Chapter 152

I had bacon, eggs, sausage, toast and juice on the table as the North six made their way from the lower guest rooms at 6:45. I had heard them moving around and talking at 6:15. They had just enough time to eat and make it to the gym at their normal start time.

I asked if everyone was good with last night’s fun in the basement. There were nods and smiles from all of them and only one question.

“Can we come and stay and do it again next Friday night?” one of them asked.

“Are all of you comfortable with what went on last night?” I asked. They all nodded and smiled.

“It was fun getting them ready last night,” Glenda said with the others agreeing with her. “It’s too bad they are going to be leaving soon.”

“Roseanne and Corry want anal next time they come. Getting them cleaned out and ready for those big cocks in virgin butt holes is not going to be fun,” I replied. “It will be a much longer session.”

At 8 the rest of us were in the office. Jason and Courtney were making some progress on manuals for Frost Borough. We were receiving applications from the newspaper help-wanted ads and the online job postings. Marcy had posted almost 30 positions to be filled. Twenty were full time and ten were part time, spread between Frost Borough and the office.

Ten of the full time employee’s spots were to be filled here. Two were for Jason, his assistant and a personal secretary. Two more were to be administrators and the other six were to be clerks. I figured that by the time we were through the hiring process Bob would have the office expansion done or close to it.

Bob was using the same method as he had done on the previous expansion. His day crews were assembling the sections at his shop and the night shifts were assembling the sections into the office. There were two forklifts and a man lift parked on the loading dock. Steel support posts had been mounted to the floor to hold support beams for the second floor. They were spaced 20 feet apart so that the gym equipment would still be operational under the addition. The men’s night group in the gym had been very helpful in the process. If gym equipment needed to be moved for Bob they moved it and went right back to their exercise routine.

From the progress Bob was making he must have pulled most or all of his crews from his other job. I knew from my conversation that he was ticked off at the whole group from planning and zoning, the site inspectors, his suppliers for the job as well as the project owner. Maybe he was levering them by doing this job and a no show there. We were still having a lot of spring rains so maybe that was part of the plan now, do nothing there until the weather cooperated. Playing in the mud with heavy equipment is no fun and has little productivity that you can see at the end of the day.

I spent time with Courtney looking over the applicants from the Frost Borough area. We had closed the taking of any more applications for there because of the time limitations. The stack was probably over a hundred. There were quite a few veterans that had applied. I read over each one.

There was a couple from the Frost Borough county sheriff’s office that had applied. I wondered what was wrong at that office that two of their experienced people wanted to leave for a job with no retirement benefits and most likely a lower salary. There were 10 years of service between them. Their skills level looked great. I set them off to the side with a post-it note for more research.

I went through the rest of the applications and at the finish I had pulled about forty that I thought deserved a second look. Each had a sticky note with comments on it.

Jason, Courtney, and Marcy did the same thing. Just for kicks we were going to see how many times we had pulled the same names.

Once we had decided on the twenty finalists for Frost Borough and put them in the order we wanted to test them they were going to get the works. The first ten then another group would be selected until we filled all the positions there. Those left on the list would be offered the part-time positions.

For the full-time positions, first came a detailed background check with court activity check. Then a medical history check, a financial check with a cross check followed with their style of living, and finally the employer histories and references check.

If they made it past all of that then the next stop was to bring them here and get a physical with our doctor, then a visit with the shrinks to evaluate their mental stability. Next would be the physical fitness check and then they would be with Jamie Carter on the gun safety course along with the shoot-don’t-shoot course. When they completed all that they would then be offered a position.

We would fly them here on a Friday morning and let the fun begin. The entire physical fitness test, the physiological, health interview and assessment, would be in the gym. The doctor and his nurse and the shrinks had agreed to come here to do the physicals. Our in-house EMT’s could do the EKG and most other things. It would be a long day Friday and Saturday with finishing them up Sunday morning and then flying them back Sunday late afternoon.

By 11 we had reached agreement on the first ten and added two backups in case any declined. Jenny and Jason ran the names through the background check system and the court records system. The twelve came up clean for both of those. I called the contact numbers on the applications and ended up using one of the standbys.

I carefully explained the procedures we were going to use to evaluate them and suggested they use the time to get in shape. I also explained that we were picking up all the cost for meals and motel rooms.

We had six men and four women, including the two sheriff’s deputies in the first group. Two Army, three Marine and one Air Force veteran were in that group. The first round was to start a week from Friday. We were going to have over a thousand dollars in each candidate.

I collected the items I needed and headed to the shooting range with Jason, Courtney, and Jenny in the diesel crew cab pickup. Out to the side of the target range there was an area used by the paint ball clubs as a field assault area. They paired up in teams and played army.

There was a wooded area and an area that they had put abandon cars and trucks in. Of course they were made environmentally correct. The engines, transmissions, fuel tanks, radiators as well as the entire interiors had been removed. One of those Jason said was an old school bus that even the side windows had been removed. It was a perfect candidate if it lived up to its billing and it did.

I had three different flammables that I wanted to test. I had brought a dozen of the 20 pound fire extinguishers from the college to put out the mess if it went wrong.

This was going to be the crew for the demo if all this worked out. I explained in detail my plan and the part I wanted them to play. Jason was to be the bus driver, Jenny getaway driver; Courtney and I were going to be the villains.

I set up the first test. We went through the process as planned. Courtney put hers in the front door on the walkway and ran as I set mine in the rear emergency door. I aimed the flare gun down the walkway and pulled the trigger. The instant I did that I dived away from the bus, but before I hit the ground I felt the explosion and heat. I rolled and looked up to see the entire bus in flames. I ran to the others who were waiting with fire extinguishers.

With nothing in the shell to burn the fire was quickly out as soon as the fuel was gone. The old dingy paint was not even discolored. All the bags of fuel had burned.

We tested the other three mixtures and found that a mix of number 1 and 4 test worked the best but part of the set up could make driving the bus risky for Jason so we decided against it.

The rest of the weekend went smoothly. I worked out in the gym with my mates both days and enjoyed some time in the tub with them. Jenny and I spent quality time in each others arms and finished the last part of the insemination process.

Sunday afternoon, even though it was a little cool we had a cookout with our extended family. Jeanna and her two secretaries, moms and dads, Joey, Courtney, the North six and their families were there. All my mates helped put it together and cooked. We had a feast: hot dogs, hamburgers, fresh sweet corn from Florida (courtesy of Randy), baked beans, cucumbers and onions, Mac and cheese, cold slaw and potato salad. For drinks we had Bud, Miller Lite, soda and wine coolers. It was a wonderful afternoon with family and friends.

Edit by Alfmeister

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