Chapter 138

The flight to Dallas was uneventful. The memories of the night before were spine tingling. I wondered how the voyeurism episode would affect the girls. It didn’t take long for it to come up in the conversation. It was the first time for them and they were still giddy about it. They couldn’t believe that it added so many thrills to the sex experience. For them it was a new kind of kink.

The two back to back seminars went smoother than I expected they would. The flight home was peaceful, maybe because we were so tired.

It was hard to believe so much would happen in the two days we were gone. Charlotte needed more cars already as did Richmond and Charlestown, WV and Marcy also needed cars for the Naples site. We had planned on replacing 200 this year and now we were looking at an additional fifty just to shore up the sites with improving sales, and this was in less than three weeks!

It’s funny what a change in management does to a business, especially when it had been run on cruise control with little actual over-site for over six months, the whole operation had just gotten sloppy.

Managers called other managers to see if anyone knew the new owners and to ask what was going to happen. They wanted to know if there was any truth to the e-mail that site inspections were going to happen, and how soon. They did make routine calls to each other to follow effective sales patterns and to make sure they were not out of the loop on things that worked. It was sort of a manager’s insiders club.

The word quickly spread that bosses showed up at Baltimore on the very first day and took cars based on sales and reservations. Then they showed up at Charlotte with a brief case with fill in the blank pink slips. They were putting up with no bull.

Jack was from the respected old school group and the word went out that the new people had their act together. Managers were shown the door and people were being promoted and hired on the spot. Get your site in order and keep it that way or else became the new hush phrase.

They also learned that they could call and talk to a real person and get answers to questions today, not in weeks. Money was again being spent on advertizing. The 20% reduction in the rental numbers had changed directions and was showing a slow but gradual improvement in just a few days.

Marcy’s meeting Wednesday night was a barn burner. A NASCAR team owner that Jack was friends with had approached Jack about renting 30 vehicles, including tractor trailers, for 10 months and replacing the cars and pickups with new ones the next season on an extended contract. The cars and pickups had to be Chevrolets. We knew nothing about renting tractor trailers and specialized equipment but Marcy was going to find out.

The Mom’s and Dad’s were back from Naples and gave us a complete rundown on the houses and the potential airport site. Both Mom’s were very tan. Much to their dismay Dad let the cat out of the bag that it was a total tan. There was a bathing suits optional beach in a private cove. Mom and Lisa did tell us how much fun they had and how much shopping one could do in just a few miles.

Jason and my Dad raved about the charter fishing trips out into the Gulf and the surf fishing. I knew they would be willing to make as many trips there as was needed. Jason was talking more about retirement and dropping hints he may be interested in helping us part time. Jenny was keeping him up to date on the Frost Borough bids. Jason and the judge had bought the hunting-ski cabin. I guessed that goose and deer hunting on the shore, then elk and bear hunting season at Frost Borough, then when it got too cold Florida and fishing looked good. Those recreational activities were things that could be added to the web site, maybe even a list of those with proven results.

Ching Lee filled us in on the advertizing for the vacation rentals, it had started running in the selected areas on Monday. The web site had 10,000 hits the first day and they weren’t just open and close it, many had browsed all the pictures of the houses. They were a combination of the pictures from the realtors and from those the Dads had taken when they were doing our inspection. They looked at dates of availability and the optional perks.

Ginger, Ching Lee’s secretary and assistant had taken dozens of calls and even had a few lock in dates by credit cards for the complete package, round trip flight, and two week rentals with car. Ching Lee and Lorrie shared Ginger as a secretary. We were going to have just 3 weeks after the closing on the houses and the car rental site to get everything ready for the first rentals.

That also added two more things that needed to be taken care of when we were in Naples next week. We needed to contract a maintenance group for any emergency repairs and a Merry Maid group to thoroughly clean the houses between rentals. I knew we were going to be spending several days there and not just the one as we had initially thought.

Marcy slid a newspaper article to me and asked, “Is this going to be a potential problem for us in the future?” The head line read: “Men’s Group asks for injunction against City’s Free Self Defense Training for Women and Girls as part of Sexual Assault Prevention Month for being Discriminatory.”

