Chapter 170

I worked at KCC for the rest of the week. Patti, HR and I worked on hiring the several more full time people to meet the needs of the athletics department. They were going to be working a 4 to midnight shift to be able to go to sporting events as guards and chaperones.

Patti going on vacation the last week of each of the next three months would complicate things a little. Admin was going to assign me one of the pool secretaries when she was gone.

Another complication was Mr. Jackson had sent me the list of colleges that wanted security audits completed for their campuses. They needed to be done ASAP in order to make the necessary changes before the fall startup.

I had already called Johnson Tri County of Salem, North Carolina. In fact, I had talked with them twice. Mark, my administrator, Robert Bradberry from East Coast security and I were flying down to look at the college’s security needs on Tuesday. Cindy was printing off a complete low level color map of the campus from Google Earth. I would use the map to lay out the camera system.

Butler Tawes was the Chairman of the board of directors for Johnson Tri County. He and Dean Skaggs were old close friends, I gathered from my conversations with him.

I asked if he knew the cost that FSU were going to pay for the new security they were going to get?

“Yes, David and I discussed at length what they were getting and the cost, he even let me read over the contract. I talked with him yesterday. He spoke very highly of the people you had on site a week early because of the problems. He said that you had a system in place that you could demonstrate for my people when you come to talk to us,” he said.

Mr. Jackson had said there were only a few, there were 8. I was going to be spending a lot of time away from home this month. I decided that any of them that I could drive to in four hours or less I would drive to; the others I would fly to. I printed out the attachment and also sent it to my JBG email account. Yes, I also had one of those now. Email was now getting to be a big time consumer.

I could just imagine the stream of phone calls, faxes, letters and time it must have taken before email to do anything. Now, simply click attach to everyone involved and wait until they all responded.

Gainesville Regional Advanced Education Community College in Gainesville FL, 2000 student’s, co-ed Dorm’s. A fast growing college in an area growing with new manufacturing jobs as a result of the exodus from the heavy unionized north, high taxes and over regulation.

Larger companies had to find a way to cut cost in order to keep their manufacturing in the USA or send it overseas. Many had decided to move south and states were fighting each other offering incentives to companies willing to make the move. The Gainesville area offered a good skilled labor pool with the reduction in the space and support program under the current Washington administration and offered excellent infrastructure.

Greensboro Community and State College in Greensboro, N.C. There were 1500 students in dorms and 1000 commuting. Greensboro was the third largest city in North Carolina.

Like Gainesville it had been hit hard with the government cutbacks, this time military ones in the advanced aeronautics. A forward looking community administration with an advanced growth plan saw the problem coming. They began courting companies two years before other areas even acknowledged there may be a problem. They had captured several major northern companies looking to make a move and had a highly skilled technical workforce readily available.

Warrington County Community College located in Warrington N.C. They had 850 students in dorms and 500 commuting. Warrington was one of the colleges that had a shooter on campus this year. Six students were injured, none serious – the shooter took his own life. He was a previous student there that had been expelled for problems. The lawsuits coming their way were already horrendous for the failures of their security.

Prattville Community College of Alabama. Prattville was an advanced education faculty in engineering and electronics. They had 500 students in dorms another 250 commuting. Prattville had been in the news lately over a hazing incident and sexual misconduct between students and faculty. The entire College Board had been replaced last year along with a dozen professors. I remembered the Prattville group; I had met with them separately on the first day about security issues.

Tennessee Community College of Lewisburg was next on the list. They had 500 students that were in dorms and 200 commuting. They had problems of a different kind. Two students had been killed in a fight that had started in a bar with non-students who followed them back to the campus. The college was being sued for a huge amount of money over the lack of security. There had been issues for several years that had been covered up.

Blair County Community College in Altoona, Pa. A state funded community college in coal country. Hit hard by the downturn in the industrial Midwest. Coal and timber had been the major employers. Now there were no jobs in coal.

The college was basically two separate colleges in one. It had 600 students in dorms and another 600 that commuted in the normal four year college setting. Then there was a retraining center funded by the state and federal government for the long term unemployed. This was on a joint parcel of land like a vocational training center. Part of the evening technical training was carried out in the same classrooms as the traditional program.

Because of the high unemployment, petty crime was a real problem against college students. Robberies and assaults were record setting. The local police were turning a blind eye to the problem. The police department had been through a series of cuts and the college was concerned. It was only a matter of time before the worst presented itself.

Elmira State College at Chemung County N.Y was next on the list. 800 students in dorms, another 400 commuted. The college was big into basketball, football, swimming, soccer, and baseball. There was a huge diversity in the student population. Elmira was another troubled college; they were on our list for a Rape prevention seminar in September. Not only were there crimes against students but the staff as well. They were being sued over the lack of security because of the death of several students last year in a street brawl that had spilled onto the campus.

Rochester State College at Rochester, New York was next on the list. On the east side of the city, it was a huge college that had fallen on hard times along with the city. The industrial base had left for the Canadian side of the border. The city had great shipping ports on Lake Ontario but heavy unionization had hurt the port, driving business elsewhere. There were still a lot of grain and ore being shipped but the city was in trouble.

The college had remained solvent, but crimes against and by the student population were growing. There were reports of gang involvement. The current security company was quitting at the request of the College Board. They had made it quite clear they were looking for a new company. There were 3000 students in dorms, another 1000 commuting and 1500 staff. They had been talking at length with Dean Skaggs and I had met with them at the conference. At the time I did not know they were that serious.

Tonight was the start of the three day cycle that were Jenny’s best days to get pregnant. Plus, it was orgy night again and Mischief, Mayhem, and their boyfriends wanted to put on a show for us. We were going to disappear from the action long enough for me to insert tonight’s dose.

Jenny and I helped get the orgy started and we all enjoyed watching Roseanne and Corry with their boyfriends. The boys were definitely into the rough side of sex. Roseanne and Corry both kept asking for it to be harder so they weren’t resisting anything Brad and Dennis were doing to them.

After the first round Jenny and I made our way to our bedroom. I gathered up the equipment I needed and took the glass vial out of the liquid nitrogen tank to let it thaw while I was getting her ready.

I lubed, inserted the speculum and locked it into the open position. I scored the vile and sucked the contents into the special syringe. As I looked into her pussy to observe the opening to the uterus I immediately noticed that it looked different than the times before. There was a definite mucus plug where the opening should have been and her uterus had darker red color.

That was some of the changes that the video said I would see if we were successful, but I was not sure. Jenny said that she had her period only it was a real light one. So she could not be pregnant – could she? She had an upset stomach a couple of times in the morning in the last week or so.

I was not going to say anything to get her hopes up and I tried not to show my excitement. But I was not going to damage the mucus plug just in case. I quickly suggested that we do a change this month. I was going to discharge the contents of the syringe against her cervix like a cock would do.

Jenny happily accepted the change without question. When we finished I placed a pillow under her gorgeous ass elevating it some. After a few passionate kisses I went back downstairs to make sure the two cocks down there did not start looking for a new hole to play with. I stayed until they left to go home.

Tonight was the last night that Roseanne and Corry were spending in the guest rooms. Their furniture was being delivered to the small farmhouse tomorrow. They were eager to be on their own.

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