Chapter 142

The only bright spot for the busy weekend was that I spent two very enjoyable nights with Jenny in each other’s arms, after spending 14 hours each day looking at numbers with the rest of my loves. We were still sexually worn out from all the activity Friday night. It was good just to hold her.

We boarded the jet for Charlotte at 5; we wanted to make sure we were there early. During the flight we had a meeting to review the credit reports we had purchased for Brady Smith personally and his business operations.

At 6:30 we were walking into the Charlotte rental site; it was already open and busy. Jack and Randy both were in suits and ties; my guess was that Jack had helped him upgrade his wardrobe.

“I will call Max Kelly and tell him you are here. He needs to meet with you as early as possible,” Jack said. “The Hendrick people will be here at 10” he added.

“Call Mr. Smith as well, and get a time we can meet,” Marcy responded. “Nine would be good.”

Max Kelly and his sales manager were standing in front of us in less than half an hour. The first thing that happened, before anyone could say a word, Max handed a check to Marcy for 184 thousand and change.

“I am truly sorry that this happened and ashamed that it happened at our dealership. I can assure you that we have made the necessary changes to prevent it from happening again at any of our outlets. The amount is what the detectives and we found after a complete audit. It includes all charges, including any sales taxes that were collected. I offer my apology again,” Max said.

We accepted his apology. Marcy again stressed that we wanted to continue our business relationship and move on from this issue. Max Kelly’s dealerships sold four of the seven replacement brands of autos we were going to buy for this year’s upgrade.

Marcy, Jeanna and Jenny along with Randy and Rebecca finalized the specifications on those four models with Max and his sales manager. Jenny typed up the bids and Max received his copies to work up prices. Marcy was going to send out the bids to 10 other dealers after we returned to Kent Island.

Brady Smith was with Jack as we finished with Max. Marcy, Jeanna and Jenny met with Mr. Smith and his four representatives after the introductions were complete. I took Randy and Rebecca off to the side and asked Randy dozens of questions about his stay in Charlotte. I was also trying to help Rebecca get as much information as I could. Randy and Oscar had even made a video tape of the trip to the motel from the airport and had sent it to Rebecca. After we finished I asked Rebecca if she was going to be comfortable in the setting here for her two week stay. She was excited at the chance to be here.

I realized that I had made a mistake in not having given her some self defense training in the gym. It was a mistake I would not make again and I hoped she would not have to pay for it. When I got back to the gym on Thursday the other two were going to spend some time on the floor in some physical training.

Randy began showing her how to wait on customers. 9:30 was another arrival rush at the airport. All the airlines had blocks of arrivals so the passengers could connect with other flights. That also meant that you had another peak for rentals and there was a line. Jack, Randy and Rebecca waited on those customers. I went over and joined the business meeting to find that the request had been expanded. Marcy and Jenny had negotiated a price on the 30 cars with yearly replacements that was accepted.

The four 2013 tractor trailers we were going to buy based on a blue book value, then lease back based on a 5 year replacement. They had a very expensive paint scheme to match all their major sponsors for the next 2 years. We insisted on an inspection on those four trucks before final contract price.

The change came in the form of an addition of ten 3500 Chevrolet 4 wheel drive diesel pickups, fully loaded to tow car trailers for testing sessions and souvenirs trailers. These would be under the 5 year or 250 thousand mile replacement but the rental cost would be adjusted for maintenance cost yearly. Marcy had downloaded national averages for maintenance as a base line to add into the pricing but that clause left us an opening for increases, in case of customer abuse or other customer related issues.

At ten the Hendrick commercial sales people were waiting for us to finish up with the Smith team. We were in the final handshakes and have a good day send off. Marcy had copies of the tractor trailer titles, purchase records, specifications sheets and the bank information to get payoff numbers. Jack was going to take a complete set of pictures before the end of the week.

I did not think there would be any problem with the thirty cars to get them delivered in 30 days as Brady Smith wanted. The ten one ton trucks were another matter. They were to be crew cab and that would make things a little more difficult, in my opinion.

It was a few minutes after ten when Jack made the introductions of the Hendrick sales people. Marcy had worked with the manager Robbie Bigalow with the purchase of the 10 Chevy cars for the Charlotte site. Jenny had typed up the spec sheet for the 10 pickups with the assistance of Brady’s people. They left with requests for bids for both the 30 cars and 10 trucks. 15 minutes later we were in the air headed further south to Naples Florida with Randy aboard. The events at Charlotte had went smoother than we dreamed, if the planning went as well at Naples we were going to have Wednesday to start putting the rental office together and maybe do some sight seeing or even hit the beach for a while.

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