Chapter 137

Monday morning we were waiting on Kate to arrive before going to the Island airport. The dummies and our bags had already been loaded on the King Air. The G5 was on its way to Naples Fl. to pick up our working/vacationing parents. Dad had called Sunday night to see if there were any more houses we wanted checked out. I could tell they were disappointed when I said, “no.” I did tell them they could stay another week and could fly back with us on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week when we finished buying and leasing everything. They decided they had better come home and work a week. But he did offer to go back and help change the locks on all the houses.

Kate came in at 6:30 and by 6:45 we were airborne. Oklahoma City was 4 hours in the King Air. The crew for this week’s seminar was Lorrie, Vicky, Jenny, Kate and me. The rental cars from our competition had already been reserved and so had the motel rooms on the KCC credit card. We had become spies now. Every time we went into another car rental we were checking out what kinds of cars they offered, the rates, and how they ran their operation.

We started the seminar at 1. The place was packed and it was a smooth performance by the group. We had done enough of them that we could do them by memory now. The question and answer time, though, was something else. Those Oklahoma girls were tough and they didn’t shy away from four letter words or vulgar descriptions to get their question asked. We spent 3 and a half hours answering questions, the most of any seminar we had given so far. The rebuilt Homer dummies took one hell of a beating! I was glad maintenance had rebuilt and improved them, especially with five more to go this week.

We had the night free, our flight out was to be in the morning. We decided we were going out to eat and then go to a night club. The pilots suggested we go to a place called the Stock Yard. It was a huge converted cattle auction site. It had several large steak restaurants and several Italian food chains and of course a lot of Mexican foods, also a dozen night clubs of every variety you could name – according to the pilots.

We ate at a place called the Beef Pit. The steak was enough to feed two people, it came with the biggest sweet potato I gad ever seen smothered in sugar, cinnamon and butter. The salad bar was a feast in itself with every kind of dressing and greens imaginable.

During the wait for the steaks a hostess came out and made the rounds with a plate of prairie oysters. I took a couple. I had had them before by a different name. In some areas they were known as Rocky Mountain Oysters. They were bull testicles flattened, coated in flour or batter like you would put on frying chicken and fried in a deep fryer or a pan of oil. The girls were lost in conversation about all the eye candy – both male and female – standing around. They each took a couple without really asking what they were.

I was waiting to see their faces after they ate them. They have a unique taste as does all exotic foods do. I ate mine with a little A1 steak sauce on them. Jenny copied me by using the A1 as well; she never did ask what they were. I was going to ask them tomorrow how they liked them just for fun.

After we finished eating we walked the area looking for a dance floor we felt comfortable in. We ended up in a country music club that featured local bands and groups. We listened to a few songs and enjoyed a beer. We even tried line dancing for a while. Kate watched our things while Jenny and I, Vicky and Lorrie danced a couple of dances; the girl dancing with girl kind of things. We were out on the floor when the tempo changed to slow songs. I shrugged my shoulders for the public effect then pulled Jenny close. She rested her head on my shoulder as we danced to the song and music. I noticed Vicky and Lorrie doing the same thing.

When we returned to the table Kate said with a smile, “I think you do that quite often.”

“Not often enough,” I replied.

The next place was a rock and roll joint. Since everyone dances six feet from each other we could dance in a group. We danced several dances and then moved on to the next place.

The last place we went was without question a lesbian club. There wasn’t a guy in sight. There were a lot of tough dominate broads in there sporting all kinds of get up. Leather and vinyl seemed to be the apparel of choice. There were two distinct styles of dress. The hardcore ones wore micro minis and there were obvious lips below the hem of some the skirts, they were so short. They were also pierced and heavily tattooed. Some of them were wearing collars to symbolize that they belonged to someone to keep from being hit on. They were on the arm of what I had called in the past bull dykes. The bulls had their breasts tightly wrapped to minimize them. They were loud and rough talking macho types.

The other group was the more professional office type. They were well dressed, quiet and were setting at tables in the darker areas of the bar. They could have been new to the scene or just checking the scene out. Occasionally you could see the discrete hand holding or a touch. There were also single women who were looking for a pickup at some of the tables.

Other than Kate, we fit somewhere between the two groups. We were more muscular than the bull dykes from all the time in the gym. I had not thought of it at the time but we could have been considered a threat to them. We were being eyed by several of them and their women were staring at us.

The waitress came over and asked what we wanted to drink. “Diet Coke in a can or a bottle, unopened,” I said. The rest of my group picked up on my tone and ordered the same way. As soon as the waitress left I asked if they were open to a little fun.

Lorrie, Vicky and Jenny said, “Sure what did you have in mind?”

“When was the last time you did any real dirty dancing?” I asked as I was taking off my blazer.

I was met with three smiles. We went to the jukebox and started picking out songs and music and danced our way to the dance floor. We were a thousand miles from home, what a better place to let loose than here? Jenny and I met chest to chest and began rub and shake out boobs together. Then we turned to rub our asses together. I pulled her around and held her back to my front with my arms around her; I had two hands full of her breasts. While I massaged them through her blouse I was kissing her neck. Jenny was pushing back against me.

