Chapter 145

We were up early even though the interviews did not start until 9. At breakfast we decided to change things up a little. Since all the employees at this location would report to Lorrie and Marcy we thought they should do the interviews, with Randy and Jenna sitting in. Jenny and I were going to the big office store 20 miles away. We were going to take the prints of the rental space as a guide and buy the office furniture. The advertisement for the office store said they had everything in their show room, including counters.

I called Vicky to see how the night went after we finished breakfast. To my surprise Vicky said that Ching Lee had only been up once in the night and that was to ice her hands and get more Tylenol for pain. She handed the phone to Ching Lee. I asked how she felt.

Ching Lee replied, “I am OK, just sore in a lot of places. I think it is from hitting the wall and the side of my face is a little swollen. I am a little worried about the investigation this afternoon. It’s been all over the news. We have been recording it.”

“You have nothing to worry about, you did nothing wrong. You came to the aid of someone that was getting severely abused. You took on someone that was evil to the core, more than twice your size. You, Wendy and Janice could all have been severely injured or worse. You did the right thing and by sheer determination and training you prevailed and you will at the investigation,” I said. “Jason will take care of you. Do what he tells you to do. Everything will be fine. Do not let what you see in the news bother you. They are using everything in the book for ratings. Do not give any interviews without Jason being with you.”

We found a breakfast outlet and then went our separate ways. Jenny and I were at the office supply store when they opened the door. I thought I had been to a big office store but I was mistaken. This one was the size of a Lowes store. Their electronics section alone was larger than any office store I had ever been in. We were approached by a salesman as we were headed for the furniture section.

Bobby Abrams looked at our blueprint, asked a few questions and then walked us back to the section called Store Front & Accessories. In our conversation we found out he was taking flying lessons at the Naples airport and was familiar with the site we had rented. In less than an hour we had the complete rental site furnished. We got a high counter with high comfortable office chairs to sit behind it. The counter was built with the outlets installed – just plug and play – in three, four, and six foot sections that securely fastened together. A swinging entrance for employees was at one end. The installers would drill the access hole for computer cables where we wanted them after it was assembled on site.

Four Milton cubicles and chairs, a six foot round table and chairs for meetings and such, a pamphlet rack, four computer terminals and flat screen monitors, a server to link all the computers together, wired internet hookup to the computers, welcome signs, open sign, hours of operation sign, a nice wall clock, a half dozen multi-line phones and a welcome mat made it complete. For the manager’s office we ordered a nice desk and chair plus a horizontal file cabinet and a cabinet to keep the server in. For 500 dollars extra they would deliver and assemble it today. It was an easy decision to slide the card through the terminal and sign. The delivery truck and installers would be there by noon. Another 2000 dollars worth of pens, pads paper, a scanner/fax and a small copier, broom, vacuum cleaner, and dust pan and we were on our way.

We ate lunch in the airport café again. Marcy, Lorrie and Jeanna had been interviewing contractors to handle emergency repairs and a cleaning contractor to clean after each vacationer left. They had signed contracts with the best ones. After lunch interviews were to fill in the employees for the rental site.

Randy was going to sit in on those interviews. While that was going on Jenny and I were going to help the office supply people set up the site. We had barely finished sweeping out the site when the delivery people started bringing in the furniture. They started with the furniture at the rear and worked their way to the front with the counter being the last thing brought in and assembled. This was not the first time for the installers! Three were bringing in the furniture and two were assembling the pieces. We even had plenty of nice chairs and a small table for customers to sit and wait if necessary.

Jenny worked with the server, the high-speed wireless router and the desktop computers. The office had a desktop, 4 were at the counter and 2 of the cubicles had one. All of them used the same printer. They were all connected via the internet link to the main servers to 1001 Summers Road. In no time she had the big flat screen on the wall running data.

Marcy had loaded the operating programs on a terabyte portable hard drive for both the MAAR and the house rental. Jenny loaded the programs into the site server. The computers could not be used to view the general internet without a special password. There would be no playing the ponies, games or porn watching on our nickel.

By two the office store had everything assembled and in place and were sweeping and cleaning up the debris from all the boxes. Jenny had the computers running and was testing them out. She was running reports from the Island servers and on a conference call with Vicky. Jason, Wendy and Ching Lee had just left for the barracks and the scheduled interview.

Marley Kendall, the TV reporter who was a member of the gym and had made many fitness clips for her newscast in the gym, asked for an exclusive interview. The county prosecutor had released the 911 call and the video of the assault from our security cam to the media.

Jason was furious. The video was our private property and copyrighted. “Property of Jones Business Group” was looped every 20 seconds on the security tapes and the detectives had agreed to the term that it was not to be released to the public. They had both been played on the early news cycle.

The county prosecutor had scheduled a press conference immediately after the interview in the barracks media center. He had even had a scheduled start time. Elections were coming up and he had timed the media event to begin at the start of the next news cycle. Karma is a bitch sometimes. When they released the video and audio before they had the final interview with Ching Lee, the writing was on the wall that they had already decided to do nothing except to make a campaign media event.

One of Jason’s police buddies was going to let Ching Lee and Jason out the back door to give Marley her exclusive that would be on the air before she appeared at the prosecutors planned event. The media on the inside was going to play second fiddle to Marley’s live report.

Some of the people waiting to be interviewed had made their way in and were waiting at our site. The pilots were making trips back and forth to the jet bringing in all the things we had brought for this site.

I was sitting at the counter checking my e-mail on the counter computer when a scruffy gentleman came over.

“I had instructions to see the airport manager but when I asked for him over at the help desk they sent me over here. I have 10 cars from Charlotte Ford, Toyota for Midatlantic Rental. I need someone to sign for them after I unload them and to show me where to put them. I have a manifest to check them off by,” he said.

“You unload them and I will park them and check them off,” I replied as I walked out with him.

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