Chapter 169

It was later than normal for us when we got home because of the traffic. The girls asked me call before we got on the bridge. There were signs over at the gym congratulating both Jason on his retirement and Jenny on the promotion.

The trees and bushes leading to the house all had ribbons on them. In front of the garage on the concrete pad there were several grills going. An old fashioned cook out was in the process. Burgers, dogs, sweet corn, and just about every summer food were being cooked. Several baskets of steamed crabs suddenly appeared. Several coolers of drinks and several coolers with brands of beer were on hand. You cannot have steamed crabs without beer.

Most of the office employees and some of their families were there. Jenna and her gang, the remainder of the North six and their parents and some of the task force people had made it over. Jenny had quietly invited them while everything else was going on.

All the vehicles had been moved out and the garage had been set up in tables and chairs. I recognized the tables and chairs they had come from the closed restaurant in the shopping center. I decide right then that we would keep them and stack them against the wall for events like this. The 4 car garage would make an all weather party place.

It was nearly 8 when I finally made my way over to my new office. When Bob had the construction finished Marcy insisted that I take the office closest to the front to be with the rest of the management team.

Cindy had half a dozen folders arranged on my desk. She was very precise; each folder had sticky notes with explanations. Some had a log sheet on them with the time of call, who made it and what actions were required and the steps to completion. If there were signatures or other actions needed, there were sticky arrows with what I needed to do.

The first folder included a FedEx return envelope. It contained East Coast Security invoices and authorizations for them to begin installation of the security system on Monday. They were going to install 50% of the server farm and 50% of the wireless cameras on Monday in the temporary trailers. They would wait until July 1st to install all the locks and the rest of the cameras and system.

They wanted 30% now, 30% July 1, and the rest at completion and final testing. The folder had a check made out to them on the security division. It required two signatures. Marcy had already signed; all that was lacking was mine. Jenny had initialed that all the legal stuff was in order, Marcy on the financial terms and included the loan agreement for financing of the equipment with Midwest. I signed on all the arrows and check marks.

The next folder was informational. Courtney had authorized a change in the start date for part of the new hires. She had called all of them and found enough of them willing to start early to have a token security force at Frost Borough. I suggested that she try this before we were forced to go a different route. We had to with Maryland West banned from the property. The board had found two offices in the admin building we could use until the trailers were usable.

Marcy had sent a dozen company cell phones and six of the officer’s weapons kits that I had put together by the King Air at noon with the necessary paper work. The King Air was going on to Chicago after that. I made a notation on the folder that we needed to bill Frost Borough for the extra week of JBG security and approved the changes. Sandy and Marcy needed to come up with the charges.

The next folder had the paperwork to transfer the six MAAR rentals to the security division. Three were at the decal and emergency light shop and had been completed today. They would be picked up tomorrow morning. Marcy was going to have 3 of the North girls drive them to Frost Borough tomorrow and catch the afternoon commuter flight back to BWI. The other three cars were at the BWI rental site. They would drive them to the island and repeat the process in a couple days.

I left a sticky on the folder for Cindy to tell the three drivers that the lights on top the car were not a “Get out of jail card” and that they needed to watch what they did. I knew they would be pumped up, driving them with all the logos and lights: every girls thrill drive. They had been told that they were going to do admin functions tomorrow and to dress appropriately.

Cindy had printed out the route they were to follow, 50 to 197 to 32 to 70 to bypass the Baltimore traffic. Then follow US 70 to Frost Borough. The route had been programmed into the portable GPS.

When we made the decision to use the North six in multiple functions, Marcy had recommended and Jenny agreed that we needed to get corporate expense cards in their names for travel or whatever. Those cards had been received and activated but had not been issued; they still were in Marcy’s safe. Janice, Lisa, Erica and Glenda were going to get theirs tomorrow morning. Janice was going to deliver to Sly and Becky theirs along with the instruction sheet tomorrow when they delivered the cars. The girls delivering the cars were also going to get $100.00 expense money for emergency use to cover tolls and such. Receipts would be needed to be turned in along with a log sheet for accounting.

The next folder was thick and was more informational at the moment. Southern Electric Co-op was looking for a new fleet leasing company. They had been with GFC Capital Financing. The fallout of all the banking problems and mergers was that GFC was closing their fleet leasing division.

Few banks were picking up those leasing agreements. They were considered long term, usually fixed rates at only a fraction above the federal rate. They did not provide enough profit for banks that were also eating huge losses in the housing market and business failures with the industrial down turn.

Even Mid West had no interest in that line of financing by itself. It would have been different story if they could have gotten their complete banking portfolio but just the fleet was DOA.

They had 300 units that were special equipment or trucks over 10000 GVW and 150 cars and light trucks. Everything was less than 10 years old. They ran a similar replacement program that MAAR did.

Normally this would not have interested us because of the size of the investment but Jeanna had another huge chunk of money coming in the 4th quarter from her oil and gas wells. Jenna was willing to loan it to JBG for the federal rate fixed. If JBG could lock in a fixed deal for an extended time, even for 1 point, both would be protected and money could be made by both.

The utility industry – with guaranteed profit line by state public service commissions – were good long term investments if you were satisfied with low returns.

The next folder detailed the ten new rental outlets for MAAR. Marcy, Chin Lee, Randy and Jason were flying south the week after the Fourth of July holiday to finalize the sites and do the final assessments on these:
Huntsville, Al.
Savanna Ga.
Montgomery, Al.
Columbus, Ga.
Mobile, Al.
Jacksonville, Fl.
Tallahassee, Fl.
Panama City, Fl.
Pensacola, Fl.
Gulf Port, La.

Copies of the site plans and maps, and the contracts were included. I glanced quickly over the paper work. I was sure there had been plenty of surveys and data collected. I knew the daily rental ratios were increasing almost daily from our nightly meetings from the effects of advertizing and manager bonuses.

There is nothing that will motivate manager’s more than extra money in the paycheck and an extra week’s vacation. The site with the best ratios for each quarter won an extra weeks vacation. The site selection showed MAAR was expanding south in a big way.

MAAR had already purchased 200 new cars this year and we still had not been able to remove the older ones from service because of the rising rental ratios and expansions. The ten more sites would need 200 more vehicles. Marcy might to be able to cut some site reserves tighter and only buy 100 but most areas were already tight. I signed that I had read and approved the moves.

The next folder was a surprise. Johnson Tri County, University of N.C. wanted a security audit and a discussion about taking over the security contract. I remembered the Tri County group from the KCC safety seminar. They had asked a lot of questions at every Q&A period. Cindy also had a sticky saying that Tri County was on the schedule for a rape seminar the end of September. I would call the contact person at Tri County tomorrow.

Those were the folders that were marked urgent. I was finished for tonight. I was looking forward to spending the night with Vicky. She told me several times during the cookout that her ass was mine tonight. She wanted more kinks all the time. She also was the one to hook up with Chin Lee for dungeon play and knew the name of every one of the toys.

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