I looked to see Vicky and Lorrie doing the same things as we were. They were following our lead. Jenny and I broke apart, we needed some air as we were both getting too hot. We went back to the bump and grind for a little while.

While we were dancing face to face I winked at Jenny and unbuttoned my blouse down to my navel, she did the same with a devilish grin. We moved back together. I surprised her when I reached down and lifted our skirts and forced my leg between hers. I spread mine wide enough so I had her thigh against my pussy and mine against hers. We did movements that were basically using each others thigh to masturbate on. By pulling the opened blouse sideways a little we were tit to tit.

I had to kiss her. It was open mouth with plenty of tongue and full of passion. We stayed like that a couple more minutes before I whispered in her ear that we needed to separate and cool down a bit. Lorrie and Vicky were a little more exposed than we were. As soon as we separated they did too and straightened their clothes. We all went back to the table.

The waitress came back to bring us cold cokes and asked if we needed anything. There were two women setting together at a table off to the side. They were staring at us the whole time we were dancing and getting all touchy-feely.

“Take those two ladies another round of whatever they are drinking and put it on my tab,” I said. There were two empty glasses in front of each of them.

I put more money in the box and picked some more music. This time I danced with Lorrie. We got a little wilder, showed more skin, and we used our thighs to masturbate on again as Lorrie whispered in my ear, “I am so close to cuming.”

“We need to take a cool-down break,” I said. We separated and danced tit to tit. I whispered into Lorrie’s ear, “Let’s make our way to those two at the table that have been ogling us for the last half hour while holding hands and see if they will join us dancing.”

As we got closer I could see that one was my age and the other a couple of years younger. When we got to the table Lorrie and I separated. I approached the older one; she had a nice chest on her and a silk blouse with slacks that had a stretch waist band. She was average build, not skinny or fat but just nice and had dark black hair.

“Hi, I’m BJ – come dance with me,” I said as I took her hand. At first she resisted then said, “Sure, why not. You two look like you have been having fun.” We danced 6 inches apart with our hands on each other hips. She went from looking at my eyes to my open blouse and the cleavage that was bare. I took one hand and pulled my blouse open so she could see my complete breast.

“Do you like?” I asked. Her response was to lick her lips. I pulled the blouse from the skirt and undid the last of the buttons. I opened the blouse and moved against her. As soon as we touched I let go of the blouse and put my arms around her and slid my hands inside and down the back her slacks. I had two handfuls of firm bare cheek that I squeezed and massaged while I was using them to hold us together crotch to crotch as we ground against each other. She moaned loudly enough for Lorrie to hear because she shot me a glance and a smile as she was doing similar things with the other lady. As I moved my hands around I did notice the string of a throng.

“Of all the times I chose to wear a bra and slacks,” she whispered. I responded first by kissing her neck. “I can always slip them down and you can step out f them and place them in your chair. This is a long tailed blouse you have on; everything will be covered,” I said.

She leaned back a little and stared into my eyes like she could not believe what she had heard or was seriously considering it. Then she said, “You have me so hot and bothered I don’t think I can trust myself with you.” We were swaying barely moving our feet to keep our groins moving together.

I smiled and said, “I don’t bite.”

Jenny and Vicky were dancing and doing touchy-feely close to us when they decided to join in. From behind me, Jenny reached around and massaged my breast and nipples. Vicky from behind her did the same then Vicky unbuttoned the silk blouse as low as she could.

Jenny and Vicky moved to Lorrie and the other girl and left us to our own remedy. I turned us so that my back was to the bar crowd and pulled her so I was standing tight to her right side, spread my legs and hiked up my skirt against her right leg. I placed her right arm around me.

My right hand slid inside her slacks and thong. I stopped and let my fingers do the walking around her very erect clit and then slid on further down, curling two fingers inside a much lubricated hole and gently stroked in and out. I kissed her neck as she moaned and her knees got weak. I heard moaning and heavy breathing coming from Lorrie and the other girl and there were other sounds that I knew were from Vicky and Jenny.

I slid my left hand down the crack between her cheeks and used my finger to do circles on her brown hole before sliding further down to wet that finger with her lube. Wet she was, she was dripping and going to have one huge wet spot in her slacks.

After wetting the fingers I went back to her anus and worked my index finger in to the second knuckle and stroked in the fingers in both holes. She was kissing and slipping her tongue in and out of my mouth. We were both gasping for breath in between her kisses. Her legs started to tremble, that action with my clit against it had me very close.

I pulled my fingers out of the honey hole and attacked her clit, squeezing it between my fingers and then doing circles. She came with a small scream but loud enough that it hushed the conversation at the bar for a moment. She pulled me tight to her leg with both arms as my orgasm took control of my actions; there would be another wet spot on her slacks. While both our legs were trembling, we used each other for support as our orgasms weakened and drifted away.

It was wonderful, and was too bad that we didn’t have time for more. I walked her to her chair and headed to the bathroom to give my hands a good washing.

When I returned everyone was back sitting down and recovering. I opened my drink and downed it; I was so thirsty.

“Damn, that was better than cable TV,” Kate said as she headed to the bathroom.

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  1. garydan says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to “Dirty Dancing”
    I look forward to your next “episode”

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Thanks for the reply. Things are going to be heating up and down in some of the next chapters.

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