Jenny and I both read the article and dismissed it as another California group wanting free media time. The colleges were covered under a lot of different rules and students could be directed to different events as part of their studies or safety. When we converted over to the paid seminars as part of the gym offering they would still be held at colleges under the same conditions.

The lawyer that Jenny had hired had sent a FedEx packet of legal papers for us to sign. We slid them around the table and signed on the designated lines. They would be faxed back tonight with the originals FedExed tomorrow with same day delivery. As soon as they were filed we were legally in business in Florida.

We gave Marcy the go ahead to buy 50 more cars, 20 to initially go to Naples and later moved around if all were not needed there and the other 30 split among Charlotte, Richmond and Charlestown WV. I suggested that we get the 20 for Naples delivered there if possible a few days before we were to open.

The North 6 had completed their homework with Lisa by the time we had finished the meeting. I stopped them and told them we were going over to the basement for another session for a while then they could come back to work out. We did the same as the other night. They stripped and prepared themselves then I had them watch while I cleaned and sanitized the dildos. I explained the process and why I did the things certain ways. Tonight I cleaned both the 6 and 7 inch ones.

We had several 8 inch dildos but in real life there were very few 8 inch cocks out there and I saw no need to try to train them to throat one. A rubber dildo was just not forgiving in the throat that deep. If you could throat a 7” dildo without gagging you could easily take an 8 or 9 inch real cock if you ever ran into one. No matter how hard the hard-on was the hard-on was still soft enough to form to the throat and let it slide deeper. If it was a fat one you were not going to throat it no matter what you did.

The thing with deep throat was to learn how to relax the muscles in the throat and let slide down without trying to gag it up, and then to work those muscles to massage the cock to completion. Practice was the only way for that to happen.

The next challenge when confronted with a big cock was getting a rhythm worked out that allowed you to breathe. You can only hold your breath so long then bad things happen. With the average cock you can breathe through your nose even when your nose is in the hair. With a long cock’s depth that part of the wind pipe is blocked.

They started with the 6 and as soon as they mastered it I gave them the seven to try. Becky again had no trouble taking the 7 to the balls. She was indeed a natural cock sucker. The next time I was going to clean an 8 and let her try just for the heck of it.

I moved in front of her and we eyed each other as we worked the dildos in our throat and found our breathing rhythm. I was always fascinated watching someone’s throat rise and fall with the dildo. I had been at orgies in my younger days and had been in the right position to watch girls try to swallow the big one. With the right amount of booze or drugs there are some girls that will try the impossible and most despicable things at least once.

I put the balls on my chin and reached out with both hands and tweaked both of Becky’s nipples until I had to breathe. Then I pulled the dildo out and took a couple of breaths and repeated the process. Then it hit me; they were both suction cup! I took hers and mine, wet the suction cup and squished them together.

The plan is we alternate. We both take it deep, then I will bite on mine and pull it out so you and breathe. Then you take it deep and bite and pull it out enough so I can breathe, if we get the motion right we can play with both our hands. It took a dozen attempts to get it right. They only needed to be pulled out of our throat about 3 inches to breathe; once we had that figured out it was a breeze. We worked each others nipples and kept the other hand on opposite clits and stared in each others eyes. Just as we were about to cum our actions got all jerky. I noticed her eyes tearing up and realized mine were too.

Suddenly Becky’s eyes went big and then clinched tight and she flooded my hand that was at her pussy and clit with her orgasm, that set mine over the top too. One last pinch to her nipple and I used the hand around her neck to pull us together, hold both dildos deep in our throats and held us there while my other hand went crazy on her clit. Becky did the same to my clit and we stared into each others eyes as we came again.

I watched her eyes dilate, and then start to turn black. I knew mine were too because my vision was getting blurry. I pushed back and removed the dildo so we could breathe and pulled her into a hug that I held until we were breathing normally. I kissed her hard with plenty of tongue action while I worked her breast.

I pushed her back onto the mat and turned into a 69 with me on top. With her legs back under my arms I feasted on her cum while she did the same to me until we were satisfied and exhausted.

From the smiles and puddles on the mats and floor everyone had came several times. We showered and I washed her twice and myself. Showered and dressed all of us went upstairs for crushed ice before we went back over to the gym after putting all the dildos in a bucket of solution to sanitize them.

We worked out lightly; we were too exhausted for much of anything else.

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