Chapter 172

The FSU visit had its ups and downs. The down was really disappointing. The original security office was going to take 120 days to repair. There was no conduit in the building. They had started to gut the walls only to find serious structural damage.

That meant that Courtney would still be in the temporary double office trailer well after the college year started with the full security group at work. All of the hi-tech servers and camera equipment would have to be completely installed and then moved after the renovation was done.

The up side, at least there was more than just one. FSU building services had pulled out the stops when they found out the condition of the building. They went all out to make the double wide functional. Instead of the 30 by 28 foot model they found a 75 by 45 foot.

Cubicles had been installed along with a counter. They had even framed up a private office for Courtney. I wondered if the paint was dry by the smell. The big plasma screens that had been sent up in the judge’s trailer had been hung and all the desktops were in place.

The temporary equipment was installed and operating. The ten new employees we had hired were there in uniform waiting to for me. The day shift had stayed late and the third shift just happened to be in the area early. I thanked all of them for coming to work early and for how professional they made JBG Security look. I apologized to them for having to work out of a trailer for the next 120 days.

Courtney was waiting for me to issue the firearms to them as they signed the paper work. All the permits were in, even the three that were going to have to improve to my satisfaction before September.

Sly and Becky were in business suits working as office help. Cindy was on video conference with them about the problems with electronic time reporting they were trying to solve and from eavesdropping on the conversation, they were making progress.

Dean Skaggs had come in and was standing by my side as I listened in. When I turned to him he nodded his head in their direction and asked, “Where do you find them that young, qualified and willing to work as hard as they have been doing in the last week?”

“You would not believe the complete story if I told you. Just 8 months ago they were members of a violent girl’s gang and I came within a hair of killing both of them,” I said to a stunned Dean.

Courtney joined us and asked, “Is there any way I can keep them here another week until we get the bugs out of all the systems? They have been a life saver the last few days.”

“Ask them and then we will call the parents for their permission,” I replied. I pretty much knew that Sly and Becky already had been asked. It would not have surprised me if the parents already had said, “Yes.”

East Coast had installed more cameras than was agreed upon but I was glad they did. For now they were going to be locked to one frequency until all of them were installed at the end of July. They had finished testing before we left.

Courtney and I had a private conference. I asked if she wanted one of the tag scanners installed at the entrance. They were to be part of the Tri County contract so it was just a matter of buying the scanner.

She had given me a long list of items she wanted that had slipped through the cracks. I agreed with them and wondered how I had missed them, part of the learning experience I thought. Most of it was office related. I faxed it to Marcy with a note asking if she wanted Courtney to purchase the items local or did she want to use our normal supplier and have them delivered here?

I would have Cindy and Courtney work up a site list of all the components necessary to go from 0 to a ready-to-run turnkey security site in a package. We were going to do this at least one more time, for sure. Mark was going to find more duties in his administrative hands.

While I had Courtney in her office I told her about the contract with Tri County and asked if she knew of anyone who may be interested from APD in the director’s job?

We ordered a pizza delivered for supper; we had at least another two hours worth of work to do before we went to the airport. I texted the pilots that we would be there at 8 for the flight back to Stevensville and for them to get something to eat.

I had tried working on my smarter than smart phone with e-mails but there were so many I just gave up and used one of the desktops. Lorrie had e-mailed an update on the G5LR. It was going to be gone for a month to Europe.

A stockbroker from St. Michaels leased it and two pilots for a month to take his family on a European Mediterranean vacation. The broker was to furnish hotel rooms and meals for the pilots and pay standby time for the jet and pilots. He was to pay all airport fees plus the standard flight hour fees. The trip was to England, Ireland, Holland, Sweden, Finland and Norway, then fly on to Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Morocco. The return trip was to stop in the Cape Verde Islands then St. Georges in the Caribbean, to Jamaica, and then to Easton. He wanted the jet to be on call at a moments notice.

Lorrie had contracted another G5 to fill in the scheduled flights while ours was gone. Twenty flights had been scheduled for it in that time frame. I hoped that she had all the ducks in a row on that one. I did send a reply to make sure all the records and passports were up to date.

It was almost midnight before I snuggled in tight to Lorrie. It took that long to fill everyone in and several rounds of hugs, kisses and good nights and also for Jenny to fill me in on how the new job was going.

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2 Responses to Chapter 172

  1. garydan says:

    I thought I’d stop by and let you know I am enjoying your continuing story. Your story, when the next episode is posted, is my first cup of morning coffee companion. My old brain is struggling to keep up with all the characters, but so far I’m muddling through. I often keep a cast of characters summary sheet going with the larger continuing stories. For some reason I didn’t do that with yours. I think I got spoiled by Walt’s efforts on Cindy’s stories and didn’t think to get one started. I’m not complaining, mind you, just stating a fact about an old addled brain (mine).

    Quote from your story….
    “I had tried working on my smarter than smart phone with e-mails…..”
    That sentence sure brought back the Cindy memories. That was one of my favorite lines she used in her stories. I started using that smarter than smart phone phrase at work & I heard other people begin to use it as well….a tribute to Cindy. Have you heard anything from/about her lately?

    I’m wondering if you worked in the security business in a former lifetime. A division of the company I used to work for installed door access, cameras, and related comuter storage/surveillance equipment, and your presentation of the security systems BJ is involved with is good and believable. If you came up with this through research, I say “good job”

    This comment got a little lengthy, so better shut up now

    Thanks for your continuing story


  2. jackballs57 says:

    Thanks for the reply I cherish every one they are the only reward I get. The smarter than smart phone was indeed a tribute to Cindy. I also added a character named Cindy in chapter 169 also a tribute to Cindy and she will be reoccurring in the next dozen chapters that have already been written. I have an e-mail address that I used to communicate with Cindy. She helped me with the initial story line. I sent several e-mails to that address last month with no reply I then e-mailed Walt to see if he had heard anything from Cindy. He had not but said he was going to send her an email and let me know if he heard anything. I have heard nothing.

    I worked for a utility fleet and retired not long ago, the security info is from research and imagination. Thanks for the good words of encouragement. I will contact Walt again.

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