalas. All the cars were to be plain Jane, electric locks and windows, AM, FM, AC, standard colors, seats and delivered with tags and full of fuel ready to rent.

We finished in time for Jenny to do the tutoring of the North six and Joey. I told Jenny that when she had finished I was going to take the North six to the basement for more instruction. The secretaries and administrators left for the evening. The five of us left continued in a general conversation.

Lorrie gave us the brochures that they had put together for the charter flight part of our business; they had full color pictures of all four planes and the interiors. There were even pictures of our two regular pilots and four stand-by pilots along with their certifications and qualifications. There were lists of the extras available; breakfast, lunch and dinner options, booze and stewardess for first class flights to exotic places in the world, for the right price. Prices that includes stand-by and lay-over time, by the trip, by the hour or a block of time, a set fee for a block of flight time. There were ten, twenty five, fifty and 100 hour blocks of flight time for the customer, paid for in advance. It gave the customer priority on plane availability and services. Multiple blocks had already been purchased by corporations in Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis from the web site and the pilot’s efforts. The pilots had kept contact lists from their flights with other companies and they had sent the web site to all of them. The girls were pleased and they should have been. We had been thrown a Hail Mary with the planes but they had grabbed the ball in the air and were running with it. One of the big screens had been changed over to show the flights scheduled and services required.

About the time we had finished Jenny had also. I stopped the North six from stripping and assuming the slave waiting position. “Come with me,” I said.

We loaded up in the Suburban and went across the street to the house. If it had been warm we would have walked but we were in the middle of another arctic blast. I hoped with March just a couple of days away that this kind of weather would soon be history. We had so much snow this winter we had resorted to having it trucked away to maintain enough parking spaces at the gym, and it had been expensive.

They had never been over to the house. I opened the garage door and they followed me in and down to the basement through the garage entrance. The heat was on and turned up. Bob’s group was drying paint and drywall mud from the smell of it, I thought. I walked us over to the dungeon area.

“Strip, there is a bath room over there if you need to use one and pick up your towel in there. Then assume the position here,” I said indicating a spot near one of the walls.

While they were preparing I went to one of the drawers that we kept the suction cup dildos in and found seven of the average size ones, 1 ¼ x 6 and one 1 ¼ x 7. I gave them a rewash and sanitized them in the sink while the girls we getting prepared.

“Today we are going to discuss the other half of the world. I told you up front that I would make you experts in all forms of sexual depravity. How many of you have had sex with a man?” I asked.

Two responded that they had; Sly and Glenda. “How was the first time?” I asked.

“Not good, it was no fun. We were in too much of a hurry and too nervous. He rammed it in and it hurt like hell. By the time I had relaxed he was done and pulling his clothes back on. I didn’t even get off. I was like – is that all there is to it?’ Glenda said.

“Mine went a little better than that, but I still expected it to be better. The second and third were a lot better. Then he wanted to take naked pictures for keep sakes. I had just gotten involved with the gang and Bitch, she put an end to that quick,” Sly said.

“Seventy percent of the first time experiences go about like that. Everyone is too nervous, too rushed, too excited, too inexperienced and forget the condom and have a nine month surprise or just a bad experience.

I picked up one of the dildos and said, “This little head will overrule the big head almost every time if you handle it just right. It will make grown men turn into whimpering baby’s, betray their wife’s, their country and fellow men,” I said.

As I was explaining I was also demonstrating. I was on my knees with three girls on each side so they all could see. “You start with a kiss and a lick around the head. Then you suck in a little, about an inch, and then you back off completely. You then lick the underside from the tip to the nuts and back again. You go back to the head and suck just it into your mouth and use your tongue across the tip of it. Now you stroke it deep a couple times.”

“Most wives make the mistake of stopping at the gag point. That is where you will be able to gain control of them because you will master the blow job. Wive’s have the ring; they think that makes them superior and they no longer have to do things like that. They know where the gag reflex is so they stop there and wait to gag. You have to take control of the gag reflex and be its master.”

“The easiest way is to simply trick it and force the cock past it, once you get past it the natural reaction is to try to swallow. Make sure you have his complete cock slick with saliva. You bob his cock deep into your mouth just to the gag reflex. Then with his hands in yours you move them behind him, to cupping his cheeks. On the next bob you pull with your hands and quickly force his cock past the reflex and deep into your throat. Relax your throat and let it slide in. It will take some practice for you to get used to the sensation and be able to relax”

I stopped talking and did as I said. I stroked it in half strokes, made sure it was wet and then stroked it into my throat several times. I even took my hand off of the fake cock with its balls against my chin. Damn, I was making myself horny, I was wet, my clit itching. I pulled it out some so I could breathe then repeated the process. They were watching – almost staring. Then I stopped and handed each a 6 inch and told them to practice.

“You will learn to control your breathing to the strokes of the cock,” I said.

I stood, backed away and stripped. I watched to see who was making the most progress. Becky was bouncing the balls off her chin with every stroke, a natural cock sucker. A couple others were close but they were fighting the gag reflex hard. I moved close in front of Becky with my dildo and began sucking it again.

With my free hand I reached out and squeezed her breast and pinched her nipple. I took her free hand and brought it to my nipple. She understood what I wanted and did the same to mine. I moved my hand to her clit and began circles pinches. She did the same. We never stopped sliding the dildos into our throat’s, moments later we flooded each other’s hand and were out of breath. When I recovered enough to look around, the other girls had followed our lead or had their hand between their legs.

When we had all finished I cleaned the toys and told then to hit the showers to remove the smell and I did the same. I took a look at the rooms under construction and was happy with the size. Sly asked what they were for?

“We are out of guest rooms and are going to need more. The gym equipment was here before we bought the gym. After we moved it over there this was just empty space. Time to put it to use,” I replied. “Let’s go back to the gym and work out some. Each of you get a cup of crushed ice to suck on, your throats are going to be sore. A couple of Advil may also help.”

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