Chapter 148

Breakfast was at 6 in one of those specialty restaurants, the kind that served breakfast all day. There seemed to be one on every block. I guess one could expect that in a state that catered to vacationers and retirees.

Lorrie, Marcy and Randy went to open the auto rental site. Jenny and I went to the office store. We had a list of things we had come up with to finish the site and be able to video conference as Randy wanted to do. Jeanna went back to her task of making furniture list. The G5 had left for BWI at 6 to pick up the vacation group.

We spent another 2000 at the office store. We were back by 10, I helped Jenny carry everything in, and she was going to do the plug and play with the software and hardware. The new hires were at terminals getting the basics. Randy had 2 weeks to give the manager the advanced course.

There were no maintenance people at the airport today, according to the airport manger’s secretary. I made the trip back to Lowes for the tools to mount the key drop box. There was one of those square light posts that I was going to use at the corner of our parking area next to the building under one of the surveillance cameras. A new battery pack drill and a handful of self tapping screws put it and the key drop off sign there permanently.

The G5 arrived a few minutes after 11 from BWI. The vacationers were used as on the job training for the 2 extra car rentals by the new hires. For their patience with our new people they were the first to use 3 brand new cars.

Lorrie and I went with Randy to check out the house he was going to stay in for the 2 weeks he was going to stay in Naples. It wasn’t furnished as nice as the house on Fishery Drive but it was still nice. We were satisfied that it would be comfortable for him and it was easy to find. I carried the left over beer and put in the refrigerator for him, the wine coolers were going with us.

“I enjoy a beer the most after I kick off my shoes, sit on the porch and watch the sun slip below the horizon. I always found that quiet time to be the most relaxing. Behave yourself and be careful down here,” I said to Randy.

We ate lunch at the airport café again then boarded the G5 for the trip back to Kent Island. We had a general conversation about the events of the last three days. Over all we were happy. We had reams of paper work to do at the office. All the deeds from the property purchases had been recorded in Florida but that was just the beginning. The next 45 days were going to be a nightmare.

The first order of business was going the get Jason up to speed on our Human Resources needs. Marcy had the HR manual that the contractor had sent out last year. In the MAAR purchase agreements we had a copy of every communication and document exchanges between MAAR corporate offices and the contractor, including the letters of understanding. The letters of understanding were issued between MAAR and any of the sub contracted insurance carriers.

Any time there was a dispute either in medical, prescriptions, dental coverage or terminology related to gray areas in the contracts or carrier changes, they resulted in negations with the end result being a letter of understanding that stayed in effect until the next contract. There were a lot of those letters, mostly because of changes in Federal rules from the FDA and Health and Human Services. They were always changing drug and medical recommendations. Every time insurance could interpret those changes to save them from paying for a service or treatment the claims would be denied even though they were contractually obligated to pay for them.

Insurance companies had hundreds of claims processors whose only job was to find something they could deny – a charge to a claim that slowed down payment or forced a claim to be resubmitted. Every one of those meant that doctors and hospitals were late in getting paid and the patient kept getting past due bills.

On the slow days at the college I would read the electronic folder of those letters. I wanted to get to a position that I could understand the process and the mumble jumble so I could be knowledgeable when we did take over HR. I hoped that Jason would get up to speed quickly. I was going to get him a copy of the KCC HR student and administrative guides. Hopefully between the two and common sense we could write our own manual. We could always have a specialist in the terminology correct any problem before printing any employee handbooks. And then there were the employee safety manual, electronic assets guidelines and certification, Code of Ethics manual, and a general company policy manual. Jason and his group were going to be busy for a while.

I was making notes on all the skills that were needed in the help wanted ads to be put in the papers as well as all the tests I wanted done on prospective employees at the site prior to the interview segment. After they completed the interview process I intended to have a physical fitness test for them to pass before offering anyone a job. Passing the physical fitness test would be the key to the rest of the training they were going to have to complete after they were offered a job.

I called Brenda Woods, the office clerk that was in charge of payroll for Marcy, and had her make two banners. One was welcoming Jason Coles as Vice President of Human Resources JBG and the second welcoming Courtney Keats as Director of Security and Student Safety at Frost Borough State University – a JBG Security Partner – and to hang them in the lobby. If Courtney was at the gym, try to get a picture of her with the banner and possibly helping hang the banner.

We were back on the Island by 4. We had our first official meeting with Jason and Courtney as executive level employees. Jason was given the last office for the time being. Because of the experience level of Jason in law enforcement Courtney was going to work with Jason writing many of the manuals and training modules required for Frost Borough. As soon as Bob’s construction completed the addition, the cubicles along the wall near the current offices were going to be replaced with offices. The cubicles would be moved down and across from the new offices and reused to save money. Each cubicle, complete with a lower file cabinet and overhead and the chair, was almost 10 grand.

That had been more my mistake in planning than anyone else. I should have realized that more offices would be need sooner rather than the later I had planned on. I was going to have the entire east wall all private offices for executives and managers and cubicles across from them for assistants and secretaries. The only individuals that were to have private secretaries were Marcy, Lorrie and Jason. Ching Lee, Jenny, Vicky and I would have a secretary each assigned to us but they were to be pool secretaries the rest of the time.

It had been a long day and we were all beat. Jenny and I did get a few minutes in privacy to do the first night of this months insemination process. I was disappointed that I could not spend the night with her but Wednesday night was Ching Lee. It was very pleasurable for both of us and I was very careful of her hands.

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