Chapter 151

At 8 the door bell rang and Sly welcomed Roseanne, Corry, Brad and Dennis into the house. Lorrie locked the door, turned off all the lights and we all went down to the basement.

I asked Roseanne and Corry, “Have you any idea of what you want to do and how?”

Roseanne, Corry and I talked while we were stripping. The North six and my mates were showering and getting everything ready. Even with two to a shower it was going to take a few minutes. I turned on all the bright lights over the mats, sex chair and that corner of the basement. I set up one HD movie camera on the tripod; the other one was bigger and designed to be hand held. It was a much more expensive camera.

I used my imagination to set the tripod close to where I thought it should be to capture all the action on the sex chair. Roseanne and Corry wanted all the filming done on it. They and their boyfriends were the only people going on film tonight, just to play it safe. Jenny and I were going to be camera operators just to make sure of it.

Jenny and I were the last two to make it in the showers. While we were getting dried off we listened to Roseanne and Corry describing how they finally were able to master the deep throat. They even swapped cocks for better practice.

There were so many virgin throats for a real cock that they had a captive audience. All my mates were well versed at throating the dildo. It had become standard part of our play while in a 69 to throat the smaller dildo and use our tongues on the clit at same time. We could not do it with the larger dildo but the 6 inch pump up was just right. The process of pumping forced the clit up and out like a little cock and made it super sensitive. That was why we loved them so much.

We learned to work our tongue on the clit and then bite on the dildo and rock it a little. That would add extra pressure on the G spot and bump the end of it against the cervix, then it was back to licking the clit. In just a few short minutes the orgasms would have you shaking. Ching Lee and Lorrie were the ones that figured the method out and we all used it now.

I had a little plan of my own to take the edge off Brad and Dennis. They both had a full growth of hair down there. Roseanne and Corry both wanted close up cock and pussy action with shots of deep throating and cum on the tongue shots. Their guys had too much hair for that kind of shot so they were going to get clipped and shaved smooth.

I handed Sly and Becky the clippers and shaving kit and had Brad position himself on the sex chair. I gave Sly very detailed instructions on being careful when using the clippers on the ball sack.

“The skin there is very soft and easily cut with clippers or the razor. It is important that the skin be stretched snug with clippers and while being shaved. That is why I am having both of you do this,” I said. It was all I could not to laugh at the expression on their faces.

I took Lisa and Roseanne over to the counter and handed Lisa a razor and another can of shaving cream and told her to shave it “High and tight style.” She nodded and helped Roseanne up on the counter and replied, “With pleasure Mistress, thank you.”

Erica and Corry I put on the other side of the counter with the same equipment and told Erica, “Completely bald from the top of the crack down, above the crack a one inch wide landing strip but trimmed with the ¼ inch guide on the clippers.” I gave her the ¼ inch guide and showed her how they clipped on. She responded with, “Thank you, Mistress.”

Jenny and I met at the sex chair to watch the shaving. What drew us there was the regular laughing and giggling of everyone watching? I pretty much knew that Brad was the first cock that Sly and Becky had ever clipped and shaved.

That was immediately confirmed at first sight. They had used way too much shaving cream. That just made everything way too difficult. It took swipes with the razor just to get to the skin, plus it made it nearly impossible to hold, stretch or do anything with the nut sack. Therefore it became a comedy, especially with suggestions from the watchers. Shaving cream was everywhere.

Brad, on the other hand was deep red from blushing, but had one of those shit eating grins everyone talks about. Who could blame him? He was surrounded completely by tits and pussies no matter where he looked.

I handed Becky a hot water soaked hand towel to help her get a grip on something besides Brad’s cock. Becky took the hint and removed most of the shaving cream and they began making real progress. She even used the hot towel to remove all the extra cream that was around and on his cock.

Becky, instead of using the back of her hand to move his cock around for Sly, had it in a full fisted grip. That moving around resulted in a slow jerk off motion that was evident by a large amount of lube oozing from the slit.

Lisa and Erica came over and said, “Mistress, we are finished. Do you want to inspect our work?”

“Glenda, you inspect Roseanne, Janice you inspect Corry,” I replied.

“Yes Mistress,” they replied.

Sly and Becky were nearly finished and were looking for missed hairs. All the movement was too much for Brad.

“Oh crap, I’m going to cum,” he said as he started flexing his hips. That immediately had a lot of wide open eyes looking at me.

“Sly, cover the head of his cock with your lips, do not swallow and do not allow any to leak out. Becky, keep moving your hand up and down his cock but not too tight,” I said. I really did not need to say the last part she was doing fine.

Brad grunted and it was easy to see he was cuming by looking at Sly’s eyes, they were so big, and so were Becky’s. Brad stopped flexing his hips and just relaxed, he was done.

“Becky, move your fingers to the front and back of his cock, starting at the bottom lightly squeeze and slide your fingers to the tip – that will move the last drops of his cum into Sly’s mouth. Do it a couple of times,” I instructed. We could hear Roseanne and Corry getting the normal North six inspections. They were both singing to the rafters.

“Sly, close your lips and do not swallow. Becky helped you get that cum reward so it is only right that you share it with her. Give her a full mouth kiss and let her have some,” I instructed.

They had a full audience now that the other girls had finished and Brad was leaning up so he could watch. As soon as their lips touched Sly went full open mouth. She had held Brad’s cum long enough and wanted to get rid of it. When they had finished Becky said, “I am not sure I like the taste.”

“It will grow on you; it is an acquired taste. It is better if they avoid onions, garlic, cucumbers and spicy foods,” I said.

“Dennis, on the chair, Glenda, Janice you are the last two that have not had a razor in your hand tonight, you get to do the honors,” I said.

They had been paying attention and it went a lot faster. Dennis still lost his load. This time it was Janice that captured it to share with Glenda.

“The four of you that have had your first taste of cum, go brush and gargle before there is any mouth to pussy contact with your friends,” I said.

I set up the first film sequence that Roseanne wanted with Brad on the chair and I filmed it.

Jenny filmed Corry and Dennis. The rest of the girls found dildos or tongues and fingers on the mats. Patti and Wendy took their normal spots on the couch. At various times some of the girls came over to watch the action close up. Most of the time it was in pairs, doggy style with a strap on was the favorite. Both could watch the action and have action of their own.

We did manage to film everything that Roseanne and Corry wanted to do with Brad and Dennis. They both did a three-some on the chair, with pussy and throat. They were going to have some nice throat-bulge video using the chair with heads hanging down. Those big cocks had an almost straight shot in and I loved seeing it.

I transferred the video to DVD so they could take it home with them. Once they were satisfied the disc was what they wanted without any more editing, I would erase the electronic file as I promised no matter how badly I wanted to keep a copy.

It was near midnight when they left. They asked if they could come back for the next two Friday orgies and they wanted to do a three way with anal. After that they were parting ways and going home unless they could all four find local jobs good enough to rent a house and stay.

Jenny and I found enough time together for me to give her another shot of Jake’s semen before we all paired up and went to bed. I noticed that the North six had selected different girls tonight as they went to the lower guest rooms.

Marcy wanted me to spend the night with her again even though I had spent Wednesday with her. Friday was orgy night so after the orgy it was an open night. Jenny nodded and smiled. Ching Lee would sleep with Jenny but after the orgy it would be sleep only for them. Ching Lee put so much energy into the orgy that she was always exhausted and fell asleep like a rock. Marcy and I would have a passion filled night.

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