chapter 173

The next week went fast we were so busy. Mark and I flew to Gainesville, Fl, Greensboro, NC, and Prattville, Al, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to do security audits. Those colleges wanted a complete security audit from an outside source. They were going to pay for our services.

We spent 12 hours on the grounds at Gainesville. Our jet landed at 4 am and with no traffic Mark and I were standing in front of their security office 30 minutes later. I surprised the hell out of the security person on duty. The lights were on but the door was locked as I tugged lightly and I could see the top of a head over the counter.

Since this was a JBG happening I had my JBG badge and ID in leather carrier like the TV cops use. Jenny had picked out the badges. They were as close to a cop as you could get and still be legal. All security badges looked liked that until you read them. I did not want that kind of ID case but I was out numbered 5 to 1 when we discussed carry credentials when the security person was not in a uniform.

I opened the credentials and placed them flat on the door glass and pounded on it with my hand. The result was hilarious. The chair fell over because I saw feet in the air then the top of a head and eyeballs looking over the counter before he summoned up enough courage to open the door.

By the time he managed to open the door I decided to continue the rouse. In my angriest voice I could muster, “Where is your Chief of Security? He was to meet us here an hour ago!”

The name tag he wore said he was Richard. “He never comes down here. His office is over at the main building. He may be over there.”

I had only been standing in the door a few seconds but I could smell the coffee pot burning dry.

“Have you any good coffee in here or just that stinking mess that is burnt?” I asked. The question must have made him realize what had happened. He took off in the direction of a smoking coffee maker in the side counter.

He turned with the pot in his hand, “Won’t be any good coffee here for a while.”

Mark had followed me in. “Mark.” “Yes Ma’am.”

“There is one of those donut coffee shops a couple miles back. Go get us some coffee and a couple dozen assorted donuts. Better get a couple of the gallon size meeting specials they have. Get the real stuff. We are going to be here a while.”

While Mark was gone I changed my tone and began to pick Richard’s brain about their security and how they operated it. After several cups of good coffee and a donut or two, at first light Richard gave us a complete tour of the grounds.

They had a very nice college. Their security department was well qualified but to small. They did not have enough video cameras in critical areas. The system they had was current and could be easily expanded. They did have electronic ID cards but their only function was to bill meals to their account.

Cindy was at her finest in creating great documentation for each audit. I had close-in color maps of the Gainesville campus. I drew symbols where I thought more cameras should be installed and the direction they should be pointing to get the greatest benefit. I noted areas that needed more lighting for increased safety at night. I also noted that they several areas that needed shrubbery substantially cut back and reduced in height or completely removed.

At 3 I met with the chief of security and the board members responsible for safety and student security, along with the college dean. With the maps, diagrams and my notes I explained my findings. I explained the direction and placement of cameras and why. I did the same with every item on my list.

After an open discussion and overview Mark and I left for the airport. It was 7 PM before we put our bags into the motel room and headed to supper in Prattville, Al.

The same scenario repeated itself at Prattville and at Greensboro, N.C. It was 6 PM Wednesday evening when we landed at the Island Airport.

It would take Cindy two days to put all the findings into an official report to send to the colleges and me hours to catch up on all I missed.

Thursday morning Mark and I flew to Warrington N.C. The intention was that we would need two days there to map out a complete security agreement if that was what they wanted.

We arrived in Warrington at 9 and surprised the MAAR rental site as usual. It was standing orders that no site was to be warned that we were stopping in. All inspections were to be surprises.

Mark filled out the formal inspection form while I talked with the employees. Improving the business plan is always an ongoing effort. The standard questions: what needs to be done at this site to improve the customer experience?

I took one of the older cars and Mark and I were at the college at 10. We met with college dean Mr. Roland Dupree and the ten member board at their administration offices.

Mr. Dupree said point blank, “We currently have no college security for this upcoming year. After last year’s fiasco we want a new company with new people and new ideas. You know the problems we are facing. Tell us the kind of system you would install and how it would benefit our student body.”

By now Mark and I had the presentation down to a science. We described every aspect of the system from the traceable electronic ID cards, electronic door lock data collection, to the camera system. I even detailed the tag scanners; what they would do, how we would keep the information, how long we would store the data and how we could use it.

Cindy’s Google map was now on a power point presentation with camera locations and direction of view. I had a basic number of recommended cameras.

East Coast had finally given us a fixed price and installation cost for the cameras and the same with electronic door locks. I was going to take a picture of the current locks and a count and forward it to East Coast before I submitted the final price.

We broke for lunch. They took us to a very nice high-end restaurant. After the lunch all of us made a complete grounds tour, every room of every building. I gave a risk level for each one and took video. Mark did the lock count and I sent Mr. Bradberry the pictures of the locks. I talked about camera locations and what they would do for security.

The final stop was to the current security office where I discussed how I wanted the office modified to suit our needs: private offices, cubicles, a counter and monitor locations.

I stressed that everyone that came to security was a customer that had needs and expectations and those that didn’t still had expectations of being treated fairly and needed to feel secure.

Mark and I left at 4. We were going to check in at the motel, do a conference call to Marcy’s afternoon meeting and work up a final price and proposal to present at 10 AM tomorrow.

Edit by Alfmeister

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