Chapter 149

Thursday was back to the grind at KCC. I had several projects that I had put off for a while and now they needed to come to the front. The East Coast Education Association for Advanced Education was having their annual meeting at KCC this year. I did not know how our college ever got to be host for this event.

Usually these kinds of events were held at some big city where parties and play could be had nonstop. There were no casinos, no big night clubs, no strip joints, no beaches, no theaters, and no opera within 60 or more miles. The word that I had received was to expect as many as 500 people at the event. If that was true there were not even enough motels in this town to have rooms for all of them.

There were only two chain motels in town and I doubted that there were a hundred rooms between them. The guests were going to be split up between motels in C-town, Kent Island, Easton, Dover and Annapolis. I expected that there would be a lot staying in Dover because of the casinos there. A close second for guests would be in Annapolis. The Baltimore and Washington night life and party clubs were only 30 minutes from Annapolis.

Chancellor Nobles and Mr. Jenkins, the chairman of the board, both wanted some kind of shock and awe ending for the security portion of the conference. I had several ideas for just that. It would take some doing to pull it off and some advance trial and error testing. I planned to do that this weekend at the outdoor shooting range near Centreville.

I had barely finished my notes and materials list on that when Corry and Roseanne came into my private office. “Well if it isn’t the sisters Mischief and Mayhem,” I said with a chuckle. They both got a kick out of that.

Corry said, “I have got something I want to show you.”

With that she placed her laptop on the desk and started a video. Corry was naked and on her knees, staring at a long hard cock that I recognized as belonging to her boyfriend. A voice that was Roseanne’s said, “Go”

Corry started kissing and licking on the cock. When it was nice and wet she started sucking it into her mouth, taking it deeper with each stroke. I could tell when she neared the gag reflex I see her tense up for a moment then she drove past it. Needing air she pulled almost all the way off. A moment later she was back on it deeper than before. After two or three more strokes her nose was buried in his pubic hair and she stopped and held it that deep. Needing more air she pulled off again. This time she started a rhythm that was from the tip to the hair, a delay then off for a breath then back picking up speed.

A voice said, “I’m cuming” as he started flexing his hips to meet her. He must have started spurting his cum in her throat because she grabbed his hips and held her nose in the hair. When he stopped rocking hips she pulled off enough to breathe. I could hear the gasp of breath exhaling through her nose; the camera mike was that close. Corry went back to stroking it deep until it fell flaccid from her mouth leaving a trail of cum on her chin. She turned to the camera with a big smile and gave a thumb up signal.

I looked at Corry and said, “Nice job, I knew you would get the hang of it with practice. That would be a great video on the headrest of the sex chair. With his big cock there would be a very noticeable throat bulge on every thrust.”

“We thought about that and talked about it. Would you let us make a film on the chair? You could be the camera person,” Roseanne asked.

“I would have to talk to the girls first about that. I know the six asked if you were going to get an invite back. They got a kick out of your boyfriends when they were cuming. It was the huffing and puffing that tickled them. We do have a hi-def camera and there are already enough lights mounted in the ceiling for a movie camera,” I said. “You have to understand that your boyfriend’s cocks are only going in you and no one else.”

“Oh, yes and they understand that too,” Roseanne replied. “So we can come back Friday night?”

“You also understand that putting anything like that on film is plain out crazy in today’s world. My suggestion is that you delete what you have on your computer, empty the trash bin and check that the video file is empty of copies as well. There is too much risk of loosing your computer or hackers, or worst of all a disgruntled boy friend that wants to hurt you. And never ever send it to anyone no matter how many times they promise they won’t forward it to anyone. When we film anything like that we use it for the warm up for the second session that night then destroy all copies,” I said.

“This is the only copy. We have been very careful and yes, we delete everything as soon as we are finished with it,” Corry said. “Being filmed or watched makes it so much more exciting.”

“The girls love to be watched too, it does add a thrill. You will have to get them to tell you about the bar in Texas sometime,” I said. “I’ll let you know in the morning.”

“A bar in Texas, I’ll bet that was interesting,” Roseanne said. “We can ask them Friday.”

I was going to carry out the plan that I had thought about several months ago. I needed an old school bus, a driver for the bus, an assault car or pickup and driver, and some explosives and some manikins. The explosive materials I wanted to be easily available. I needed to coordinate with the local fire department and the 911 center. It was a tall order. Patti and I split up the list and started making calls.

After two dozen calls I found a salvage yard that had bus that would run. It had just been scrapped because of its age. After a certain age they have to be scrapped no matter how good the condition and this one was in excellent condition. Usually they end up as church, hatchery or watermelon busses. The owner had tried to sell this one by private sale before giving up and selling it to the scrap yard. After I explained what I wanted it for they agreed to buy back what was left for salvage. They were even going to have their wrecker pick it up from the site of its destruction as soon as we were finished with it.

Patti, on the other hand was having mixed results finding manikins. She found a lot of those Styrofoam ones that were just the torso only but that was not what I wanted. No one was using those full bodied ones anymore. They were too heavy and awkward, plus if they fell or got knocked over onto a customer or a kid someone was hurt. I knew that some store had to have at least a few stuck in the corner. We would just keep looking before going to plan 2.

The afternoon finished out with phone calls and walk-in student traffic. Many students were beginning to think about the upcoming graduation that was a week after the education conference. I did not know at the time but HR had scheduled my department to do the exit interview and checkout for those not returning next year. I wondered for the 99th time why this was not one of the HR functions and why my department was doing so many things that were.

We had our usual 4 PM meeting, this time Jason and Courtney were part of it. It was going to be difficult getting used to calling Courtney ‘Director Keats’ but I needed to get into that habit.

Patti had copied all the HR manuals and guides from KCC to give to Jason. Jason also had the ones from his days with the county. Marcy had the one from MAAR. One of the interesting things was that all of the manuals seemed to be written in the same general order.

Other than the opening statements, the policy statements, and the mission statement you could almost interchange the index between them for the rest of the materials. Writing our own manual was going to be easier than I thought just a couple days ago.

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