Chapter 143

We arrived at Naples Regional Airport at 12:30. That gave us a few minutes to get a quick lunch at the Airport Café. It seemed that every airport had some kind of eatery or lunch area and they all had either Airport or café in the name. I chose the chefs salad and a cheese burger with fries and a coke.

While lunch was being prepared, Lorrie and I walked in to the larger part of the airport lobby. We spotted a bored looking young lady manning a desk in the middle. There were several dozen people in the waiting area involved in quiet conversations. The name tag she wore gave her name as Rosy White. I introduced myself and asked directions for the meeting room we had reserved.

“Hi I am Rosy White, Airport Information Specialist. I am so glad to see you and welcome you to Naples Regional. We were worried that you had been delayed. Your meeting room is 2b. There is fresh coffee brewing, bottled water and pastries on a table to the side. We have the wired internet in the room. If you need cables I have them. I was instructed by Mr. Hamilton, the Airport Administrator, to call him as soon as you arrived,” Rosy said.

There were a dozen or so other businesses represented in the lobby. There were several of the national realty chains, a taxi company, and several commuter ticket offices that were small local operations and also one national chain. There was also the county tourist welcome and information center. There was brisk traffic coming and going through most of the places.

I went to open the doors and to check out the accommodations. The room was well lit and you could see some of the runway through the side windows. The smell of fresh coffee brewing was invigorating. I went back to the café to pick up my food and my briefcase. I wanted to eat in the meeting room. The salad was in one of those Styrofoam containers and the burger and fries were in another. With my bag of food in one hand and briefcase in the other I made my way to the meeting room.

Rosy brought me several cables and the password for the internet, and then helped me link my laptop to the big plasma screen they had at the end of the meeting room. In order to see if it worked I went to the JBG website with Rosy seated looking at the screen. Ching Lee and Vicky had been busy with the site again. They had an introductory video with a voice that I recognized as the secretary than normally answered the phones. The girls were taking pictures all the time and some of them were used in the opening video. There was a segment on each of us with our corporate title and responsibilities. At the conclusion of the video a drop down appeared to view each business section. I clicked on each one to see what information it contained. Under Marcy’s tab there was an over view of MAAR. There was even an announcement of the new Naples site to open in three weeks and expansions of Charlotte and Charleston.

I went to Lorrie’s section, the rental information had been updated since the last time I had looked and there were different pictures of the planes and pilots. It was a nice site before and they just kept making it better.

By the time I looked through the site and finished lunch Jeanna, Marcy, Jenny, Lorrie and Randy had taken seats at the table. We discussed how we were going to handle the paper flow when the real estate agent and the sellers arrived. Jeanna had a folder for each house with a log of the inspections and all the legal paperwork and a certified check drawn on our corporation account for the final amount of each purchase. For me this was the first time that I had ever been involved in purchasing housing. I expected reams of paper.

Luckily Jeanna explained that with no financing involved all you needed was a clear deed with certification that there was a title and dead search for hidden loans or liens, an environmental certification that the house was not built on a landfill or used as a chemical dumping grounds, insect and rodent inspections, mold inspection, bill of sale and all the necessary tax papers and reports.

The lawyer we had used in setting up the Florida rental business was going to act as our legal representation for the final checks and as a notary. The honorable Harvard Dean from Dean, Jacobs, Smith, and Benson was the next to arrive. By the time we had finished all the pleasantries and introductions the sellers or their representatives were waiting.

Randy acted as usher escorting each group in and out as all the signatures and transactions were completed. It took and two hours and 12 million dollars to complete all of them.

We had only been finished a few minutes when Rosy came in and asked if we were ready to meet with the county commissioners and the airport commission. They wanted us to inspect the business space we were going to operate out of and do the PR thing for the local media outlets who had been invited.

Marcy and Lorrie both had several large banners that were going to put into the storefront windows that would work out perfectly for the media. There were introductions and handshakes galore and a lease signing for the media. Then the airport manager and the commissioners helped Marcy and Lorrie hang the banners in the window announcing the April 14 opening of our auto rental site, vacation houses and Charter flight business to the Naples Airport.

It had been a long fast-paced day. We had to find a place to eat tonight and then decide which of the furnished houses we were going to spend the night in, tomorrow was interview day. There were ten people to interview for the rental site then over a dozen vendors for house cleaning and several contractors to handle emergency repairs. Randy and Lorrie were going to start setting up the rental site. There was an office furniture warehouse store 20 miles away that by their web site looked like they had counters, desk and everything we needed. We had brought several laptops, a printer and a credit card machine. We needed to be sure that the net connection supplied as part of the contract was fast enough to conduct business on.

We settled on an Outback Steak House for supper. We took three of the cars that Auto Movers Inc had delivered here from the college and then stopped by 941 Fishery Drive to look at the furnished four bedroom house. We had settled on it today as the best prospect to stay in tonight and tomorrow night.

If it was not for Randy we could have a mini orgy tonight, but then I could give more oral lessons if the girls were interested.

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