Chapter 146

By the time I had finished checking in all the cars Marcy was nearly done with the interviews. There was just one person waiting to be interviewed. The VIN numbers and the tag numbers matched the manifest, but I also noticed that they needed gas. I noticed that there seemed to be a steady number of private jets landing and taking off.

Jenny had the site looking like a car rental site. The Chamber of Commerce had stopped by and left pamphlets to put in the literature rack. There were some magazines on the table that Jenny had bought at the news stand. I loaded the information on each car into the computer and assigned a corporate number to the auto. I scanned the factory build sheet into the file as an attachment along with a copy of the registration card. Each car came with 4 sets of keys. Two sets I hung in the site key cabinet, the other two sets were going back to Summers Road into the master key cabinet. It had been shipped from the old corporate headquarters and contained extra keys to every car MAAR owned.

I had just started looking at my e-mails when two men approached the counter where Jenny and I were sitting at the computers.

“The sign said you open in a couple of weeks but it looks like you are open now. Do you have any cars here to rent?” The man asked. “We need two of them for a couple of days.”

I looked at Jenny and asked, “What would Marcy do?” of course I was chuckling as I logged into the site, then asked for their credit cards and drivers license. I rented two of the cars that we had shipped down from the college. I knew they were full of gas. Tomorrow morning I would mount the key return box by the back door for after hours drop-offs.

Jenny had finished her computer task and decided to go fill the new cars with gas, which was fine with me. I still had not finished my emails. It seemed every day it took longer to wade through them.

One was from Patti, with a copy of the request to hire more security people who were certified to carry a handgun, in order to expand my force for the college trips. It was several pages long; I signed it electronically. It would take months to go through the complicated process in order for them to be onboard in September.

Another was from Frost Borough Dean Skaggs. There was a 50 page attachment with it. The note on the header page said, “The board had approved your bid if you accept the few changes we have hand-written in. Rewrite the contract with those changes and we will meet to sign.”

The first change I noticed as I went through the pages was in the length of the contract, we had asked for 5 years with a 2% increase at 2 years. He had written in 10 years with a 1% increase each year, a contract reevaluation at 5 years and a performance review each year.

The next change was the start date. The contract called for September 1 as the start date with East Coast security to begin installing the equipment on July 1. They wanted us to take over June 1 with at least 50% of the manpower on site and fully staffed on September 1. East Coast would still start installing the equipment on July 1. The June 1 date was just a little over 45 days away. A lot of things were going to have to get on the fast track and soon. All the other changes were minor. I printed out a copy.

I forwarded a copy to Marcy’s secretary, Susie Q. Her correct name was Susan Quillen but everyone called her Susie Q. She had typed up the original document. I attached a note for her to make the changes and return it back ASAP, and to send a copy to Vicky and Ching Lee. I wanted to discuss both versions with them as soon as Marcy was finished.

As if that was not bad enough, the next email was from the HR contractor that MAAR used. It was notification that they were canceling our contract with them in 30 days. Their core client business had grown to the point it was using all their manpower. Because of the new Healthcare law they were not going to expand their workforce, but instead reduce the work load to limits they could handle. We were one of several companies being cut.

That HR contractor handled everything, including the health plan that they subcontracted, and the employee manual that was supposed to be nearly finished but had not even been started. They had also subcontracted the retirement plan as well, but at least that part was with a well known investment group. I felt pretty sure that could be continued. Along with everything else, the random drug testing and policy that we were required to do was handled by them. They had been used in the past to do pre-employment screening.

We had been planning to bring all that in-house when the contract came due in two years, that was suddenly now. I wondered how many more office people that were going to take? Then I wondered if Bob’s Contracting had started on the big development yet?

My first thought about the HR problem was Jason. Jenny had said he wanted to retire at the end of his two year stint on the Governor’s committee. That was in June and he had hinted that he wanted to help us more. He had been a cop, a lawyer and a politician before getting involved in the Governor’s criminal task force. The first couple of months would be busy but then he could set his own schedule. He would need a secretary and an assistant.

MAAR’s HR contractor had been expensive, too expensive for as much as they were subcontracting, almost 300 thousand on top of the subcontract charges. Marcy thought we could run it in-house for less. With the Frost Borough contract, the gym employees, and the MAAR expansions we were planning, to have it in-house may be a plus.

The new upstairs offices would be too small now with the addition of the expanded HR needs this soon. We had not planned on needing four secretaries, or office clerks as Marcy wanted to call them. She said calling them secretaries was demeaning. One of our first mistakes had been to under-estimate the manpower needs.

The solution looked simple. Extend the upstairs offices another 100 feet; put offices along the outside wall and a double row of cubicles across from them and another row of offices and meeting rooms along the inside wall. By extending just the upstairs part, the gym equipment could be left in place on the first floor. We could get sixteen private offices and 20 or 22 more cubicles across from them. That should surely be enough for a long time. There was no need to go small this time.

I called Bob, when he answered I asked if he had finally gotten his permits?

“It does not matter. What do you need done? They have put us off three months and you supplied work when we needed it. If you need something done they will wait this time,” he said. I explained what I thought I wanted and that I would not know for sure until after we had a meeting with the group.

“It will take a heavier electric service; you have no extra room left in the power panel, and need two more big heat pumps. The computer and phone systems you have are more than big enough,” he said.

Jenny had filled all the new cars up with gas by that time. The printer was printing out the updated contract. Marcy, Lorrie, Randy and Jeanna had finished the interviews and wanted to have a meeting as soon as they could take a break. We rented two more cars while they were getting drinks and snacks.

Jenny and I listened while they made their case about the five people they wanted and the lady they wanted for the site manager. We agreed with their decision and they were going to call them tonight to come back tomorrow to make the job offer official. Five were going to be happy and four disappointed, one had withdrawn as he had accepted a job elsewhere the previous day. The five they had chosen could start immediately. Marcy would make the calls after we had finished.

I made a conference call to the gym so Vicky and Ching Lee could be part of the discussion and started with the Frost Borough contract changes. The new contract was accepted. I sent a text to Dean Skaggs with the question as to the best day for us to fly up for signatures. Friday at 10 AM came back. We now had a security division and all the headaches to go with it.

Then we went over the HR problem and my thought on offering the job to Jason, along with a secretary and an assistant. Jenny was excited and wanted to call him right away to explain what we wanted and make the job offer. While she was doing that Randy rented two more cars, this time they were the new ones.

Jason was in a meeting with the county prosecutor. He was livid about the back door exclusive interview Ching Lee had done. Jenny left a message for him to do a conference call to us from the gym ASAP.

Next up was my idea about the office expansion. Vicky and Ching Lee were hesitant at first but agreed it made the most sense. I would call Bob tomorrow.

I finished with explaining why I wanted to offer Courtney the Security Director job at Frost Borough. Everyone agreed that she was a good candidate. She knew the training and the discipline we were going to require and had the people skills we wanted in the job. Also, she had already had police academy training. I would call her and make the offer tonight. She was scheduled to work tonight.

APD had ended the surveillance of the North gang several weeks ago and put her back on meter patrol. The detective jobs she was hoping to get had been filled without being posted in the normal fashion. She was not a happy camper. Time was going to be tight on getting the things needed for the June 1 deadline. She needed to give them at least two weeks’ notice. That would leave just 30 days. I asked the girls to do a conference call with her and us as soon as she came in.

It was going to be a long night. We sent Randy for carry-out but not before he rented two more of the new cars for a week to a couple of our fast tracks customers. I wanted him gone so we could have a conversation about this site and a change in plans I thought needed to be made.

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4 Responses to Chapter 146

  1. garydan says:

    Lots happening for BJjones & company!!

    Thought I’d drop a line here and let you know I continue to read and enjoy this story.
    I am really enjoying the detailed buisiness development description(s).
    It makes me wish I was young again with the world of business opportunities ahead of me.
    Keem ’em cumming. 😉

    Best Regards

    • jackballs57 says:

      Glad to hear you are enjoying my story. I really appreciate the comment they keep me motivated to keep writing. The long spells with none is very discouraging. Jones and company is doing well and more things are on the way. Thanks again.

      • garydan says:

        I suspect you have people reading, just not commenting. I don’t know if you can see the number of reader hits or not.
        “Cindy” got a lot more comments, IMO, not because her stories were any better than yours, it’s just that Cindy was Cindy. Female authors that write the way she does tend to have a large proportion of male readers and they comment more readily to her.

        Have you tried to post this story on Literotica? For good or bad, the way that site is set up, the authors get more feedback comments, from what I can see, in comparison to other sites like SOL, for example. There are a lot more nuisance flamers at LIT, but unfortunately that goes with the territory. If I was authoring on LIT, I would allow comments, but shut off the star rating/voting system.

        I generally only comment if the story is to my liking, creative, or well written, or the author is giving a good effort and I want to give encouragement. I couldn’t write my way out of a wet paper bag, so I don’t feel qualified to offer constructive criticism for something I didn’t care for. I did alot of technical writing in my former engineering life, and that just sucked any creative tendencies right out of my soul.

      • jackballs57 says:

           Cindy’s stories were in a class by them selves. I doubt that there will ever be anyone that can repeat her style, especially her knack for multiple twist and turns. I hope she is doing well. I check her site every few days hoping for an update.  I posted some of the story at several sites awhile back and decided that it wasn’t worth all the extra time it was taking. IN a few months I will have a lot more time and will look at them again. Thanks  Jack

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